What’s The Difference Between DoFollow And NoFollow Links?

Difference Between DoFollow And NoFollow Links

What would any blogger or website owner love to see? Their page on first place on google search and that is why people spend tremendous amount of time creating content and doing SEO. When you talk about SEO, there must be a topic when you argue about backlinks. Backlinks are important and Dofollow and Nofollow links are part of it. Most people don’t know about it, but it is the matter of fact important.

What is Nofollow?

As the name suggests, the simplest explanation is the link they don’t want to google to follow. There are two types of backlinks, one is Dofollow and other is Nofollow. Both are necessary and important. But sometime when you give a backlink to some other site which is not related to your site, Google will take it as spam. So, it’s better to tell the google that the link is not part of the page, so it does not affect the original blog link in the search result.

Google and every other search engine have crawler or spider which search the internet for a relevant search result. If we take google example, they want to give the best search result to the user. But how do they find it? simple, they look for the content and then the backlinks. The more backlinks to that article, more relevant content it has.

Now, that is true in some case, if your content is great, all the other website will link it to your page. You get more traffic and Link juices which makes your page rank in the search. But what if someone trick the internet and get a backlink.

The reason behind the Nofollow is when black hat SEO try to get backlinks from very authoritative site whiteout their knowledge. How do they do it? simple, by just commenting. When you comment on a blog page and put your link there, it would become a backlink. It was before Google change its algorithm and make all the comments Nofollow links.

There are two types of Nofollow links,

  1. Robots Meta Tag: this tag will inform the crawler or spider no to follow link.
  2. Link Attribute: tis tag will inform the indexing not to follow the link

Remember, if you want to give a backlink to totally unrelated page or maybe affiliate links, use Nofollow link attribute.

Why NoFollow Link is Important?

Any backlink is important if it’s doesn’t get your link juice than its ok, but it will get you traffic. First advice any blogger would give you to a newbie would be, start commenting on other people’s blog. Why would they say it? because it’s a direct link back to your blog. It’s a Nofollow link so it won’t increase your authority, but people will surely check your blog by following your comments.

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How to know which link is Nofollow link?

This link contains Rel=”nofollow” in HTML, its simply saying to google or any search engine not to follow that link in indexing. When you open a page and find that code in their HTML, you would know that it’s a no follow link. You can install Chrome and Firefox extension which can tell you which link is Nofollow link.

So basically, Nofollow link is a marker or pointer for a search engine that say, don’t count this as a backlink, it tells the crawler not to follow it and don’t count it. it won’t help you get link juice and authority boost.

What is Dofollow link?

It says in the name, DO follow the link. It suggests search engine indexing algorithm to follow the link and do the exact opposite to the Nofollow link. Every link is a dofollow link which can help your website rank in search. It gave you link juice and credibility to your website, everything you wanted.

Like the Nofollow link have HTML code of Rel=”nofollow”, this link doesn’t have any of that. Which help google to follow this link, but it’s always hard to get. A dofollow link from a well-established and authority site will get you on the top of the search page. To get a dofollow link, you need to write a great content which is helpful for people who is searching for the exact term. If your content is good, another website will give you a backlink.

Dofollow and Nofollow, Why Both are important?

If you give backlinks to every other site which is a dofollow link, the search engine will think its manipulative and spammy. You need to balance both Do follow and Nofollow link, to not get penalized by google or another search engine.

Both Dofollow and Nofollow have their own perks and disadvantage. One won’t be any use but get you a good traffic another one is most important but hard to get.

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