Useful Third-Party Services For Digital Agencies

Useful Third-party Services for Digital Agencies

Running a digital agency is never easy. Whether it’s a web studio that deals with website development and graphical design, one that offers writing services and social media management, or an SEO agency – there’s never enough time in the day!

Accordingly, here are several third-party services that digital agencies can leverage to make their lives easier to manage. 

Outsourced Inbound Call Center

Managing customer service calls, email, live chat and social media responses is an arduous task for most small companies. It can quickly become an insurmountable problem following the launch of a new product or service into the market. Either the response rate is higher than expected, or early teething difficulties trigger an excess of customer calls. 

When you outsource to someone like the Humach contact center, a team of professionals handle the customer calls for your business. They can deal with general queries, product enquiries and more. This takes the pressure off, so you can re-focus on the important areas that drive revenue growth. It also avoids needing to invest heavily in technology equipment, office space and staffing when this is outsourced to a business with everything in place already.  

Group Task Management

Keeping tasks organized for a team is not as simple as it is for individuals. There’s the need to have a degree of oversight on what everyone in the team is dealing with and match that against existing projects and deadlines. A sophisticated solution is required that is reliable for employees to use and managers to get enough oversight. 

Tools like Trello or Asana are designed as online SaaS solutions that let teams work together well. They each take different approaches to task and project management, but both are excellent solutions. They have web interfaces, but also both iOS and Android mobile apps to help you manage tasks from anywhere.  

Better WordPress Maintenance

For companies that use WordPress as a content management system for their website(s), there are different services that make maintenance less problematic. 

Jetpack for WordPress is an excellent plugin that adds in many extra maintenance and security features missing in the default WordPress installation. One of its better features is the ability to automatically update outdated plugins. This avoids a compromised plugin being used by a hacker to sidestep security and access the site. It does need updating whenever a new plugin is added, but it’s a huge timesaver. 

ManageWP – acquired by GoDaddy not long ago – is an excellent administration tool for owners of multiple sites. It provides a group dashboard, team management, and plugin & theme updates. There’s also support for organized backups separate to what the web host does themselves. This is beneficial to prevent you from losing the site to a malicious attack. Daily backups taken in-house are likely to be more recent too.

When running a business where you go out to take appointments or get wrapped up in major projects, administrative details can often fall by the wayside. However, when outsourcing time-consuming tasks to professionals and using other services to reduce the headaches, it makes the business run a lot smoother.

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