How To Protect Yourself From Discrimination In The Workplace

Regardless of how much time you spend in the workplace, everyone has the right to feel comfortable and safe in the work environment. Sadly, this isn’t always the case even now, with workers from all walks of life feeling discriminated against at some point. But what can you do to stop this and ensure the workplace is safe for everyone? Thankfully, you can do a few things to protect yourself against workplace discrimination.

Speak Up

But keeping quiet allows the person or people perpetrating the discrimination free rein to continue with their behavior. They may begin to target other staff members or only harass one person; either way, they won’t change, and the workplace environment will become strained. By speaking up, the victim will have their voice heard, and steps can be taken to stop the harassment. 

Lawyer Up

Should the discrimination continue, your employer be unsupportive, or worse, it’s time to speak to lawyers for discrimination assistance. As discrimination can come in many different forms, a lawyer will help you navigate the complex process of righting the wrong. Discriminations lawyers also represent those who have reported witnessing discrimination against others. Everyone in the workplace needs to fight prejudice, and this allows that to happen without fear of negative recourse being turned to themselves for speaking up.


If you become the victim of discrimination, it’s vital to document all instances of harassment, especially if it’s ongoing. Make a note of the date and time of any conversations and phone calls, and keep copies of any physical and electronic correspondence. This information is vital for backing up your case with management, HR, or lawyers, depending on how far it needs to be taken. Some discrimination cases are clear-cut, but sometimes it isn’t, meaning any proof you can provide can make a lot of difference.

Know Your Rights

Protecting yourself is easiest when you know what your rights are and what your entitlements are. It can be as simple as knowing what representation you can have in the room with you during a disciplinary meeting. Or the difference between religious discrimination and a difference of opinion regarding a sports team. Understand how your employer should be supporting your career progression, especially if you seem to be being left behind in favor of others.

Learn From Your Mistakes

No one is perfect, and we’ve all said something that we regretted at some point. A glib comment intended to be funny may have been acceptable with previous colleagues but may offend a new colleague. Rather than ignoring it, apologize and modify your behavior so it doesn’t happen again. People are less likely to discriminate against you if you aren’t doing the same to others.

We can do many things to promote tolerance and harmony among all people, but you can also protect yourself against discrimination while the world catches up. Know your rights, stand up for yourself and ask for help because you deserve to work in a safe environment.

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