What Is a VPN and Do You Really Need One?

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There was a favorite song in the 1980s by a group known as Rockwell. It was called, “Somebody’s Watching Me.” In it, the songwriter writes, “I always feel like somebody’s watching me” and it spoke of a scenario in which there was no escape from being scrutinized by others. The situation described in this song is now among us, and it is a real threat.

When you are online, you like to think your activity is private. After all, you are in your own home or on your mobile device just minding your own business. But someone is looking over your shoulder. They are collecting data from your browser that tells them everything. They know what sites you are visiting, how long you stayed, whether you click on links, and even where your location is. Now that’s scary!

Why a VPN?

VPNs (virtual private networks) were created to allow you to browse, shop, and do whatever you need to do online without the spies looking over your shoulder. VPNs are, as their name implies a “virtual private network.” It is fascinating technology that creates a unique browsing experience that takes you off the radar of third parties that are using the information to learn everything they can about you.

What do VPNs protect you from?

By having a VPN that you use instead of your normal network, you bypass the main network and use a private network that is not able to be seen as the main internet. You are still on the internet, but the VPN gives you another road to your destination and keeps people from seeing your browsing activity.

Additionally, they will not be able to track your purchase habits, find your IP address, or track your behavior to specific sites which they could use against you.

In our world today, this is a real concern. VPNs solve the problem of privacy online by giving you a way to surf the internet without leaving tracking cookies or being seen by third parties.

How hard are VPNs to use?

Most VPNs are easy to use and install, and most are sold as an add-on with a virus protection plan or other software. However, it’s best to purchase a dedicated product so that you’ll know you are getting a product that is dedicated to the VPN rather than other features.

Benefits of a VPN

If you are concerned about your internet privacy, a VPN will help you have that extra piece of mind that your activity is not being watched and scrutinized. You’ll feel safer when you know that there is a wall between you and your browser that keeps others from knowing your private business online. Below are some other benefits of a VPN:

Online anonymity

  • Online anonymity- The most comforting thing about having a VPN is that all of your online activity is anonymous. Private detectives and police officers use this technology so that they can investigate cyberactivity without being detected themselves. You can use a VPN without the threat of others tracking and recording your keystrokes, which lowers the chances of credit card theft and identity theft, as well.

Dynamic IPs

  • Dynamic IPs- If you are working for a company that needs a new temporary IP address for other countries, you can use a VPN to get this.

File sharing capabilities

  • File sharing capabilities- A VPN allows you to share files within your private network, as well as browse the internet and do business online without the fear of being detected.

Access blocked websites

  • Access blocked websites- If certain websites are blocked, you can use your VPN to break through and access the content.

Reduce costs

  • Reduce costs- VPNs are relatively inexpensive so they are affordable to individuals and businesses.

How does the VPN work with my browser?

VPNs access a unique protocol and encrypt the data to create your internet path so that you are still on the internet, but you are riding on a network that cannot be easily detected online. The information about the web is encrypted, as are all of the activities that you might engage in while you are using the system.

Access to the VPN is simple once you have it on your computer or device and you’ll be able to browse in total privacy using the VPN without having to do anything complicated.

What are the potential problems with VPNs?

VPNs are a great way to go anonymous online so that you can browse in secret without being detected by advertisers, data miners, and even thieves who are hacking in to get your personal information. But one problem with some VPNs is that they only allow a certain number of devices to be used with the VPN.

This can be a problem for people when they use multiple devices (don’t we all?), and they need to go private on all of them.

You need a VPN that solves that problem by allowing you to use it on unlimited devices. In fact, it is the only kind of VPN that allows you to do this. So you can browse online and do whatever you need to do on unlimited devices, including your mobile smartphones and tablets.

To find out more about VPNs and why we believe in them, you can visit Surfshark.com to learn more. They are in the business of creating the best VPN options around.

Features of an Excellent VPN service

To get the best protection from your internet security products, you need to know what it will do to protect your important and sensitive data while keeping your performance high. Below are some of the features you should look for in a VPN.

  • AES 256-bit network traffic encryption
  • Secured connection over public WIFI
  • IPV6 leak protection
  • Fast content delivery
  • 24/7 customer service

How easy it is to use?

Most people are sold on the idea of using a VPN. They understand the importance of being able to have their private network that cannot be detected by others. They know that it can be used to collaborate online without the fear of being censored or having their data mined or used by others. Still, they wonder how difficult it is to install.

VPNs are simple to use, and it has an intuitive and lightweight user interface so you won’t have any difficulty using and installing it. This makes it easy to use, and that means you’ll use it more often, protecting you and those you care about from having their information compromised.

No Censorship

Another concern some people have is whether a VPN will censor material. The answer to that is “no.” The right VPN can even detect where networks have censored material and can break through this censorship by using a different protocol and IP than normal internet access portals do. This means there will be less censorship, not more!

Perfect for Travelers

If you are planning on traveling to another country, you’ll want to use a VPN that allows you to browse in secret while breaking through the technology that they have in place for their mainstream internet connection. Public WIFI sometimes puts in government-based censorship on certain material. But with a VPN, you can cut through their walls and view everything that is available online with no worries.

VPNs are no big mystery. They’ve been around awhile. But the amount of security and protection you need for yourself, your family, and your business is increasing. Every day hackers from China, Germany, and even within the U.S. attempt to steal important data that can jeopardize your financial status, your identity, and your sense of security. VPNs are a part of the puzzle that must be in place to keep prying eyes out and your important information in.

You lock your door at night, don’t you? Do the same with your internet.

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