Dreamhost Review 2019 – Is it worth it?

Dreamhost review

Hello to all, BloggDesk audience, we know that you always expect something great from us and as you guys know that we love to share our experiences, knowledge and much more. So today also, we have come here to share one of the best and cheap hosting with all of you.

DreamHost Review

Today you are going to learn everything about Dreamhost with our in-depth Dreamhost Review 2018 edition where we will share each point that based on our experience while using Dreamhost Hosting for our micro niche and business websites.

Let’s start this Review of Dreamhost hosting:

What is Dreamhost?

What is dreamhost
What is dreamhost

Dreamhost is an independent hosting company and it was founded in 1997 by some undergrad students at Claremont College in California. And it has its offices in different locations such as Los Angeles and Brea, California, and Portland, Oregon. Dreamhost officials claim that they have most than 400,000 active customers and hosting over 1.5 million sites which is almost double the size while comparing the same age hosting company.

Plenty of its peers have been handled by big groups of Hosting, so it is a very settled business model and their founders are still bound to provide the best service to customers and this is the reason they last till this date in the vast hosting industry.

Over the years, Dreamhost becomes damn famous for its generous 97-days money-back guarantee and promise 100% uptime else you will get your refund back. It has also shared their powerful cloud hosting and computing services to broaden its portfolio and improve reliability.

There are so many Dreamhost packages that are marketed to individuals and startups. It has tons of features and services where they provide room for growing, with dedicated servers and VPS hosting, and it also supports reselling and e-commerce. It reseller model isn’t a reseller account, which will look at in the hosting overview below.

Dreamhost Hosting Package

Dreamhost hosting
Dreamhost hosting

Dreamhost has built their strong roots in the shared hosting market, and it continues to offer Best Shared Hosting today, with some more specialized packages for WordPress. The 100% uptime guarantee provides by Dreamhost that attracts small business, and its one-click package for WordPress includes the feature that updates automatically. Resources are unlimited: Space, Bandwidth, Email Accounts, and domains.

If you only have one WordPress blog or website, the DreamPress service is a fully managed WordPress product. Dreamhost announces that it’s a lot faster than regular shared hosting, and it scales to cope with spikes in traffic.

VPS hosting and dedicated hosting plans comes with SSD hosting and scalable resources. The VPS plan includes a Free Trial of its MySQL VPS add-on. This service places your MySQL databases on their provided servers for improved load times. If you want to keep the service, you’ll need to pay.

Dreamhost never sells a reseller package, but you can have certain chunks with your Dreamhost account to other users. This model may don’t suit you if you plan to run a full reseller hosting business.

Why Should You go for Dreamhost Hosting?

Why dreamhost
Why dreamhost

There are tons of Dreamhost Reviews available online and usually with user-generated reviews based and personal experience. They provide great uptime and best customer support. They even throw some free freebies to provide you the ultimate experience.

Get Dreamhost Trial

  • Amazing Uptime:

This should be clear that Dreamhost stands by their amazing uptime. They have real confidence, that they’ll provide you an extra day of service for every hour of downtime and your site experiences with them.

Fortunately for their hosting accounts, that doesn’t happen very often (99.92% is less than 10 minutes of downtime per month) and over our 12-month review procedure, Dreamhost delivered 99.73% uptime, which isn’t great considering that the industry elite produces around 99.98%. There are much more stable and cheaper web host providers such as Kinsta Hosting.

  • Faster Page Load Time

Dreamhost’s page loading time never let you down either, clocking in at 931ms over the same twelve-month period. That almost 21% faster than others who provide 1185ms.

  • Best Customer Support

The best uptime and fast loading times mean nothing without great support to back it all up. Here with Dreamhost, we were connecting with them in 5 minutes for live chat customer support agent, getting detailed responses after a few seconds.

Dreamhost operates their own in-house support team, with staff available 24/7 to assist customers. Customers can raise their ticket via the Dreamhost control panel, and there’s also a form on the website. The account area also comes with live chat option which is not available to non-customers.

You can’t contact Dreamhost support by phone unless it offers a callback for assist and it does have a vast knowledge base, and big customer forum that helps Dreamhost users since many years.

  • 97-Day Money Back Guarantee and Free Days of Downtime

Dreamhost offers the longest money back guarantee in the industry, coming in at 97 days for shared hosting plans. They also credit you a day’s service for every hour of interrupted service. They aren’t kidding about standing behind their service. In our opinion, it is just amazing.

According to their Terms of Service, you will only be eligible for free days if:

  • The DreamObjects service is unresponsive or,
  • DreamObjects gives a server error response to valid user requests for more than a minute of consecutive requests.

Dreamhost doesn’t offer automatic refunds for some payment methods such as:

  • PayPal
  • Check (Electronics too)
  • Money Orders
  • Gift Certificates

What’s good about Dreamhost?

  • Good uptime (99.76%)
  • Page loading times are 18% faster than competitors (~870ms)
  • High-quality, helpful, and fast customer support
  • 97-day money back guarantee
  • You’ll get “free days” when you experience downtime
  • Bandwidth is truly unlimited
  • They’re carbon neutral (AKA green)

What’s bad about Dreamhost?

  • More expensive than some other web hosts
  • Only offers a “one size fits all” plan
  • There’s no cPanel
  • Setup may be delayed since each visitor must be verified before their account is activated.

Final Verdicts:

We hope this Dreamhost Review of 2019 will help you to understand all basic things about this hosting provider. If you like this reviews of Dreamhost than share it with your friends who are in the digital marketing industry.

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