How to Select a Proper Topic For Thesis Writing

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How to Select a Proper Topic For Thesis Writing


One of the more under-appreciated things about thesis writing is the importance of coming up with an appropriate thesis topic. The best way to learn it is to use methods from professional essay writing service. Consequently, the next few tips will look at three things – picking a topic that interests you, picking a topic that is new and relatively un-addressed by scholarly literature, and picking a topic that features a problem currently confronting scholars in your field – which should all be borne in mind if you want to make your work appealing and memorable to your audience.

Ultimately, if you follow just a few simple steps, you can isolate a topic that will yield handsome results when your final evaluations come in.

Write about the things you care about or are interested in

Many talented would-be academics falter because they write about what other people are interested in, not what they themselves are interested in. Suffice it to say, when that happens the unhappy outcome is a thesis that is dry, plodding, and uninspired.

For your sake, as much as for anyone else’s, you need to devote yourself to writing about things that matter to you. Invariably, this means asking yourself what things about your field of study excite you; it is also a good idea to ask yourself why you chose to work with a particular professor or instructor in the first place.

Going further, if you write about topics you find appealing, your research will automatically be that much more focused – chiefly because you already have a pretty good idea what it is that you are after. In a related vein, students who write about things that interest them are students who will devote that much more time to exploring subtle items in greater detail – and they will also be students committed to making the additional sacrifices necessary to see to it that a subject area has been thoroughly investigated.

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Pick a topic that is novel – or at least a topic that has not been done too many times before

Writing about something you find interesting is a critical component of any thesis, but another important ingredient of successful thesis writing is picking a topic that is off the beaten-path.

To put it mildly, most professors quickly grow tired of generic theses that look at topics in which most – if not all – of the “big” questions have been conclusively answered. For instance, a history thesis focusing on the Civil War is not likely to be well-received if its focuses upon the failings of Lincoln’s generals as a prime explanation for why the Union Army struggled to subdue the Confederate forces between 1861 and1865.

However, a thesis that explores some peculiarity of Southern or Northern culture (e.g.: latent racism in Northern cities or excessive “cosmopolitanism” that prevented everyone from sharing precisely the same views on the importance of the war effort) with the aim of detailing how that peculiarity explains why the vastly more-populated and resource-rich south struggled as it did is likely to grab the attention of readers.

Naturally enough, the object is to write about something novel that holds meaning for you as well. With that in mind, it is an excellent idea to research a subject area well in advance of having to submit a thesis topic to your supervisor. This preparatory research will give you a pretty good idea of the limitations of the conventional scholarship while 20 Have questions, comments or want a free evaluation of your thesis or dissertation? Don’t hesitate to call us! Simultaneously exposing you to topics that are interesting or surprising.

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Pick a topic that is befuddling contemporary scholars in your field

Like any other group of individuals, academics want questions answered; indeed, their careers are devoted to finding answers to pressing questions. A skillful student who is able to offer something to an ongoing debate – or who can shed new light on a topic that many scholars find baffling – is a student who immediately catapults him or herself into the spotlight and makes whatever work he or she has produced relevant and engaging.

Besides the fact that your supervisor will love you for it, picking and researching a topic in which there is an unresolved issue bodes well for one’s professional future; in fact, it may even secure it to the extent that students who appear capable of answering difficult questions in their research create a demand for their services when they go out into the workforce in search of employment.

When one takes a step back and looks at the so-called “Big Picture,” it is evident that writing about something that is interesting, novel and that presents a problem of concern to scholars is the fast-track to producing a thesis that will earn top marks from evaluators. For that reason, students owe it to themselves to begin preparing for thesis months (if not a full year or even two) in advance of when they have to begin the actual writing process. By doing so, they can find over-looked areas of inquiry that interest them and that also present questions scholars need to find answers for.

As a final point, when you are picking a topic for your thesis, try to pick an unresolved issue or question that has bedeviled the academic community the longest: for one thing, if you do so, you will immediately earn the appreciation of experts in the field who are looking for new ideas and for new conceptual tools; just as significantly, even if you fail to come up with any definitive answers that might put a particular topic of debate “to rest,” you will at least gain the respect of evaluators for having the intellectual courage and ambition to tackle subject matter that other students try to avoid.

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