Five Great Apps for Your Mac

When compared to other personal computers, Mac computers are globally known for their outstanding uniqueness that best describes its creator, Apple. With great emphasis on maintaining its exclusive class, Mac’s uniqueness continues to attract a devoted user base that has gradually been growing over the years.

Unlike iOS apps that are commonly referred to as web apps due to their easy accessibility to the masses through browsing as web apps, Mac apps are considered “Native Apps” with limited and exclusive usage only accessible to Mac users. This phenomenon has created a situation where Apps designed for iOS receive more center stage attention compared to Mac apps. You should note that this does not necessarily mean that iOS apps are considered to be much better than Mac apps.

On the contrary, it implies that most individuals are not aware of some of the thrilling apps that Mac has to offer. Due to this, coming up with informative periodical content to spotlight the diverse user-friendly and life-changing Mac apps will definitely lead to increased awareness among different people.

Mac’s interface has greatly been automated to facilitate its Finder. This means that most Mac apps guarantee effective usability in management o files though running Gmail, notes recording, providing shortcuts among others.

Listed below are some of the best Mac apps that will boost your Mac user experience and add value to your daily life operations or visit for more reviews regarding Apple devices.

Inbox by gmail
Inbox by gmail


  1. Boxy- Are you a Mac user managing your emails through Gmail’s application known as “Inbox by Gmail”? If you are, at an affordable price of $5.99, you can purchase the Boxy app for your Mac. It is a minimal sized Gmail app with an easy to maneuver interface packed with resourceful features that include; smart replies that arranges them in boxed emails expandable through single clicks for effective reading and response, email bundling of interconnected email such as newsletters, snoozing, user reminders, email pinning for important urgent emails, effective email searching of archived emails, an up to date Google Calendar updating you on different events, among others. The best part is its flexibility accommodating more than one account and diverse Gmail accounts.


  1. Sip- If you are artistic enthusiasts with an inspiration of coming up with creative blueprints of a design, then this is the app for you. It accommodates a wide range of art-oriented developers from decorations, apps, and color palettes creation. With a straightforward mechanism to help you create and manage palettes, it also facilitates ease in sharing among other designing related apps. This is through the main menu that is located at Mac’s top menu. Sip makes a color selection from user’s source of interest quick and straightforward through a simple click on the color dock that immediately provides the user’s palettes. $9.99 is the amount required to purchase and download it.


  1. Agenda- By downloading this free app, you are assured of a project planning partner. This is through Agenda’s specialization in taking down notes and safely storing them in its database. Its automated timeline based system enables it to effectively organize notes hence the user can monitor a projects development cycle.

Its “On the Agenda” tool identifies urgent plans that require fast implementation. It also provides for the addition of in-depth notes if necessary which can be edited with its text editor tool. This feature makes it applicable even to a bigger organization with extensive project planning content. Agenda possesses improved versions with more effective tools and functional ability called premiums that have to be paid for at $24.99 per annum. This gives one the power like coming up with seasonal events calendar among others.

  1. CheatSheet- It is a minimal and free app that provides all the necessary shortcuts contained in a Mac keyboard in a simple understandable overlay. The provided keyboard shortcuts are in consideration to the current user operational application. A good example is if you are editing your photos through a Photoshop app, it will directly provide you with all the keyboard shortcuts necessary to amply use the app. you should also checkout

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  1. DeskApp for YouTube

Watching YouTube videos has just got better with the free DeskApp. It saves you the hustle of searching for different search engines as it is direct search from the desktop app to the YouTube site. All this is simply conducted from Mac’s menu bar. The application is flexible and stable in supporting numerous windows that are easy to maneuver through their direct interface.


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