4 Common On-Site SEO Mistakes Most of the People Do

No one ever said that SEO will be easy and well there is no doubt in the fact that if you need your website to rank well in the search engine then you’ve got to get a proper grip on the topic of search engine optimization. However, a lot of website owners are still struggling with this subject because they find it very technical and this isn’t something surprising because honestly there are hundreds of issues that one needs to address in order to run a success website.

Today in this article we are going to jot down some of the most common On-Site SEO mistakes that a lot of marketers and advertisers make on daily basis. So, if you are someone who genuinely wants to learn SEO and it’s basics then you need to stick to this article a little longer because this article is going to be full of tips and suggestions that can make you master the art of on-site SEO.

1-Duplicate Content

One of the most common SEO issues that is affecting the success rates of hundreds of website is the presence of duplicate content. If you make some research, you will see that almost 50 percent of the websites have completely copied their content from other sites and the rest of the websites have almost similar content. The sad part is that people are just running a rat race to reach on top of the Google search engine rankings and a lot of them out there don’t realize that they need a proper strategy, a proper plan to succeed. The duplication of content is increasing at an alarming rate and this is something that needs to stop as soon as possible or else SEO and the rankings will become tougher and more complex with time.

2-Meta Descriptions

Marketers and website owners need to understand that the description of their site that shows up in the search results is actually very important for the website itself. A good meta description can actually help you increase the CTR rate of your site and this isn’t something to be taken lightly. But again, sadly, 30 % of the sites have either duplicate meta descriptions and some even don’t have one.

3-Low Word Count

Even a top seo provider will tell you about the importance of in depth and long content because yes, it is extremely essential. Not many know about this but the word count of your content does matter a lot to Google. Google always ranks the content higher that is in depth and long content somehow indicated that yes, your content is detail and in depth too. There are a lot of websites that don’t pay much heed to the word count of their content and this is a big mistake that they make. However, if you want your website to rank high then make sure that you are providing valuable and in depth content to your readers.

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4-Broken Internal and External Links

Want to know one of the biggest on-site SEO issue? Well, it’s the broken internal and external links of your site. Having two or three broken links is fine but if you have hundreds of them then yes, you are in a big trouble. You can see a huge traffic drop down if your visitors start seeing error 404 on your site instead of the information they wanted. So, it’s necessary for you to keep updating your website and make sure that it has a few to no broken links.

These are a few common on-site SEO mistakes that most of the people out there make. But, if you are struggling hard with your site then make sure that you aren’t making the same mistakes or else things can really become hard for you.

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