How to increase social media engagement – Five easy tips

With over 2.5 billion users worldwide, it is safe to say that social media networks have been bourgeoned in the last decade. It goes without saying that social media marketing plays a major role in marketing for offline businesses as well as e-commerce brands.  Are you wondering how to reach a wider audience on social media to market your brand more effectively than your rivals? Keep reading to learn how to do it.

It is often said in the digital marketing and business world that Content is king, but we beg to differ. Although good content can attract a wide audience, active engagement with the audience is also a must. Often brands overdo one thing out of the two, and their social media marketing campaigns prove to be ineffective. Scroll down to find five easy ways to boost your company’s social media engagement.

1. Invest in Social Media Management Tools

In this era of internet, your brand’s social media reputation can bring a big change in business. But it is not easy to engage with the huge collective audience from all your social media pages. That’s where social media management tools come in. You can use these tools to monitor your audience and listen to them. Although premium social media management tools may cost you a nominal subscription fee, there are also a lot of effective free tools to monitor your social media, like Google Alerts, Hootsuite/TweetDeck, Social Mention, Icerocket, Brand24, CoSchedule, etc. You can use these tools to monitor your social media and save your money!

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2. Visualisation

It is obvious that attractive visuals will attract lots of potential customers. Images and displays can change the face of a social media marketing campaign. A recently conducted survey found out that images have an 85% interaction rate on Facebook and boost retweets on Twitter by 35%. Some of the commonly used creative options for adding visuals to your company’s social media pages are BTS images of an upcoming products, graphic greetings and wishes for special occasions and festivals, caption writing contests, etc. Use visuals and graphics smartly. For example, you could create a heat map from your geographical data to make it much easier to digest.They should look professional, not flashy.

3. Include fun interactions

No one can deny the power of contests and giveaways on social media. They can rapidly boost your engagement with the audience on your social media pages because at the end of the day everyone loves a free prize of recognition. For example, you can ask followers to followers to fill a form or take a survey on your social media page or on your website, like and share your page or share their memorable story with your company or products which could make them stand a chance to win some free gifts or products from your company.

4. Enquire your consumers

You should regularly enquire your audience about their choices and preferences. You can also hold Q&A sessions or Polls on on Google Hangouts, Twitter, Instagram Live, etc. This enables the potential consumers to inquire about your company’s  products, services, etc. Regular interaction and social media engagement with the audience will also enhance your analytics and make your company’s social media account trending on the social media network.

5. Link and Participate

Whether you’re a small scale business or a major e-commerce store, linking your content on social media to other sites can play a vital role in increasing engagement. Not only does adding links to your social media content spread brand awareness, but it also brings you in contact with leaders of the industry and even projects you as one.  It’s a sharing economy, make sure you share legit information that your readers love. There are also quite a few other ways through which you can build your brand’s credibility and network with your audience, like answering questions related to your company on Quora or LinkedIn, interviews, collaborations, shootouts, etc. You should also consider

Best Social Media Analytics Tools in 2019  Social media can be a boon if you’re looking to promote your business to a sea of modern consumers. But remember, don’t spam your audiences by overloading their feeds and invoices with your content! These were our five top methods to increase engagement for your e-commerce via social media. Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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