Best Emoji Apps for Android Users (100% Free Apps)

Kika Keyboard

If you feel texting is boring then there are numerous emoji apps that allow you to make your conversation with your loved one interesting on your Android smartphone. Emojis are the best way to make the conversation fun and more interactive. Emojis are also widely accepted because they save the time of users and there are emojis for everything, from expressions to numerous objects. Most of the people now prefer using emojis instead of writing texts and hence there are numerous apps that have come up in Play Store. These Emoji apps are regularly updated with new smileys and stickers that can be used for various purposes.

Here are the best Emoji apps for Android 

Kika Emoji Keyboard

Kika Keyboard

One of the best and most downloaded emoji keyboard apps, this allow you to select and share numerous GIFs, emojis and stickers to the opposite person during the conversation. This keyboard really helps you to keep the conversation interesting by letting you use different smileys and objects for various purposes. It has standard keyboard features such as Autocorrect, Prediction, Word suggestions, etc. in addition to a huge collection of emojis like Christmas emojis, cube, Halloween emojis, etc.

This feature full keyboard allows the slide to type, gives emoji suggestions and also has GIFs from Giphy that can be used to make your conversation interesting on the social network. You can also select a keyboard theme from a vast collection of themes and also set guitar, saxophone or piano as key press sound.


Swfit Moji Keyboard

From the makers of SwiftKey keyboard, Swiftmoji is one of the best-rated emoji keyboards on Android Play Store. It is a simple looking keyboard and does not offer much customization. But the main thing of Swiftmoji is it will offer you suggestions for emojis as you type any phrase or word. It has an AI that automatically detects the emojis you use most frequently, words you type and your writing style. It also comes with features such as text prediction, auto correct and word suggestion that works like a charm once it adapts to your writing style.

For customization, there is only a dark and light theme for the keyboard and you also have the option to change the keyboard’s accent colour. Some of the features are gesture typing, flow typing, stats like the number of taps, predicted words count, etc. There are various emojis that can be used for numerous occasions and it will show you the word with emoji as you type. When you write cake, it shows you the cake emoji that can be used in your conversation.


imoji keyboard app

Imoji is a unique app listed on the Play Store that lets you create numerous emojis and also allow you to discover different kinds of emojis that have been created by the community members. These emojis can be used to take your conversation to another level as these are compatible with almost all the social networking apps. The app also allows you to create stickers of pictures on your device. This is the best app to convert your picture into emoji and share it with your friends. But there is a drawback of using the app and that is the stickers and emojis created can only be shared on its messaging application.


Flesky keyboard app

This keyboard app has around 800 emojis and GIFs to make your conversation interesting. It has been touted as the fastest keyboard by the company and is one of the top-rated apps on the Play Store. It has basic keyboard features like text prediction and word suggestion along with emoji prediction. You can choose from around 50 themes it also has extensions such as Rainbow pops, Hotkeys, etc. This powerful keyboard also allows gestures for various purposes like you can swipe to add space, punctuation or delete the word. With continuous usage of the keyboard, you can win badges and see your usage statistics.

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Emojidom smileys

emojidom keyboard app


It is known as a kingdom of smileys because of the huge collection of emojis and stickers. You can easily use them in your daily conversation and while sending emails. The collection consists of around 4000+ emojis that can also be used while using the social networking apps. This app has the highest number of emojis and you can use different emoji for various purposes. This app has the ability to make your texting intriguing. There are emojis for every occasion as it lets you choose emoji from the huge collection. You can find superhero stickers, celebrity and sport person stickers. You can choose from over 130+ themes including Halloween, Chinese New Year, Christmas, etc. This app is compatible with all the smartphones and lets you use all these features for free.

Gboard- Google Keyboard

google-gboard keyboard app

One of the best brands in the world, Google has really improved their stock keyboard. It is one of the top rated and best apps you can find on Google Play Store. It has a wide range of emojis that can be used while texting on different social networking apps. You can also search for a particular emoji with the Google keyboard and as you type, it also suggests you the emoji you can use instead of that word. You can also draw the emoji and Google keyboard will predict it with ease.

It also has basic keyboard features like word suggestion, predication and slide typing. You can also search anything with the inbuilt Google Search. It supports over 100 languages and also supports Google Translate.

These are some of the best emoji apps that are free to download from Google Play Store. As people find texting boring and time-consuming, these apps can help in quick and interesting conversation. With various emojis in the apps, you will never run out of ideas to use the perfect emoji for making your conversation interesting. These apps are updated regularly and new stickers, emojis are added according to the occasions and festivals.

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