Here’s Why You Should Be Switching To A Cloud Based POS System

cloud based POS

The long queues in front of the payment counter at the local store on weekends are a major dampener. Does it have to be so? How about a payment solution that is mobile, versatile and reliable? Switching to a cloud based POS system can help you reap real benefits. There are also a number of options for you to choose from.


A cloud based POS system stores all data in a central location

Enhanced Visibility Of Sales Data

Being a store manager, you may need to review sales data often. You may need to draw insights from the data and analyze customer behavioral patterns. So, how do you ensure that your data is visible anywhere and everywhere? With a cloud based POS system, the data is stored remotely in the cloud. You just need to connect to the cloud with the help of a mobile device or a tablet in order to browse through the data. Even if you have a number of stores and you need to go through the consolidated data, you can access it with ease. Sales data from all the POS systems within a store get backed up in the cloud. Data from salesmen remotely using the POS system on their mobile devices also gets automatically synced to the cloud.

Enhanced Mobility

Mobility is the keyword when you need efficiency within a system. In a Cloud based POS system like the one offered by Shopify, you just need the app and a reliable internet connection. That is it. You may then use it to sell stuff and accept payment anytime, anywhere. You can even do away with the long queues in your store payment counters. If you have a restaurant or a business where you need to take orders and send them for processing, you will appreciate the enhanced mobility of a cloud based POS system. With this system your salesmen or waiters can just jot down the order on a smartphone or tablet. The order details will automatically get updated in the cloud. The kitchen, in case of a restaurant, or the warehouse, in case of consumer goods, will have the updated information about the orders. So there is no time lag between taking orders and receiving them at the concerned processing units.

Reduced Downtime

Downtime is a concern for any system manager. However, with a cloud based POS system you need not worry too much about downtime. Service providers almost always have a number of clients hooked up to a particular cloud service at a time and make sure that updates are carried out in phases. This makes sure that down time for your system is reduced. In case you are using your own system, you need to shut down the system frequently for long periods of time during updates.

Enhanced Security

A cloud based security system enhances the security of your sales data. Information is automatically synchronized between the local network and the cloud. In case of a crash or outage in the local network, you can easily retrieve the data from the cloud. You don’t need to backup data as you would have done with a local network and server. There is yet another layer of  data security in a cloud based system. All the data transfer from the cloud and the local network takes place through encrypted networks. This implies that you are well guarded against snooping and other external threats to your data.

Real Time Processing

With a cloud based POS system, you can process customer and sales information in real time. As soon as the details are fed, the data gets saved in the cloud. It also updates the stock and customer information, sales report etc. This makes it a no-hassle POS system where you get all the customer and sales data in a orderly and updated manner.

Streamlined Information Management

Whether you have multiple stores or you have sales agents selling stuff on the go, the data generated is automatically saved in the cloud through the POS System. This makes sure that you don’t need to do anything to backup the data. You also streamline payment channels if you opt for cloud based POS systems like the one offered by Shopify, where your customers can use their credit cards anywhere and at any time. Ensure to do your research and choose the right POS system for your business.


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