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Dear friends, I always try to provide the best information regarding technical issues. Today I am providing the information about best writing apps and software. 

Today I am providing information about Best writing apps and software.  

If I am asking a question to you did you use any writing apps? Or did you aware this writing software and apps? 

If you want to provide information regarding which apps are the best writing apps or what’s the best writing software? 

I am a professional blogger and author , and I always use different writing software for blogging and also use some other tools. 

So , I am fully aware of this type of software ,  in 2019 which are the best writing apps and software for blogging tools.  

Today  I am creating this article for those user who did not aware with this type of facility and which are in the blogging fields and my motto is to share your knowledge.  There are several tools available in the market but among them which are suitable for beginner blogger or expert blogger. 

When I start writing the blog I am not aware with this type of tools so I fetch many problems regarding it.  so I got the information from this type of article later and I succeeded in my blogging journey. With the help of blogging tools I find some writing mistakes which I made and solve the problem also find the ways how to improve my article. 

The Best Writing Software And Application Which Are Work In All Times

If you are not aware of this type of writing apps and software then here in this I will provide you each and every detail in this article.  

This article I useful for blogger, content writer, book’s authors etc.  

Many years ago pen and paper work was found but now a days there are several technology is available so why we want time and afford to pen and paper work so we do not need to vesting time now. 

Here I will provide the best writing apps and tools which will be helpful to you write quickly. 

1.) Scrivener

Scrivener is one of the best apps which I have used many years ago.  This software I have used it for the purpose of writing a huge article like newspaper columns, long-form content, any type of report making, writing books, etc.  But mostly I used this software for blogging purposes. 

Scrivener is providing the most popular android and i-pad apps with the use of it people can write content in this software or apps easily. This software is providing more functionality than a word processor. With the use of this app, you can write an article easily and quickly because of this software providing more flexibility than other ordinary software providing it. This software provides many shortcuts key with the use of it you will be aware of it.  There are lots of books available in the markets which are created by scrivener.

2.) IA Writer

IA Writer is one of the most famous and popular apps in the blogger field because this app is best for short and medium content rather than writing huge content. Scrivener is a useful software for longs post if you want to write books then scrivener is good for it but if you like to create posts which are short and sweet then IA writer is best tools. 

IA Writer is one of the best apps which provides full control for I-pad, i-phone users. 

IAwriter is providing one functionality of full – screen mode which highlights the line which is you typing after you reach another line then another line will be the highlight and the previous line has faded out so writing mistakes will not be accorded.  I also use this tool in my other devices like laptops, desktops and mobile or pad. This is one of the elegant tools which are much easier than the word processor and other tools. Also, we can say that this is the best alternative for Byword and write rooms tools.  

Use for: writing articles and blog posts

3.) A Plain Text Editor

You are a blogger and start new blogging and you do not have  enough budget then A plain Text editor is the best writing software or apps for you. whether you can choose the text editor which come  free with your OS. 

You can use the notepad which come with your window or  you can use text Edit which come with your MAC os. 

Even though , I personally recommended to you that use the plain text editor if you start new blogging and you do not get earning then after moving to other apps. 

As for my personal suggestion use notepad++ is one of the best tools for writing. If you already purchase Microsoft world then this is also the good rather than any other tools. 

Use for: writing whatever, wherever

4.) Ulysses

Ulysses is one of the most powerful alternatives of IA Writer.  This software is built for those people who are too lazy to write. This software providing the markup-Based text Editors, Text Editor, Keyboards  shortcuts with the help of it writer do the quickly writing article and also providing the library to create notes and documents, create writing goals with the use of it you can publish your article in wordpress . 

Ulysses also providing the mobile and tablet apps. This tool is the best for short writing for example blogger and this tool is also great same like writing books. 

Use for: writing articles and blog posts

5.) Google Docs

Google Docs writing templates

Google Docs is one of the best writing apps to collude with other writing and editors.  Why ? then Google Docs is the part of G Suite and word processing software. Google docs is very much easier than other writing apps and many people are doing work on google docs . 

When we talk about the Google Drive cloud storage  than Google drive providing huge space for store writing post, notes, source files , images and more. 

Use for: collaborating with other writers or editors

6.) Final Draft

Final Draft is one of the best applications for those people who are writing screenplay. Even though I am not writing screenplay but I used it for creating final draft of my post. This is one of the powerful tools which you definitely like this article. 

Use for: screen-writing

7.) Day One

A Day one is the best  writing apps for those people who writing journal .  This apps is also providing the facility of learning new ideas for writing journal  

Use for: journal writing

8.) Evernote

I use Evernote for writing outlines

I use Evernote to write ideas for blog posts and writing chapters throughout the day.

Jotting fluff notes quickly when ideas become to you is a wonderful way of catching random flashes of thought as well as overwhelming writer’s block. So this is absolutely a note-taking app deserving exploring.

I also save substances and writing helps I like into Evernote as part of my personal swipe data using the mobile app.

Use for: outlining

9.) Grammarly

The Grammarly dashboard

Grammarly is one of the best tools to check your typo mistakes and spelling mistakes. And more on its will be providing the functionality to writing your post on this tools. 

Use for: checking your work for grammar mistakes

10.) Ginger Software

Ginger software is one of the alternatives of Grammerly. This software is also providing the same functionality like grammely provided and its is cost effective than grammerly. 

Use for: checking your work for grammar mistakes

Conclusion : 

Here in this article I will provide all the suitable writing software or apps with the use of it you can write your post or books. If you find any problem regarding all the software which I provided here then you comment with us

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