6 Best Pay Per Call Networks 2020-21 [Updated]

Best Pay Per Call Networks

There was a time when people thought that the internet is just a waste of time, only a few genii thought it was the best way to earn. From then, there are thousands of ways anyone can earn loads of money. One of them is pay per call, which is rather new but really promising. In this post, we will be sharing 6 Best Pay Per Call Networks.

What is Pay per call?

Its one type of affiliate marketing. If we put it in a simple way, when you put your affiliate link on your blog and your reader would click it and buy that product, you are from it. but the condition is, they need to go through “your” link in order to earn from them. The same thing is pay per call, the network will assign a different number to you, when they get called from that number, you will earn.

If it’s that much easy, then why not everyone doing it. but there a catch, to earn the rewards in pay per call, the call duration must be exceeded from 30 seconds. It means, it’s not just about calling, it’s about the quality of call. That way network can prevent cheats and fake calls.

Now, with such registration, you would also get a lifeline. You don’t need to put it only on your blog, you can put it in print media, tv or any other means of advertising. When the caller made the call, their call will be tracked and on the bases of that call, you will earn the commission.

What is the Benefit of Pay per call?

  • The higher commission than any other, you will get 4$ to 5$ to even 100 and 200$ per call based on your network and their offers.
  • It’s been seen that inbound call is much better than outbound calls, they have almost 100% chance of getting their work done.
  • It has better ROI for the company, which mean with every call, they can earn more and it means you can earn more.
  • The caller has the option to call right away or fill out the form, that mean advertiser and publisher have more benefit to gather data and work on it.

The only thing we need to keep in mind would be the call duration, its depend upon the offer by the network, we just need to make sure that the user who calls through our phone number to the company, stay on the phone for given amount of time.

Now we know what is pay per call, the benefit of pay per call and what is the pay per call network, now its time to dive into the list of the network which does this affiliate marketing. From where you can get a specific number for your website and start converting into money. Here is the list we put together just for you, so you get to know where to start. It’s a rather new way to affiliate and that is why there is some fake network out there. We advise being careful with unknown or new networks. Here is the list of 6 Best Pay Per Call Networks.

1. LucraTel

Friends always ask me which PPCall Network to roll with. The answer is always, LucraTel. Here’s a few reasons why I love them. My account manager is always hooking me up with the best Pay Per Call offers that apply to my strengths. Whenever payday is around, my bank account posts from them regularly.

One other cool feature is their ability to create landing pages optimized to convert for their loyal publishers. You have to work closely w/ LucraTel to make this happen. The payouts here continue to impress me, because if you ask, you will receive.

If you have quality calls, I personally recommend you to join LucraTel now and earn respectively more money.


Click Dealer is one of the most trusted and reliable sources of a company that offers all kind of affiliate marketing options. They have great service and will offer 24/7/365 service guarantee. You can gain maximum monetization efficiency with click dealer.

They offer a large set of lucrative deals and detail reports. They have in-depth tracking parameter with precise tracking of the call. They offer weekly pay with a Wire transfer, Payoneer, PayPal, Paxum, WebMoney, ePayments, ACH, eCheck and all kinds of payment options.

You will get a weekly new offer and there are also perk of being a publisher. You will get in locality program, worldwide meet ups and join them in private parties. They know how to take care of their publisher and you will get paid handsomely for all your hard work. You can visit their website to learn more about it.

3.Palo Media

This company has been operating since 2007 and they have a great record on paying their publisher on time. They are the leading pay per call network which offer a diversity of campaign and dedicated service who can give your swift response to your every query.

With features like “Ring Pools” and “Adwords Integration”, you will get extensive and detail data of your work. They even share tips to grow your market and earning. They have Highest Industry Payouts and new and custom campaign.

They work mostly in solar and health but they have another advertiser too which can provide a great deal on your affiliate pay per call marking. All in all, Palo is here to stay, you just need to be with them to grow exponentially and earn. You can visit their website and learn more about it.

4.Commission Junction

Commission Junction or CJ is one of the leading pay per call network and that is why it gets recognized by 2017 International Performance Marketing Awards for Industry Network Of The Year 2017. With that much reputation behind their back, the publisher can get paid for their hard work without a miss.

You are not only limited to your blogging and website, you can expand your marketing channels for the affiliate by offline, print and tv, radio and much more with CJ. They will assign a unique toll-free number to every publisher and they have tools which can keep a track on every single conversion so that they can deliver quality call and get paid on time.

They have better commission and conversion rate of 20% to 50% on driving phone calls, leads or hybrid. With CJ you will earn and expand your boundaries to a new level. you can learn about how it works in this PDF and you can visit their website to know more about it.

5.GlobalWide Media

This is one of the chef pay per call network with over 2 billion unique audience profile at hand. It’s a largest traffic driven network which works with one of the most reputed companies in the world for last 10 years. Globalwide media is the place for you if you want to earn from your pay per call with tremendous success rate.

They have one of the top performing campaigns in the market and a wide variety of pricing modules such as CPA, CPL, CPC, CPI Revshare, and CPM. They will connect with more audience and get you the highest ROI. They will guide you in your pay per call campaign with their expert manager who will teach you to learn the trade of work.

They have real-time reporting of all the call which have been made through your number. They are prominent in timely payment and have a great referral program for the publisher as well. To put a cherry on the top, they will give Industry-renowned, all-expense-paid publisher appreciation trips to exotic and exciting locales. You can learn more about it on their website.

6.Ring Partner

If you are still looking for a right network than your search ends here. Ring partner specializes in pay per call networking and provides the highest number of commission. You can choose your campaign the in variation niche. They have hyper-local campaigning which has little competition in the market and it’s a great way to monetize.

With the latest technology at hand, it will help the publisher to complete their goal on time and extend their performance in delivering. They are excellent support and a team of marketers who are ready to help you in any way. You can even learn from the expert as they have RingPartner University, with a library of content that can help you go further and succeed.

You can get paid on call duration, geographic area or key press and you will get real-time deep reports on your work. You will earn money as you convert your traffic into quality calls. Visit their website and learn more about it.

There are few others you can try

Aragon Advertising



These are the best option for your pay per call networks, you can visit their website and read all about it. if you are already working with any one of the above, do mention it in the comment and if you know any other pay per call network, share with us.

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