How to Help Your Employees Advance

How to Help Your Employees Advance

The best employers know that supporting the goals of their employees creates a better work environment. It may seem counterproductive to train employees to “outgrow” their position, but if you value your team and want to create an environment where they feel seen, heard, and appreciated, then investing in the advancement of your employees is the way to go. You’ll not only have well-trained individuals advancing within the company but providing these opportunities increases retention and draws in a higher level of talent.

If you’re looking into ways to support your workers and help them advance in their careers, consider these tips.


Creating an environment where constant learning and growth is encouraged is not only good for teaching employees new skills but also keeps minds active and improves critical thinking. Training sessions with an interactive component can be particularly engaging. Providing informative sessions and job training for your employees shows that you’re invested in their professional growth and care about their advancement.

Personal Development

In addition to investing in professional development, it’s just as important to look at personal development in the workplace and providing an environment that encourages a healthy work-life balance. Some ways to advance personal development at work are encouraging breaks and long lunches in the middle of the workday, providing physical health opportunities such as yoga classes or a fitness pass, offering extra “personal” time off in addition to vacation and sick time, and giving flexible scheduling options for team members.

Another way to advance personal development is to discourage working after hours or checking emails from home. Your team will be in a better place mentally if they can leave the work at the door and feel present in their family, friends, and passion projects once the day is done. 


Take the time out of your day to meet with employees one-on-one to discuss goals and aspirations. As they strive to meet these benchmarks, cheer them on and provide assistance along the way, and ensure it’s recognized when the goal is reached.

If you are unable to provide this level of personal attention due to the size of your organization, ensure your department managers are able to meet with employees and are well-trained to provide the coaching each individual needs. 


You can’t help your employees advance if you aren’t recruiting the right ones. It’s vital to ensure your team members are a good fit for their roles within the company. Using an applicant tracking system to assist the human resources team in finding great candidates is one way to streamline the process and ensure the right individuals are being looked at for the right positions.

If you feel you’ve hired a great employee who is just not a good fit for the role they are in, encourage flexibility within departments and find a spot where they can thrive and grow.

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