Clickmeeting Review – Start Best Webinars Effortlessly with Clickmeeting Tool

Clickmeeting review

ClickMeeting Review

Are you a web entrepreneur and looking for easiest and fastest way to run your webinars?

If YES, then you must look for the perfect way to reach more and more people to communicate with them and share your knowledge with lots of people without meeting them to share your products information, providing service overview then doing webinars is the perfect choice for you and with Clickmeeting tool you can do this easily.

If you are new to this webinar word, then let us explain you in simple words, Webinar is a small video-based seminar that conducted over the internet to share your knowledge with a bunch of people without meeting them personally.

What are the Benefits of Doing Webinars?

  • You can connect with the new
  • You can share your product, service, or simply educate people easily.
  • You can engage and turn your webinar audience into buyers.

How to conduct webinars easily?

Well, there are so many online webinars tools available but one tool that we used to conduct webinars easily and connect with our audience and that is ClickMeeting.

ClickMeeting Review – Create Webinars Now

So today, with this ClickMeeting Review you will find out everything about webinars and ClickMeeting features, pricing, and much more. So let’s get started:

If you are creating your webinars for the first time then you might annoy for the first time while conducting a webinar. You never know that what are the technical skills that you should have to run webinars.

Fortunately, with ClickMeeting, It is quite easy and fast because it is awesome webinar software that allows users to create webinars easily even if you are a newbie and doing it for the first time.

While using Clickmeeting, you will get to use so many tools such as:

  • Add-ons
  • Webinar timeline
  • Subaccounts
  • Multi-users
  • Registration pages
  • Webinar rebranding
  • Customized invitations

Once you start using these features that make it extremely easy for users to start their first webinar and run webinars within minutes and the webinar timeline helps you quickly view all your past and future webinars and you can also view your statistics all from one single place.

Using the webinars, you can create new webinars/events starting from scratch or you can even reuse your past webinars to reach out to the more audience. That means you can save a lot of time without having to create new webinars every time.

Run Your Webinars on Any Smart Device

You can run your webinars on any device and it could be smartphone, tablet or PC. It works effortlessly and they also have android and iPhone apps to make it easy for you to arrange your webinars.

Here are few features that you will make it quite easy to run and interact through your webinars using ClickMeeting, so let’s check out features of Clickmeeting:

  • Webinar room
  • Audio and video
  • Presentation
  • Audio Modes
  • Online Meetings
  • Whiteboard
  • Social sharing
  • Toll-Free Phone Numbers
  • ClickMeeting Mobile Application
  • Polls and surveys

Their easy to use tools that help you to host and run your webinars easily and effortlessly on different devices be it a smartphone or PC and on any operating system and while hosting webinars, you can easily control your audio modes. That means you can decide who is allowed to talk while the webinar is going on.

Want to hold a private chat with your webinar attendees? You can do so with this tool. You can provide a private chat option where your attendees can easily interact with others to provide feedback about your webinar.

Their Whiteboard features allow you to present you webinars easily by allowing your attendees to collaborate easily. You can create text boxes, shapes and erase your ideas while running your webinars. This is extremely helpful for marketers and people who want to show real-time data or presentation to their audience.

You can also use your mobile devices to access for instant audio and video. You can use your smartphone’s browser to share your web pages with your webinars attendees. This makes it easy for you to host and manage your webinars from any device.

Increase Your Relationships with Webinar Analytics

Well, Analytics is quite important while conducting webinars and you should know how your webinars are performing where how many people are attending and how many of them are taking action etc so to run better webinars in the future.

Clickmeeting offers you exceptional features to easily analyze your webinar statistics. You can get the below features to best analyze your webinar statistics.

  • Webinar And Attendee Statistics
  • Webinar Recording
  • Webinar Storage
  • Thank-you page
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Performance Rating

You can view and export detailed information about your webinars and you can find out your attendees location, the devices they are using and ratings they have given from your dashboard. You can also see how many numbers of visitors are currently watching your webinars so you can quickly track attendees trends.

30 Days Free Trial (No Credit Card Required)

If you are fully satisfied with this software and it features and wants to try ClickMeeting, there’s a good news for you.

You can get a 30-day free trial and you don’t need to even enter your credit card information.

Click here to try their software for FREE

Once the trial expires, you can select the plan that suits your budget to run your webinars in the future to build and grow your audience.

ClickMeeting Pricing

Clickmeeting pricing

Currently, ClickMeeting has 3 pricing plans.

  1. MyWebinars – $25 per month
  2. MyWebinars Pro – $35 per month
  3. Enterprise – $165 per month

Let’s briefly talk about the main pricing plans now so you can decide that one suits for your business. So, simply pick the 30 days free trial first and then decide which plan to go for to run your webinars using the ClickMeeting software.

Final Thoughts, On ClickMeeting Review:

So here is the ClickMeeting Review for internet marketers and now you have complete information about this amazing webinar tool. If you have any query then please drop your queries in the comment section below.

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