Hostinger Review 2019 – Best Cheap and reliable Hosting for Bloggers and Website Owners

Today we are going to share one hosting service provider known as Hostinger and based on our experience we are going to share one of the best, cheap and reliable hosting provider Hostinger Review because Every single blogger, whether he/she is a professional or newbie, always starts new small blogs again and again once they found new niches for their upcoming micro niche blogs.

For those small blogs everyone looking for Best Cheap Web Hosting that should be reliable too because no one wants to see their websites down while peak times. The most tempting time of buying a hosting is to buy a cheap but reliable product, and there is absolutely no quarrel that one will without a doubt opt for an inexpensive alternative.

Hostinger Review

In simple words, we all love cheap services and products, at the same time they should be reliable.

Similarly, while looking for best web-host, the first thing that every individual check hosting price and plans. For instance, let’s assume that someone successfully finds a cheaper web hosting, however, its stumpy quality and unsatisfying features will make your mood spoil completely.

In the end, we thought that finding web host isn’t easy at all, and finding a web hosting which is not only cheap but at the same time good in serving all the services on time.  But at the same time, every blogger knows that only expensive hosting only can provide you all services on time.

But But But… there is a catch in your thought process or you still don’t know about Hostinger web hosting service which is cheap and reliable that comes with almost all important features and services that should be in the good hosting provider.

About Hostinger

Hostinger has been in hosting business since 2004. Hostinger is quite popular for providing world-class websites with no limits PHP, MySQL, cPanel and No Ads. Hosting is one of the only few web hosting providers that ensure complete freedom with web hosting platforms provided to more than 29 million users in 178 countries and more than 15 thousand sign-ups each day, and you can understand in simple words like this, they got one single client in every 5 seconds and 20000+ clients in a day.

Everything from a successful business or famous website, Hostinger carries challenges out for their clients with such ease, all thanks to their enticing functions.

Hostinger Features:

  • Best Shared Web Hosting

As we shared with you that inexpensive yet fast hosting is the one to choose as Hostinger Premium cloud web-hosting technology. For over a decade, Hostinger have provided top notch website hosting with PHP, MySQL, FTP and 99.9% server uptime guarantee.

  • Free Domain Name

Hostinger is known for providing one of the cheapest domain registrars but it is also a certified ICANN member. If you want a custom domain name and unlimited website hosting than you can get it in the all-in-one package. If you choose any premium and business web hosting plan than you will get a personal free domain name.

  • Cheap WordPress Hosting

If you want to get most reliable WordPress hosting a go for a small price. Due to the Hostinger’s premium cloud based adaptation, latest PHP 7 and NGINX and many other renowned technologies will have accustomed, that is the result of top class speed and performance in every hosting plan.

Hostinger’s custom built Super Cache WordPress hosting software optimizations and new generation SSD hardware is what makes it more unique.

  • Unlimited Web Hosting

If you want endless SSD disk space and a website bandwidth than Hostinger should be your choice because they owned separate SSD disk space centres to provide unmatched service in the industry.

  • In-Built Website Builder

Hostinger provides built-in website builder which is cool and easy to use and you can select your favourite template from their hundreds of well-designed website templates, the cost of website development that will most definitely be cut in half.

Bootstrap a trendy, chic and cost effective website on your own, sans the technical info and get to business in no time.

  • Specialized Live Support

One of the key features of Hostinger is that, they are available to all the clients every minute of every day. Hostinger’s in-house support system is always good about their clients 24/7 live.

  • One-Click Installers

Hostinger’s one clicks installer is that awe-inspiring wonder that all the websites installations with a single click. The one-click installer provided by Hostinger which is proved to be the cheapest and easiest approach for starting your hostings with CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, OpenCard, Prestashop, and hundreds of more with simple.

Hostinger Pricing and Plans

The biggest advantage, along with the good quality of Hostinger, is that it’s effectively inexpensive. There may be many cheaper web hosting in the business, however, Hostinger is difficult to beat. Since smart saving has become must have for today’s industry, they help their smart clients in doing the same.

#1: Shared Web Hosting Plans

Hostinger shared hosting plan
Hostinger shared hosting plan

#2: VPS Hosting Plans

Hostinger VPS server plans
Hostinger VPS server plans

Hostinger Pros and Cons:


  • Free website builder
  • Full PHP and MySQL database support
  • 5 times optimized WordPress hosting
  • 100% full file control via FTP & cPanel
  • Platinum BitNinja DDOS Protection ensured
  • SSD website hosting for website speed


  • I didn’t find any drawback in Hostinger.

Final Verdicts:

We hope you find this post helpful while looking for best cheap hosting for wordpress and now you have the best answer for all your hosting related questions and that is Hostinger and we have shared Hostinger Review 2018 edition with all of you. If you like this review of hostinger than, please share it with your bloggers friends.


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