How To Use The Tor Browser To Surf The Web Anonymously

Tor Browser has managed to build itself as a very useful tool for people who are looking to maintain complete anonymity over the internet. People have been asking that when a number of browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Internet explorer provide users with incognito or private browsing mode, then what is the need of tor deep web browser? The major difference between the two is that the incognito mode doesn’t save your online data but you can access only the indexed websites using them. Tor Browser provides you with the opportunity to dive in to the deep web or the dark web.

Note: it is always advised to use Tor Browser with best VPN service provides if you are thinking to get into the deep web/dark web.

What is Tor Browser?

The Tor Browser is a special software developed and maintained by a group of anonymous volunteers from all over the world. These volunteers have managed to make a software which allow people to surf the internet via remote serves which helps to maintain their privacy online. Each of these volunteers use a software-aided computer called a relay to provide remote servers for the network. So when you are starting up the Tor Browser, it will try to connect to a number of such relays simultaneously. This ensures that websites and agencies are not able to trace your exact location easily.

How to Use Tor Browser?

You will need to download and install the Tor Browser on your system before you look for answers onHow to use Toron their devices. You can find Tor Browser bundles for free on a number of websites across the internet. However, it is advisable that you download it from their official website,

  1. Download Tor Browser Bundle: To download the Tor Browser, go to the website, select the bundle, desired language and operating system to download it on your device. Mac users might have to double-click on the downloaded file to open a .dmg image. After that, drag this image file to Applications folder to run the file.
  2. Launching Tor Browser: Next up on how to use Tor browser, you need to verify if the Tor Browser bundle you have downloaded is working properly or not. The best thing about using the Tor is that you don’t need to install it on your device to run it. Launch the browser using the icon shortcut or from the command line.
  3. Connecting to Tor Network: After successfully launching the Tor browser, it will automatically try to establish a safe connection onto the network. You don’t need to do anything as the whole process will be initiated automatically.The actual browser will launch when the status screen displays from your device.
  4. Browsing via Tor Browser: The tor browser is available for browsing once a secure connection is established with the tor network. You can now surf the internet without worrying about anyone tracking your internet traffic. This protects your identity online and makes you anonymous.

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Features of Tor Browser

One of the major reasons why people use the Tor Browser for browsing is because it keeps their identity hidden online. However, there are a number of other interesting features of the Tor browser. The presence of a Tor Button helps you to modify the proxy and security settings for the browser. Other important options available on Tor bbutton canbe found below:

  1. New Identity: The biggest option on the Tor button is the New identity feature which provides you with a completely new and random IP Address. This is the IP address that would be visible to anyone who might be trying to track your movements online while your original IP Address will be completely hidden.
  2. New Tor Circuits: The option to create New Tor Circuits saves you the time and hassle of restarting your browser whenever you are looking for a new online identity. It helps you to change your identity in an instant.
  3. Security and Privacy Settings: Maintaining your privacy online is the biggest advantage of the Tor Browser. The Tor button helps you to keep a check on the plugins running on your device, third-party cookie behavior, and other important security settings using this option. Additionally, the security level for your Tor Browser can also be adjusted from Low to High.
  4. New Settings: Alternatively, if you are well-versed with network configurations, you can create your own Tor network settings rather than choosing the pre-defined ones.
The Last Words

The Tor Browser has made it easy for people to surf the internet anonymously. While most people use the Tor Browser to access the deep web /dark web across the internet, you cannot access these websites by a normal web as they require special authorization and connections. The settings in the Tor browser helps to easily establish these connections beforehand when it is trying to connect to the Tor network during the initialization phase. You can find all the information you need on how to use Tor above.

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