Top 9 Content Search Tools Which Are Equivalent To BuzzSumo | Buzzsumo Free Alternative

Hey guys, if you are a content writer or business developer and want to find the right treading content then it is a very difficult task because there are lots of contents on the internet but among then which is the best content and which content is trending now a day? 

So do not worry here I will be providing you the ways of finding a suitable content. For finding a suitable content you need to find the best software with the use of this software you can find most trending content. 

Among all the software people are mostly use Buzz software which is providing you the list of top trending content but the minus point of this software is that the free version of Buzz is providing only for 15 days.  After the 15 days, you need to purchase this software.

So here I will be providing top software list with description which is like Buzz.

1. SocialAnimal 

This is another software on our list of alternative Buzz.  Because of their essential feature of ranking and finding the blog. The social animal is a state of the art and research product.  Social animal providing a natural algorithm of search content which is providing a high level of search for the content. 

The social animal will be providing a machine learning technique and providing a good content list and keywords too.

According to your search providing the list of content as well as keyword finding list and analyze article titles.


2. Shareit by socialpilot

Share it one of the most amazing content curation and influence content software. This is one of the best sites in our list of software is like Buzz because of some features providing share software. With the use of this software, you will date updatable software. 

You will also get updatable blogging idea and also find the right top trending content. 

Shareit providing lots of treading blog and also providing a keyword of article ranking and many more.

With the use of this software, you will find your site become ranking than a competitor.

Shareit by socialpilot
Shareit by socialpilot

3. ContentStudio 

This site is a powerful content discovery, curation, and social media management platform. In this site providing a high-level content search on the basis of social sharing. 

It has the following modules:

Discovery:  as I said to you earlier content studio is providing a high level of filtering an article on the basis of social share and on the basis of article linking. 

Planner: you can create your content strategy with the use of Content Studio. This is the only single site which will provide you how to make a blogging strategy or digital marketing strategy.

Composer:  social marketing or social sharing will providing this content studio sites.


4. Ahrefs Content Explorer 

Ahref is one of the most popular sites like Buzz.  Over the 5 millions, people use these sites per day.  Ahref providing a good content list as well as key words also providing in a single click. 

Its user interface is also good so people loved to use it. Ahref is one of the most popular sites of blogger due to some tips. 

Filters and Advanced search option : 

Ahref provides specific in content research is very good. This site is filtered every post by social shares, traffic, referring domains, timeframe, word count, authors, and many other criteria. 

Content Drilldown –  this sites will provide a list of good content and also keyword finding is very good and providing a backlink.

Ahrefs Content Explorer 
Ahrefs Content Explorer

5. Blekko

Blenko is one kind of search engine with their goal is providing better search data that search is just like a google search with their essential 3 billions search factors.  You need to select the category and make search results. 

6. Alltop

All top is one of the greatest sites which will be providing top headlines from popular topics which are treading on the web.  You can change their search criteria with the help of this search platform. You can view the search with the help of category wise.  

For example, you want to search related to “web design ” then direct list web design tab then search it.



7. Twitter Search

Twitter is one of the best searching tools nowadays. And also I recommended these tools. With the help of these tools, you can find the best idea of blogging and also make awareness of what is burning topic is nowadays. You can also be finding people’s thinking on a particular topic. And also finding the advance search options.

Twitter Search
Twitter Search

8. Social Mention

This is one of the search engines for social media which provides a searching content on social media. Social mention will providing you the search content of the comment , news, bookmarks, and many more depending on your search topic.

Social Mention
Social Mention

9. Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the best sites which will be providing a high level of content making. Pinterest is one kind of visual discovery tool which will provide you an idea for the area of your interest.  you can find the suitable content list of area.



Here I will be providing all the content providing software list just like Buzz. All the software have their plus points and minus points. As for my suggestion, you can choose depending on your uses. Different blogger or digital marker like different tools. All the tools are the best for my research.

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