How to Use Streak CRM ? Features, Review & Pricing

Streak CRM

Gmail by Google is the most used Ad-supported Free Email service worldwide. And today we have the best Gmail tricks to be more productive at work.

What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer relationship management. It is a tool to maintain and build relationships with Existing and potential customers for better business.

Why I need a CRM?

Using CRM in Gmail makes sure that you never miss any commitments, leads and with more features, it increases your productivity at work. CRM ensures that you stay organized with your data and move ahead with your goals.

CRM in Gmail

Streak brings the power of CRM in Gmail. It is a freemium tool and has better and awesome features to take your Gmail experience to a new high.

Streak CRM Features:

Streak brings the Email power tools like- View Tracking, Mail Merge, Snooze, Send Later and few more.

Let us look each of them in detail.

Track Sent Email

This is one of my favorite tools. It lets me read the person has read the mail or not. It takes time to compose an Email and if the same is not even opened, it is a high time to put a break on your efforts on the same recipient.

Track Email in Gmail

On the other side, it gives me an indication that Email has been opened. So accordingly taking few moments we can follow up with the person for the way ahead.

Once we know our Email is read we can easily take the follow-up.

Mail Merge

This tool lets me send customised Email to multiple people with relevant details specific to each recipient.

Those Generic messages starting with Hi Sir, Hello Dear Etc don’t have the personal touch. But with Mail Merge, this is possible within few clicks.


By setting Custom fields, one can send a personalized message with the speed of a generic one. Mail Merge comes with ready templates. You just have to craft the message and Streak will give it a personal touch.


It works similar to your Alarm. Snooze gives you a wake-up call (reminder) at the user preferred time take the follow up of the set mail.

It happens that we send the Email and we forget to take the follow up on the same on time. This results in a loss of leads or loss of information.

The Streak creates a separate section of snoozed Emails that helps you in getting all the snoozed emails at one place, resulting in better and organized emails for faster access.


Send Later

This is another best tool I love. This helps me a lot to pitch the overseas recipient on their friendly time without losing my sleep time.

With this, you can schedule birthday wish to all your clients/colleagues. Send later is a great and must have tool for an aggressive follow-up.

All the scheduled Send later Emails are stored securely in Gmail drafts.


With a Palette of Frequently Written Emails, you can stay competitive with your peers in replying to the emails.

This is a very great tool for support agents, as they can create a pallet of standardized replies.

You can create personalized, process specific, group specific, team-specific pallets. Access your pallets with Hashtag. Go figure out this tool.

You can create a pitch using pallets and use them with your main message for a fast and better mail composing.

Threaded Emails

An organized inbox can be a fun to work with. With Threaded Emails tool, you can easily master long Email chain conversations.


This is a great tool for all support agents, and for others who got indulged into receiving too many replies over Email.

You can use split thread feature to single email thread into separate emails from inside the thread itself for a better integration.

Select the emails you want to move to a separate thread and it will be moved to avoid you to get distracted from the mainstream conversation.

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Streak CRM Pricing

Streak CRM comes with 3 plans. With 0$ for Personal Plan to $49 per user per month plans for more features.

See the Pricing and features for Streak CRM HERE

Streak CRM for Gmail is a very great CRM to get started, as you can use personal plan to try and test, plus it comes FREE for lifetime.

Streak requires no space to deploy, as everything is managed seamlessly in the cloud. You just have to click Install Streak to get started.

The Streak is 100% compatible with G-apps. Go ahead and explore this wonderful tool.


Streak Professional and enterprise Plan comes with priority support from a lovely support team who are ready to help you and with a huge database of documentation.

For more than 99% of queries, you may get a solution in the support database.

For Free plans, you will receive support over Email with a guaranteed reply within 36 hours.

The Streak is used by major brands around the world. Some of the names include- Yelp, Twitter, Uber and 36000+ others

Get Streak for Gmail

You can get Streak from the going HERE

Go ahead and try this awesome CRM. None of your data will be lost even if you uninstall streak. Also, Streak deploys in the cloud so it will not consume any of your space on Desktop or anywhere else.

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