Understanding the Evolution of Email with Unroll.Me


Unroll.me was a solution that was developed by a group of inventors who include Jojo Hedaya and Steven Greenberg to help their clients to manage their email subscriptions. There are no charges for the users. The clients of Unroll me receive a summary of all their email subscriptions daily to allow them to review them and get rid of the unwanted ones. The service also helps to arrange the mailbox in various categories. For example, high priority emails will be put into one category. Unroll me is headquartered in New York. Since the service was unveiled to the members of the public in 2011, the number of customers has increased and the developers have focused on improving service delivery.

Recently, the company published an article about the state of email in 2019. Email is a popular communication tool that has been used widely for decades now. It should not be taken for granted. Since Email was unveiled, many other inventions have been introduced including VHS and Betamax which did not last for long. A mobile phone was also developed during the same period. Some of the new technologies rendered the previous ones obsolete by introducing better features for the users. For example, iTunes became obsolete when compact discs were developed.

That is just one of the many of many inventions that have been rendered obsolete after the unveiling of similar products or services. Email has stood the test of time and has continued to gain prominence over the years. The developers of Email have adopted continuous improvement policies to meet the changing needs of the users. For example, features such as spam filters, the organization of various folders among others. The development of other services to improve the experience of email users have been unveiled including Unroll.me.

For almost a decade now, the email subscription service has continued to attract the attention of other investors around the world. Recently, it was acquired by another organization called Slice. The company uses Unroll.me to improve the experience of its online customers. Some marketing experts have urged various companies to embrace artificial intelligence as it has the ability to transform most sectors of the economy. Some people have feared that the adoption of this technology will lead to the loss of their jobs but rather changing their work roles. Artificial intelligence has also been embraced to facilitate email marketing.

Human beings have been involved in the evolution of the concept. However, the advancements in technology have led to the automation of some of the processes. Even in 2019, more inventions are likely to be developed. Experts have pointed out that humans will still be involved in the process of email marketing. For example, the Unroll Me platform scans the users’ mailbox through an automated process to identify some of the emails that they have subscribed to. It also compiles a list of unwanted emails automatically and this makes it easy to unsubscribe from them at the click of a button. The user is still involved in managing their email despite the automation of various processes.

Email marketing has been gaining prominence with time. Many inventors have developed new options which allow their clients to make their work easier through automation. Some of these services include MailChimp and Zoho. Artificial intelligence is expected to revolutionize various processes in different industries. According to a report by MGI, different automation efforts in the future will force about 75 million and 375 million people to change their careers or acquiring other skills. Experts have urged individuals at any level of management in an organization to change their mindset about automation and strive to learn continuously.

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