How to Find Inspiration for Writing an Essay: 5 Best Tips

You may have a talent for writing or not, but sometimes you just have to write despite your will. You cannot escape writing when studying in a college or university. You’re lucky if you like writing, but if you’re not a big fan of the epistolary genre this could be a problem especially if composing an essay is your obligation. Even if you can and like writing, you may sometimes face difficulties because of the lack of inspiration. Inspiration is an integral part of high-quality writing. In this article, we share some tips for writing that can help to find inspiration when you start writing a college essay or another sort of paper.

Sometimes inspiration is something that comes unexpectedly. Here we suggest five sources of inspiration that can help you to become a better writer. People are different and different things can inspire them to write. So, let’s start.

Browse Internet blogs and Forums

We can find anything on the internet. Try to browse the websites related to your topic and find some useful tips for writing, join a writers’ forum or read a thematic blog. There are a lot of blogs related to different topics where you can find a thought that may inspire you to write an exceptional essay. Forums can be also used to derive creative ideas for your essay. Usually, forum contributors share interesting information that can act as a source of inspiration for you because they don’t care about a formal style of writing or making a positive impression on readers. Forum users are honest and they are ready to share their ideas. So, take benefits from this free source of inspiration!

Brainstorming Sessions and Group Discussions

When I was a student, we often got together to perform some boring tasks because learning and writing essays together are funny. According to custom essay help in the UK, group discussion is the best way to generate creative ideas. If you were given an assignment, you need to talk to your friends and discuss the important points of the essay. Your peers can suggest the best ideas of how to write an essay during a brainstorming session. Having the internet on hand, you don’t even have to meet in person – Skype, WhatsApp or other types of video chats allow you to have online meetings. Besides, your peers can motivate and inspire you to write better because you can read your essay to the group and they can critique it or make suggestions to improve it.

brainstorming sessions

Nature, Sports, and Travelling

Any physical activity is useful when you’re writing an essay because it stimulates blood inflow to your brain. If you seek ideas, just go for a walk, visit a gym or jog. I had the best ideas for writing during my morning jogging. It is better to find a green park near your home to be able to enjoy nature and find inspiration when feasting on picturesque landscapes. Fresh air also stimulates the active functioning of the human brain. These are the immediate solutions to find inspiration, but if you have enough time you can be inspired by traveling. What you need is to escape from your daily routines and change your usual environment to feel more inspired. Traveling is a perfect solution to fulfill this goal. New places can easily disclose new dimensions for your brain activities.



Art stimulates imagination and furthers the education process. Also, it can inspire you to create an outstanding essay. You can put masterpieces of Michelangelo or da Vinci or photos of your children – whatever inspires you – on the desktop of your laptop so you can look at them and write.

Meditation and Dreams

Some people find inspiration in dreams or meditation. When meditating, your mind becomes free of daily routines and you make up your mind to create something good. When I need to abstract my mind from unproductive thinking activities, I start to dream. Actually, I’m not very good at it, but sometimes I turn on my favorite music, lie down on the sofa and think about my life aspirations. This is an excellent stimulus not only to write an essay but to plan my future.

There are more ways to find inspiration including life observations, books, and movies, but I listed only those I consider to be the most effective. However, people are different and a person can find inspiration where another person cannot. So, listen to your intuition and find something that is really inspiring for you!

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