Top 5 must apps for free virtual phone number in 2018

[kkstarratings]It is correctly said that “Necessity is the Mother of Inventions”. With time, everything started budding online and connectivity became easier. With easy open access to anybody’s personal contact or personal life, security is getting highly compromised. A Virtual Phone Number or Direct Inward Calling(DID) or Access Number here comes to a rescue. It’s dangerous to give out your personal phone number. A Virtual Phone Number as the name suggests is a phone number that is directed not linked to your phone, but is rather connected to your original phone number and works by a simple mechanism. It follows a very simple system. Normally these numbers are programmed to forward the incoming calls to your original pre-set phone number.

Advantages of having a Virtual Phone Number (VPN) or Follow up number are many. The best work it does is that it maintains your privacy. A VPN can be used according to your needs. It can be set up with more than 1 mainline numbers. An example of setting it with multiple numbers is – Your VPN can be set along with your work place until 4pm and then can be used to connect calls to your home. It can also be freely used by any organization worldwide without paying extra for a fixed foreign exchange line. It is widely used by companies to connect their intercountry businesses. VPN is a good choice for the call centers who aim to provide efficient 24/7 services. People who have migrated or who are traveling, use international virtual phone numbers to contact their local family members. “Virtual Numbers” are a very good option for campaigns of various media groups and to attract traffic towards themselves. Virtual Personal Number allows its customers to have a phone number and keeps people connected without compromising the security.

There are many apps available which facilitate the provision of Virtual Phone Number. These allow the caller or call to be known through a Virtual Personal Number without any fear of being spammed or harassed. The person will know you according to this VPN and your phone will ring through your real line. The top 5 apps which facilitate these services are listed below.

How to get a virtual phone number free

Some of the prerequisites that you need to have to use these apps without any issue are-

  1. Android device with KitKat 4.0 and above.
  2. Stable internet connection.
  3. iOs device with latest software updates installed.


This app provides good service and thus has made to the top of this list. It provides its user with their personalized phone number which can be used to do all the works which you do with a real contact number. It can be used to verify accounts. It is very much preferred because of its some unique features. It gives its user free credits which can be utilized for sending unlimited text messages. These credits can also be used to make phone calls for a limited time. When used in a group i.e. if you and your group of friends use TEXT ME app to get a VPN, then it facilitates free HD calls without compromising the quality. TEXT ME app is thus one of the best facilitators of Virtual Phone Number.



Making to the 2nd of the top 5 apps for a Virtual Phone Number, Burner app has earned its place.  This app is compatible with Android and iOS phones with a web-based version too (Microsoft counterpart still to be developed). It has a huge customer base with millions of user all around the globe and its services offered in more than 200 countries. Its basic function is to generate a Virtual Phone Number but apart from that Burner app offers some amazing facilities too, such as Group chat option, Free Voice calling option and Video calls.


I have personally used this app for the purpose of generating a Free Virtual Phone Number and trust me; the TELOS app won’t disappoint you. This app provides you with a US-based Virtual Phone Number that can be generated and used in any nook and corner of the world. The VPN that Telos provides is accepted universally and can be used for verification freely. This app is undeniably user-friendly and is really good for any type of customer base. It provides a lot of freedom and flexibility. This app is designed in such a way that it offers very less restrictions on both Android and iOs versions. One feature that makes it stand out from the others is that it also helps in organizing, accessing and managing Social Media Accounts. It can be used to pre-record any audio file. This smart app when set sends auto text messages to anyone who tried to contact you when you were busy. Apart from mobile, this app can be also used in desktops. Telos app is a full box packed with services.


2nd Line Second Phone Number is a Virtual Number Provider which comes to rescue when you are concerned about the security of your device. This app is completely safe and secure and is free of any malware or virus that can get downloaded while installing or deleting the apps. As you might think because of the name of the app, that this app is the 2nd version of Line Messenger but it is not. It is of a completely different origin. Developed by the company “Text Now” this app can be used as a business phone system. The best part about this phone app is that it provides the option of selecting your own number.


Talkatone app is yet another great application that generates a Virtual Phone Number for you. The best part about this app is that it is free for lifetime. It provides the facility of generating any number of US or UK. The only thing that you have to take care about while using this app is that you should use it once in every 30 days otherwise you lose your VPN.

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