Best WordPress Backup Plugins That Takes Backup Automatically [Updated 2018]

Best Wordpress backup Plugins

Building a blog, updating it, grow it and rank it are the one of those most important elements that every blogger should know but have you ever thought one thing that if something happened with your hosting, WordPress settings or anything on your blog, you might lose your entire data and hard work that you have done on your blog because you are still not using any WordPress Backup Plugin and if you are not, then you are doing one of the biggest mistake of your blogging journey.

Best WordPress Backup Plugins List of 2018

So, if you don’t want to lose your entire data than you should focus on today’s post on BloggDesk because today we are going to introduce all of you to all-time favourite and Best WordPress Backup Plugins that will take backup automatically on daily basis and if you face any issue than you can recover your blog with all the data backed up with those plugins.

There are many WordPress backup plugins available in the WordPress Plugin directory, but very less from them allow users to take complete backup. When we talk about the complete backup, it means taking a backup of database and a backup of the “wp-content folder”.

Moreover, we always suggest each and every user of BloggDesk is that use only automatically backup WordPress plugin to make sure you have the latest version of your blog backed up.

What are the Necessary Files to Backup in WordPress?

Well, you can configure the complete backup of your installation, we only need just one file and the complete folder as a backup, and we have listed down below:

  • Database Backup
  • WP-content folder backup

In the WP-content folder, you can exclude the themes that are not using and exclude the “WordPress DB Backup Directory” and if you are keeping a backup of many big databases and some other method to make a WordPress database backup.

List of Best WordPress Backup Plugins

We are mentioning only those WordPress Backup Plugins that we used for our important blogs. So we are assuring you that all of them are good in different departments but perform better than other backup plugins in the market.

  1. VaultPress
Vaultpress Plugin
Vaultpress Plugin

We use VaultPress to take backups of BloggDesk since very long time. We pay only $9/month and it provides complete automated backup. VaultPress is perfect solution by Automatic WordPess backup Plugins.

This solution is perfect for those who want to take backup of 1-2 blogs. So if you want to take backups of multiple blogs, we would recommend looking for more solutions that doesn’t cost you monthly fees. Otherwise, for one blog, VaultPress is perfect solution and provides you completely restore your blog from a backup.

VaultPress – WordPress Backup Plugin (Recommend for One Site)

  1. UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration
Upcraftplus Plugin
Upcraftplus Plugin

It is one of the most popular WordPress backup solution that has got a rating of 4.9/5 and UpdraftPlus is one of the most popular backup solution for WordPress. It offers plenty of useful features that you would need to backup your WordPress blog.

It is one of the favourite WordPress backup plugin of all top bloggers because it has many varieties for backup. With UpdraftPremium, user can also get (FREE) 1GB of Space for the UpdraftPlus Vault in their Cloud Storage.

Updraft also offer more features other than taking backups, it also has one interesting feature called cloning & migration that allow users to easily migrate a WordPress site from one host to another.

Updraft – WordPress Backup Plugin (Recommend for More than 2 Sites)

  1. ManageWP Backup Plugin
Manage WP
Manage WP

ManageWP is quite popular backup service to manage plenty of WordPress sites. We used ManageWP wordpress backup plugin since it launched in the market for all major blogs of our network. It is quite easy to optimize, update and track your blogs from one dashboard.

ManageWP offers real-time backup protection as well as incremental backups. That means instead of backing up the complete blog every time which slows down the server as well, it takes backup of only those important files that have changed in recent time. It is then uploaded to their cloud storage.

[Try Free Trial] ManageWP – WordPress Backup Plugin (Recommend for More than 5 Sites)

More Free and Paid Backup Services for WordPress:

All of above three wordpress backup services are the best WordPress backup solutions in 2018. But for newbies who don’t have money to spent on plugins for now, we have listed some free and paid services that are recommend by all best bloggers.

We only list those plugins that offer Must have Features such as taking backup of entire database and files, and has functionality to schedule backups.

  1. BackUp WordPress (FREE)
  2. Dropbox Backup & Restore (Only Supports Dropbox and FREE)
  3. BackupBuddy (Paid)

Important Note: Almost every Best Hosting Companies take Daily Backups of your blogs. This feature only available in Best Managed WordPress Hosting services such as WPEngine. So if you are using or want to use WPEngine than you don’t need to buy separate third-party backup system.

BUT we are quite sensitive for our blogs and want to save them in every point of time because we all doing lot of hard work while preparing our guides and tutorials and reviews so if our hosting provider free off-site backup, we always use any third-party WordPress backup Plugins to take another backup using VaultPress for BloggDesk and ManageWP for other niche sites.

Final Verdicts:

We hope you find this post helpful while searching for Best WordPress Backup Plugins of 2018, we tried our level best to share essential information about best backup plugin for wordpress sites. But if still, you have any query or feedback please drop them in the comment section below.


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