7 Powerful Instagram Tools To Boost Your Social Media Presence In 2020

Best Instagram tools

INSTAGRAM is now not only a social media platform where teenagers post pictures of themselves and their interests. It’s something more than that. If we go through statistics, around 70% of the brands are on Instagram which was only up to 48% by the end of 2016. This clearly refers only one thing, that in 2018, Instagram will become one of the best platforms which would reach to masses. Instagram is owned by Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg is not in a mood to turn back. Rapid introduction of many features in Instagram lately in 2017, is an indication of much more to come.

How marketing on Instagram will change in 2019?

Yes! Marketing. Marketing on Instagram is going to be super interesting in 2019 as predicted by the professionals. Why? Check out the points written below.

1. User-generated Content Increases

2018 will be a bit different. The professionals say that in 2018, there will be increased User-generated Content in Instagram. Brands are trying to reach their concerned customers through campaigns. A lot of content is made available to the followers by using hashtags slogans. Marketers can set themselves up on Instagram, and leverage the shift by putting their systems in place to allow them to share UGC (User-generated Content) with ease.

2. Improvement in Analytics Data and User Experience

About 70% of brands already on Instagram by the end of 2017. Instagram provide some analytics that evaluates reach, audience, user engagement and overall impressions. It is anticipated by the experts that by 2018, Instagram will be growing its business measurements analytics. Insta is now totally focussed on improving its advertisements. As the ads revenue in Instagram reached more than $2.81 billion; their target in 2018 is going to be more far-fetched and thus, Yeah! More advertising, improvement in the followers.

3. Improved functionality

Improved functionality and better features, Instagram is now viewed by business owners as a platform with the purely visual audience. The typical features introduced in 2017, such as Boomerang, Hyperlapse, Stories, Polls, Photozoom, Live Videos etc have now transformed Instagram to a dynamic platform for brands, business owners, and Topical Influencers. It creates direct engagement opportunities with their users, reaching the concerned crowd through hashtags.

4. Instagram Business Tools awaited

Experts look forward to the new tools which will be introduced by Instagram in 2018. The video options and the threads of stories will be improved exponentially. More effort will be put into developing effective business tools. Want to give a peep of your next product to the users? Yes! Choose Instagram next time.

With continuous improvements in the system, all-time availability and varied user base; Instagram is going to be your one-stop solution for business ventures. Peep once again into the above-stated points. 2018 is going to be a great year. Won’t you love to increase your social media presence on Instagram in the coming year? I bet you will.

7 Powerful Instagram Tools Those Boost Your Social Media Presence

Listed below are 7 tools who will prove beneficial to you in increasing your presence online and managing your content on Instagram; thus, meeting your either Business or Personal needs.


Difficulty in managing your contents? Buffer- For Instagram is your answer. Just own a mobile device > Install Instagram> configure it; this is the prerequisite for using ‘Buffer’. Buffer helps you to schedule your posts. When the time approaches, Buffer sends a notification to you on your device. This notification also contains the view of your image (to be posted) and the caption. Just open Insta, Paste your content and Viola! Posted. The buffer is the best option for small pocket businesses. In its free version, around 10 contents can be scheduled. If your venture is big and you want a better exposure, opt for their very affordable plans which provide freedom till 100 scheduled posts a day for up to 10 accounts.


With a prerequisite of a phone installed with Instagram, Hootsuite is the answer to many of your questions about better online presence. HootSuite helps you to follow your competitors who share your niche, keep a good eye on your competition. This keeps you updated will all your statistics. Another awesome thing that Hootsuite facilitates is, finding the perfect time to poster content. It helps you to analyze and compare when your content reached the maximum users in a span of time and thus finds the best time for you. For you, Hootsuite will search thousands of streams and ease your work of building a faithful community of dedicated followers. Many features compact in one, that’s what makes Hootsuite a perfect combination.

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If you are concentrating on agencies and collaborations, Sendible is the answer to your questions. It is an all-around platform for your social media management needs. Sendible is integrated and is one of the most approved apps by Instagram. It uses push notifications to notify you. Sensible also integrates with ‘Canva’ and lets you create your own Instagram image, quotes or any content that you want to. Want more help with something? I’m sure Sendible will answer that too.


Yes, Tailwind is not only on Pinterest, It is now available on Instagram too. Tailwind eases your task by providing a unique feature of “Drag- and- drop”. This ensures bulk contents of the page. Unlike Pinterest, Tailwind cannot post for you in Instagram. A bit of manual intervention is required before your Instagram post goes live. It uses a Web-based version and also has an iOS app for its users. For its desktop users, Tailwind sends text messages as notifications so that you don’t miss posting your scheduled content.


Use the data of Hashtagify and gain good points on Instagram. It tells you which hashtag threads are trending on the Instagram platform. You can also search for the pages of your niches; have a look at the status of your competitors. Hashtagify.me then allows you to go in deeper to the pages of your interest and gather the ages of your interest. Another feature that set it apart from there is its weekly and monthly trend analysis. Find the top related hashtags and influencers operating in your zone. With these many analytical features and all revolving around hashtags, Hashtagify.me is a good pal, to support you in your Instagram Venture.


Iconosquare software to your rescue. With its perfect insights and managing options, Iconosquare lines up with Instagram to give its users a better analysis of their concerned topics. If you are using Instagram as a marketing venture for your business, then Iconosquare is perfect for you. It presents you with deep analytics about your group. It measures the growth in followers, unfollows, and compares daily follower gain/loss and many more things for you. It also gives insights on how well your posts are reaching and how many views did it receive. One of the best features of Iconosquare is that it helps us to run interactive online contests on Instagram. This can be a game changer in your marketing tactics and boost your user preference all lots in one go. You can Buy Instagram followers as well.

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Are you an ardent user of Instagram? Then you will be absolutely well versed with the fact that, Instagram is all about ‘Hashtags’. According to a recent survey, it is found that posts with more than 11 hashtags receive the maximum attention and reach more people. Tags for likes understand this and organizes all the hashtags that might concern you into categories and subcategories. With their mobile app version, your functionality will become smoother and easier. You can search for the trending hashtags and paste it in your phone for any use later. Tags for likes keep you updated and analyses for your various things, whitewall absolutely help you in establishing a good user base on Instagram.

Options are many. I have listed 7 most interactive and all-around helps for you so that 2018 becomes your year on Instagram. Choose the one which fits you the best and Succeeds!!


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