Must Have Android Apps in 2018

Best Android apps

Whether you are a frequent Smartphone user or you use it only for a shorter period of time. One thing with which you are really familiar is that the applications are the main reason why so many people are becoming a Smartphone addict. Nowadays we have an application for almost everything. there are approximately 3.3 million different apps on Google play store.  Applications on your mobile phone act as a bridge between you and your Smartphone for that reason it is really essential that the applications in your Smartphone should be Interactive, Updated, User-friendly, Internet optimizing, Secured, Efficient etc. As we mentioned earlier that there are tons and tons of applications present in the official application market from where a user can download them. A user can also prefer open source application market as a second opinion to download applications. Since we have so many options to choose from people sometimes get confused that what they should install and what they shouldn’t. There is the high probability that any application can bring a threat to your device or maybe some other application is offering more features than the default application on your Smartphone. Therefore it is really necessary for the people to understand what they really want from an application an ideal Smartphone should comprise default applications such as calculator alarm clock weather report and all the Google applications such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google hangs out etc.

Today we have bought some applications  that a user should install on his/her Smartphone, we have also silently compared these applications with the existing applications in the market which are less in functionalities

  1. Facebook

category: social media

Despite the fact that we have so many social media platforms nowadays Facebook is still the number one social media platform. People across the world use it on the daily basis. Facebook has features which are offered by most of the social media platforms these days. Facebook has its own sub-applications such as Facebook lite, messenger, messengers lite. Facebook also owns many major social media platforms e.g. Instagram, WhatsApp etc.

  1. WhatsApp

category: social media

Another’s sensational application is WhatsApp although WhatsApp is a Facebook product it has slightly different features than Facebook. You can send or receive unlimited messages to the people in your contact lists. It also has the feature to Share multimedia files with your contacts in person or in the group. Telegram app is almost identical to WhatsApp. But we suggest you go with WhatsApp since the content is original and the developers are reliable.

  1. / .com

category: Shopping

Amazon is a shopping application Which offers almost every product from furniture’s grocery to the latest gadgets With heavy discounts on them Amazon is an ideal shopping application since it is one stop solution for all the daily use products. It offers different types of payment options including COD ( Cash on delivery) the product delivery of Amazon is fast, reliable and secured.

  1. Cartoon Hd

category: Entrainment

Cartoon HD is an online video streaming application for Android. Since it is an open market application it is not available on play store, A user can download Cartoon HD from open source application markets such as 9Apps, Mobile Genie etc.

With Cartoon HD one can steam unlimited Movies, TV shows, Korean drama, Cartoon movies and animated videos for completely free. Cartoon HD also has the offline feature in which user can download the content on their device and can watch them later. Netflix, Amazon prime also serves the same feature but they are paid apps on the other has Cartoon HD is free to download the application. For all the entrainment need we highly recommend this app since it is less in size and covers a little storage space on your device approximately 3Mb, it is totally free for the user, has dynamic features such as Auto suggestions and supports all the media players present in the market.

  1. WPS office

category: office suite (word, slide, sheet, pdf, PowerPoint etc)

WPS is developed and created by Kingsoft office software corporation, It is an all in one completely free lesser in size office suite for Android. The various office tools and intuitive UI design ensures that the user experiences the best mobile office. The WPS office allows the user to create, view, edit and share word document directly from your smartphone. It is fully compatible with Microsoft Office, Google docs, sheets, Adobe pdf etc. All the documents in the different formats can be converted into Pdf with smart pdf converter. save office documents to the clouds: Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Evernote, and OneDrive. The app in the purchase is also available. if you are working on an organizational level, you are a student, teacher or just a working professional this application is a must to download the app for you.

  1. Ludo king

Category: Light gaming

Ludo King is a classic board game played between friends, family & kids.

Ludo King is a multiplayer online /offline game that supports Desktop, Android, iOS mobile platform at the same time. Ludo king also supports offline mode, where a player can play with Computer or multiple people at the same time in localhost.

At a time 2 to 6 player can play this game. The user can link their Facebook account and can challenge people from all around the globe.


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