How to Get the Shop Now button on Facebook page?

get the Shop Now button on the Facebook page

In a motive to provide a substantial boost to the digital marketing which is already at the peak, Facebook has added a number of Call to Action button features on the Facebook pages. The sellers or the marketing sites who maintain their Facebook page can directly integrate the Facebook shop now tab on their respective pages. This eliminates a series of woes including preventing the user to open a new tab to reach out to the page. Surveys suggest that these sellers and the marketing sites lose a major fraction of their potential customers since they do not wish to open a new tab and enter the web address manually to reach out to the seller. Hence, the Facebook shop now tab is definitely a great tool to give a major boost to the online business, on a social platform like Facebook which proudly handles the accounts of a majority of the global population. You have read  How to earn money on Facebook page and Facebook group?

The new Call to Action features on Facebook

The Call to Action buttons was initially available for some limited Facebook pages only. But to the delight of many, it is available for all the Facebook pages now and the users can easily setup their Call to Action buttons on their respective pages. Having a link similar to the one this new button feature from Facebook provides, would help the page owners to expand their user base considerably and provide better service to their existing customers. Not only the users get the Shop Now tab on their pages, they can also integrate other similar Call to Action buttons like Book Now, Contact Us, Use App, Play Game, Sign Up and Watch Video. The only restriction is that the users cannot make any tweaks with these limited available options and they have to stick to these formats of Call to Action buttons. The setting up of these Call to Action buttons, including the Shop Now button is easy and can be done in a jiffy by following the steps given in the following section.

How to get the Shop Now button on the Facebook page?

The users can follow these simple steps to get the highly functional Shop Now button on their respective Facebook pages. The users can unleash a lot of opportunities for enhancement in their respective businesses using this new feature from Facebook.

Step 1: The users first need to login to their respective Facebook pages using any web browser.

Step 2: The users need to find the ‘Create Call to Action’ button near the ‘Like’ button on the cover page of the profile.

Step 3: The following section would require the user to choose the type of Call to Action button that the user requires to integrate on his account. The user needs to select the Shop Now option from the drop down menu. The buttons are also accompanied with small icons that would help the page visitors to know what exactly the button is for. The Shop Now button has a Shopping Cart icon following the button title.

Step 4: In the same window where the user specifies the Shop Now button, he needs to add the website link for his site in the specified field. Lately, Facebook has also added a mobile site feature. This is highly helpful for all those users who have mobile-friendly versions of their sites as well. Since most of the Facebook users use their smartphones to access Facebook, this feature has a high utility. If the users do not have any specified mobile-friendly version of the site, they can simply copy and paste the website link in the mobile website section as well.

Step 5: This step would require the user to choose the target destination. For example, if the user provides shopping options only on the mobile applications, he can choose the ‘App’ option from the dropdown menu. Or else, he needs to choose the website option from the dropdown menu. He can choose varying destinations for different platforms i.e. iOS and Android. In short, this redirects the users to the application or the website as specified by the Facebook page owner, when he clicks on the Shop Now link on their Android or iOS devices.

Step 5: The feature often takes some time to get activated. The users can check the working of the Shop Now button on their Facebook pages by opening the link on their mobile phones. And yes, the Shop Now call to action button works well up to the expectations on the mobile phones as well. However, the link takes some time so as to get activated which can be between few minutes to a couple of hours.

The perks of the Shop Now button on the Facebook pages

The Facebook pages would definitely live up to what they were actually made for after the integration of this call to action buttons on the pages. The Facebook pages are generally meant for promotion purposes and was a great place for the sellers. With the introduction of the Shop Now button on the pages, Facebook would help the users to live up to their expectations. Facebook also keeps a count on the total number of visitors who have clicked the Shop Now button or have been redirected to any other site using the Shop Now button. The stats are easily accessible by the page owners as well. Thus, Facebook would help the users to keep a track of the total number of visitors on their respective websites through the Shop Now button.


The Shop Now button integration on the Facebook pages helps both the users as well as serves as a best feature for their ad platform. Facebook has indeed taken a great leap towards boosting the utility of the pages by adding these Call to Action buttons on their pages. The Shop Now button especially possess a lot of benefits and the users can extract a lot of benefits from this feature of Facebook and all the users of this vast networking platform. Facebook should also consider providing the users with a facility to customize their Call to Action buttons which would add to the charms of this feature even more.

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