How To Name Your Blog

How To Name Your Blog

Starting a blog can be a great way to have a side hustle or to promote your online business. But a blog requires dedication and the foundation of a successful blog lies in its name.

Considering there more than six hundred million blogs on the internet today, it’s important to choose a name that stands out from the crowd. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you choose the right name for your blog:

  • Consider your goals

Why are you writing this blog? The name you choose should tell a story about the goals and mission of your blog. But it should also be aligned with the type of content you’ll be posting. For example, “quick website tricks” wouldn’t be a good name for a blog that shares long-form, comprehensive guides for websites

If you’re not sure about your goals, here are some questions you can ask yourself:

  • What’s the business model of my blog? 
  • What am I passionate about?
  • What content format will I publish?
  • Am I an expert in this field?
  • How broad will the field/topic be?
  • What language style will I use?

Once you determine your business goals, content format, writing style, etc, you’ll start having some ideas to add to your list of blog name ideas.

  • Consider your audience

Who do you want to reach with your content? The name you choose should appeal to them. It should sound familiar and undefinable, but it should also pique their curiosity and interest.

To do that, make sure you understand your target audience’s problems and needs. You can enter online forums and discussion sites (Quora, Reddit, Facebook, groups, etc.) to find some name ideas based on the language they use.

  • Consider your industry

What are some common blog names in your industry? You can take inspiration from some of your competitors, but ensure your name sets you apart from them. The name you choose will vary depending on the type of blog you’re planning to create. Let’s look at some examples:

  • Personal blogs

A personal blog is where you’ll share your thoughts and knowledge about a specific topic. If you’re planning to start a personal blog, you can really be as creative as you want. Many personal bloggers include their name or pet name in the blog’s name. Example: [Your nickname]’s Blog.

  • Fashion blogs

A lifestyle blog is a place to share your style. For a lifestyle blog, your name can be fun, and informal. Make sure your lifestyle blog name is very descriptive of your style. Here are some examples:

  • [Keyword] Fashion Ideas
  • Style by [Your Name]
  • [Fashion Advice] by [Your Name]
  • [Keyword] Vogue
  • [Keyword] Trends with [Your Name]
  • [Keyword] Elegance Tips


  • Business Blog name

When it comes to a business blog, the name should be formal and extremely descriptive of its content. Most business blog names will have a format like [Business name] + Blog.  Additional examples:

  • [Keyword] Business Insights
  • [Keyword] Secrets About Business
  • [Keyword] Business Skills
  • [Keyword] Business Blog
  • [Keyword] Business Ideas


  • Do-it-yourself blogs

On a DIY blog, you’ll share advice to help users create their own objects at home. If you’re planning to start a DIY blog, choose a name that describes the type of products you’ll create. Since this is a very crowded market, make sure it stands out by choosing something specific. Examples:

  • [YourName]’s [Keyword] Creations
  • [Keyword 1] and [Keyword 2] Designs
  • [YourName]’s [Keyword 2] Designs
  • [Keyword] Crafts
  • [YourName]’s Crafts
  • [Keyword] Designs


  • Travel blogs

A travel blog is a place to share your travel stories, tips, and hacks for travelers. Many people go to travel blogs to see fun experiences and read interesting stories, so make sure you choose a catchy and fun title. Here are some examples:

  • [Keyword] Travel Tips
  • Confessions of a [Keyword] Traveler
  • [Your Name] Abroad
  • The [Keyword] Traveler
  • [Keyword] Blog Abroad
  • [Keyword] Adventures


  • Food blogs

In a food blog, you’ll share your passion for food, along with recipes, photography, and reviews. Your blog’s name will vary depending on the type of content you choose to publish, but here are some ideas you can start using to brainstorm your food blog name:

  • Confessions of a [Keyword] Foodie
  • The [Keyword] Kitchen
  • Keyword1 Eats
  • [Your Name]’s Kitchen
  • [Keyword] Bites


  • Parenting blogs

Parenting blogs mostly give advice to parents raising children, but they’re also a place to share your fun stories and adventures as a family. Choose a specific niche, and then use one of these ideas to come up with a blog name:

  • [Your Name]’s Life at Home
  • [Keyword] Parenting Tips
  • [Keyword] Parenting Hacks
  • [Keyword] Parenting Solutions
  • [Your Name]’s Family Trips
  • The Science of [Keyword] Parenting


  • Fitness blogs

In a fitness blog, you’ll be sharing your workout and diet ideas, tips, and tricks. Your fitness blog’s name should be relevant to the niche and target audience you choose. Here are some examples:

  • [Keyword] Workouts
  • Workouts for [Keyword]
  • [Keyword] Journey to a Healthy Lifestyle
  • [Keyword] Fitness Bible
  • [Keyword] Fitness Blog


  • Beauty blogs

Beauty blogs mostly share tips about hair, makeup, skin, etc. your name should be descriptive of the type of beauty you want to focus on for your blog. Examples: 

  • [Your Name]’s Beauty Tips
  • [Keyword] Beauty Hacks
  • [Your Name]’s Beauty Magazine
  • [Keyword] Beauty Blog
  • Glowing [Keyword] Beauty

How to Pick a Name For Your Blog

Now you have a good basis to start brainstorming name ideas for your blog. You should create a list that you can choose from. Here are some tips to help you get started:


  • Make it simple

Don’t overwhelm your audience. A short and simple name is more likely to be understood by your audience. Not only that, but it will also be easier to remember, speaking of which…

  • Make it easy to remember

You want to choose a blog name that will stay in your audience’s mind. Make sure it’s memorable, easy to write, and pronounce. At the same time, make your blog name different from similar blogs in your industry. If you don’t your audience might end up confusing your blog with other blogs in the same niche.

  • Use a buzzword

A good way to grab your potential readers’ attention and pique their curiosity is using a name that is common in your niche. You can refer to a movie or book that your audience is likely to know and appreciate. 

  • Make it funny

For some casual industries, like personal, lifestyle, or beauty blogs, a good way to stand out is using a humorous phrase. If you manage to make your audience smile the first time they read your blog name, they will likely remember your blog, and maybe share it with their friends.

  • Consider related words

If you’re struggling to come up with a name for your blog, think about tangentially related names. That will help you create a longer list of potential name ideas that you can then filter to pick the best names. 

  • Use a blog name generator 

Last but not least, make sure you’re using an online blog name generator to come up with creative, catchy, and interesting name ideas for your new blog.


Now that you have a list of blog name ideas, you’re ready to choose the best one. Make sure your blog name is simple, easy to remember, and descriptive of your content. Follow the steps in this infographic to choose the most successful name for your blog.


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