14 actionable ways to get more followers on Instagram

Regardless of the type of business you are running, if you want long-term success, then you need to focus on increasing your brand’s visibility through social media. Speaking of social media, Instagram is becoming one of the most popular choices for not just consumers but brands too. They are using Instagram to reach to more and more people. There are 800 million active monthly users on Instagram who share up to 95 million photos per day. If you have newly started your Instagram business or individual account, you must be struggling with the number of followers. We are living in the world where quantity matters too. And this applies to your Instagram account. If you have Real and Active Instagram followers on your account that means you can be trusted.

But what can you do if you are a newbie? Well, worry not; we are here with some actionable tips for growing your Instagram followers. Let’s begin:

  1. Complete your Instagram profile

You just have 7 seconds to make an impression on someone. So, when a user lands on your Instagram account, you need to make them believe you are trustworthy and for that, it is necessary to have a complete profile on Instagram. First thing is first, you will need a professional profile image. Then comes your bio. Your bio is what defines who you are. To invite more followers, leave a link to your website in the bio. Experts recommend that you should change your bio bi-weekly and use clickable links in it to drive traffic to the most popular content on your site.

  1. Get creative with hashtags

You will need more than a one-word hashtag. Your hashtag must tell a story. It can be ironic, funny or even outrageous. It is the unique hashtags that get noticed the most.

  1. Don’t get spammy with hashtags

It is easy to get carried away when using hashtags. If you can’t figure out the right amount of hashtags to use, then just see what influencers in your industry are doing. Use different amounts of hashtags in your posts and see what works best for you.

  1. Use descriptive captions

Yes, a picture can say a thousand words but that does not mean it is ok to skip words, especially when you are using Instagram.  Make the most out of captions. Use them for storytelling and to generate more likes and shares. You will have to put a lot of time and effort into creating an effective content strategy if you want this to work.

  1. Know how often to post

Once you start getting followers on your account, it is time to get regular with posting. But how often should you post? Is there a thing such as posting too much? According to studies, you must post 3 times a day on Instagram. But don’t post all at once, post at different times.  The content you post should be fresh and interesting.

  1. Go local

Find out what is going on in your local area. It is pretty simple, go to the ‘search’ page on your Instagram account and choose the ‘Places’ tab. Type in the name of the place, let’s say your neighborhood and it will show you all the geotagged posts for that particular location.

  1. Run a contest

Do you have something you would like to give away to your fans? Then run a contest. It is going to invite more followers than you expect. The contest can be about anything. For example, you can ask users to repost an image and tag you in its caption. You can also collaborate with other Instagrammers and create a loop giveaway.

  1. Do research on your audience

Doing a little research on your audience is always good. So, just go through your previous posts and see which ones got the most engagement. This will help you understand what type of content your audience likes. Once you figure that out, it is time to use more photos like that in your posts.

  1. Link your Instagram to other social media accounts

Once you link your Instagram account to other social media accounts, this will help your followers on other networks to discover you.

  1. Create banners

Want to make your content creative? Create banners by using multiple Instagram posts for creating one image. Such creative posts can easily get the attention of your audience and people will then be happy to follow you.

  1. Use HootSuite to manage your Instagram

Instagram does not let you schedule content but it is possible if you are using HootSuite. All you have to do is write a caption of the post, attach a photo or video and then pick the date you want the content to be published on. HootSuite offers tools for monitoring activity on your Instagram profile, track users and measure the performance of your account through analytics. You can assign responsibility to different team members for managing your account because with HootSuite, one Instagram account can be managed by multiple users at once.

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  1. Like photos in your own niche

If you have newly created an Instagram account, then liking photos of other people can help you grow your own followers. You can also leave a comment on these photos. It is how you get your name out there and let other users discover you. It is recommended to do that in your own niche. Don’t know how to find users in your own niche? It is easy. Use hashtags or simply view the followers of Instagram accounts in your own niche.

  1. Participate in popular conversations

Using trending hashtags can get you in front of lots of Instagrammers. So, if there is a buzz about a popular hashtag, then start using it to reach out to more and more followers.

  1. Buy Instagram followers

Along with organically inviting followers to your Instagram account, you can also buy Instagram followers cheap. Don’t worry, even the big fishes buy followers to build their fan following. Make sure when you buy 10000 Instagram followers from Smmpoint or more, you are getting real buyers since you would want a little engagement with your photos too.

If you combine all these tips, then your hard work will start paying off soon and you will invite followers to your Instagram account.

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