How to earn money on Facebook page and Facebook group?



If we talk about Social Networking site “Facebook”, it is the most trending fever now a day, no doubt at all. People are using this social networking site in their own ways like sharing selfies, getting connected with their relatives, Family, and with others who live outside the countries.

Some are using this tremendous platform for spreading out their businesses, some are using to popular their own blog or website, and some are using for advertising products. Different people different thought with their different working strategies. It is also true that you can also earn with Facebook from Facebook Fan pages, Likes, and Groups.

You can rapidly make money with Facebook Likes, Pages, and Groups. You can directly earn with Facebook without the need of all these. But if you have got any one of these markets, then it will easy to set your future income or market reputation as well as it will give you high-class knowledge also. It is always said that “Something is better than Nothing”. Only little bit skills are required here to become a Facebook money maker.

Here you will know all the secrets tips and tricks for generating income with Facebook with different sources.

Things you will need to create Facebook Page and Likes:

1) Facebook Account

2) Email address

3) Internet Connection

4) List of Product and Links

5) Your Blog or Website URL


How to Earn with Facebook Pages and Likes?

1) First set up a Facebook Fan Page of your taste, which is relevant to audience taste also. It may be any community, any product, any brand, any business & any entertainment page. If you have already a business or blog, it is better to develop business fan page here.

(2) You need a personal Facebook account here to make any page. In this way, you can directly click to “Create a Page” at the bottom of the screen on your home page.

(3) After this process, you can add your business logo, templates and URL on your page for leading to your company’s main website. You can put all the information about your product or website or brand on your page. You can make it more attractive by using different idioms & quotes.

If you are creating a Fan Page for a Funny purpose you can set it as entertainment page or something relevant to this, in which people are more interested.

4) It is the time for maintaining the presence on your Facebook fan page by your continuous updates. It should not be boring or self-promoting like sharing the links of your business and all. You should maintain the good quality updates.

(5) As you insert the Good updates, likes will automatically increase. Here, you can also choose Facebook advertising for your fan pages. You can advertise to specific age groups or geographical areas or interest of people. It will also give your quality likes on your Facebook business page or fan page. It starts from $1 with an approximation of 50-100 likes per day. In short, you can buy ‘Likes’ or targeted audience on Facebook for promoting your brand.

(6) It doesn’t take much time to complete 1000likes on your fan page but for 100k likes, it will take at least 6 months. Once you complete 1000likes, you can contact to other people for promoting their business on your page with updates. You can charge for promoting once according to your reach of your page.

(7) You can also sell any products here for earning some profits with it as an example Affiliate marketing. It can be an affiliate product or any third party product. It will surely give you huge profit here. You can also give likes to other people and take money from them.

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How to Earn with Facebook Groups?

Facebook Groups are similar to Facebook pages, but processes are different from that. On Facebook Fan page only page admins can post the relevant matter but in Facebook groups, anyone can post their business or opinions or any current affair.

If you have got your personal Facebook account, then you can create your own group.

(1) First, try and make the list of your Facebook Friends. If you have more than 500 friends then it’s very easy for you to add the people in the group.

(2) Now gain the trust of the people you are networking with. Try to add people, who are similar to you or match your niche.

(3) Join other relevant groups and promote your group there as an advertising or popular group. People always follow good updates. You have to also do the good & regular updates here.

(4) Within some days, people will join your group also & will take a keen interest in your updates. This is the time when you can advertise your business in your group in an effective way.

(5) Somehow, Facebook Groups are less than Facebook fan pages, but groups are much more effective than pages to advertise the business among the decided community. So it’s good to create the Facebook group for doing brand promotion.


Making money from Facebook is a little tricky. Facebook does not allow organic promotion to a large number of fans. But the trick here is, if you can keep your audiences engaged, you can win the organic reach to a much larger extent. This seems like a great offer, and I’m sure in coming days, it will open many new door and opportunities for Bloggers and internet marketers to make money directly from Facebook fan pages.

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