6 Reasons Why Blogs Play an Important Role in Your Online Business

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There is an extensive debate in the business world on whether blogging remains pertinent in today’s social media marketing world. Nonetheless, if you are a small business or a global company, blogging is essential to your online content marketing strategy.

We live in an age where everyone has a phone and camera handy always. With more the 2.5 billion portable devices with cameras, we are entering a vibrant period where image creation and content is what everyone relies on for communication and searching the internet for services and products.

So why and how should you use images in your marketing and social networks with your business communications? If you do not already have a blog for your business, hopefully, you will comprehend just how vital it is to get the ball rolling.

We are trained professionals in establishing and maintaining a company blog. Read the following six reasons why your company should have a blog. Then let’s talk!

Blogging Increases Your Website Traffic

First things first: blogging is an excellent alternative to paid advertising when you compare the two side-by-side on driving traffic to your site. Now, we have that out of the way; we shall continue.

So, you have put a ton of effort into establishing up a notable collection of email addresses and Facebook likes. Now it is time to engage your audience and get their eyes on your site and hopefully entice sales. However, how much can you email them? How much can you post and sell yourself on Facebook?

Unless you have somehow scored with a grand Facebook strategy, you are going to keep scratching your head trying to figure which stuff you can share with your audience. That is where blogs and blog articles come in real handy.

You can blog about success stories, market news, FAQs, how-tos, all about your business, Industry secrets, and more. Blogging is a fantastic avenue to get returning customers to your site while you engage with your brand over and over.

Blogging Establishes Trust with Your Audience

If your blog is informative and well written, it is going to establish trust with your readers. Offering your audience advice or information for free on a topic that you are the expert on is a fantastic way to place yourself as a specialist.

If you have expressed concern while showing consumers how to do X, they will be more likely to change over if you explain to them why they need Y. The most trusted businesses establish a bond with their audience and customers.

You can turn a blog quickly into a conversation by providing a remarks/comments section. An active, public comment section is an excellent way to establish engagement with your clientele. Plus, it reveals to your customers that you have nothing to hide. However, be cautious of the trolls – you will need to have someone as your blog monitor.

Blogging Provides Your Business with a Personality and a Voice

It is not only your logo and color palette that provides your company its exclusive brand. Your tone and voice play just as a significant role. Blogging provides you with an excellent opportunity to show off your personality.

If your business is a playful atmosphere and you and your staff often love to cause a laugh, there are no reasons why you should hold back on cracking a few jokes. Alternatively, there are always GIFs you can add to the mix.

If you are a little more serious (say, a law firm), you can use your blog to show off your sagacity and wisdom. It is your blog feel free to do as you wish. Put your thoughts on your there for your staff to see and well as customers.

Here is the place for you to put yourself in a position to say what you feel without the stress of a printed newsletter. It is all about you and your business. Let your personality guide you through your content.

Blogging Increases Your SEO

As well as providing you the information to post on your social media accounts, blogging offers an excellent opportunity to expand upon the keywords you target for Search Engine Optimization.

Let’s say you operate an online flower and gift shop. The keywords you would probably target would be “‘online flower and gift shop” or “purchase gifts online.”

That would be the primary focus of your homepage – but what about all the long tail keywords you will miss out on with your blog? How about a blog titled ‘15 amazing gifts for Dad for this Father’s Day?’ That would more than likely pull in a ton of qualified leads you would have otherwise missed.

A blog allows you to expand the range of keywords you target, which lets you bring in much more organic search traffic. Moreover, therefore, you will gain more paying customers. Be sure you use the best keywords in the URL, first paragraph, meta description headings, and title for best results.

Blogging Lets You Upsell or Drive Sales

While we suggest maintaining an average ratio of ‘salesy’ blogs and informative articles, your blog can be a sound platform for promoting your current clients and driving new business.

For many businesses, blogs are at the top of their sales funnel. Here is how a blog can help you generate leads:

  • Step One: Incorporate relevant content that your audience finds engaging with what you offer.
  • Step two: Target your audience with a Facebook Pixel or add a cookie on their browser. What these permits is to retarget them with Google ad tools or Facebook. Both help with keeping your brand in their mind more often.
  • Step three: If you find they are returning to your site and like your content, the odds are much higher that they will give you their email address for further information and updates.
  • Step four: Nurture your traffic of interested individuals while guiding them to purchase through targeted offers and educational content.

Blogs-it is where all starts. You can skip steps two and three and offer a discount code, a free eBook, or something you feel your customers will like in exchange for an email address at the end of your blog.

Blogs Produce Leads for Life

Finally, unlike email campaigns and paid advertisement, once your blog goes live, it is a lead originator for life. And, with no extra cost to your company.

Sure, you will receive the uproar of traffic when you share it with your audience. However, if appropriately optimized for Google, you should experience your blog chugging along for months or perhaps years after you have hit publish.

It is best for you to avoid short living topics like the news of the day if you are looking for a lasting lead generator. Instead, generate “how-to articles.” These are a fantastic example of refreshing content that is bound to see steady traffic.

Wrapping It Up with a Refresher on the Topic

What we discussed on this blog is that you will receive fantastic returns on the time you invest in blogging. The Top 6 Reasons Why Blogs Play an Important Role in your online business are as followed:

  • Blogging Increases Your Website Traffic
  • Blogging Establishes Trust with Your Audience
  • Blogging Provides Your Business with a Personality and A Voice
  • Blogging Increases Your SEO
  • Blogging Lets You Upsell or Drive Sales
  • Blogs Produce Leads for Life

By trusting and applying the content of this blog you will begin to see more ROI through your website. However, if you want to know a lot more about increasing your ROI, then you need to give us a call.

If you do know how to start blogging, here is the complete guide on  How to Start A Blog in 2018

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