Uberhumor: Funny Videos & Pictures Websites Like Uberhumor of 2021

Uberhumor: Funny Video & Pictures Websites Like Uberhumor of 2021

What is Uberhumor?

Uberhumor is the funniest site made for those who love viral funny videos and other such kinds of trending content. The site comprises various funny items which entertain you and create humour; therefore, you can enjoy yourself with your family. 

They offer stuff like images, quotes, written articles, memes and videos that will provide genuine enjoyment. Because of these contents, Uberhumour has millions of video lovers around the globe who can explore, submit, and share millions of content.

The site has millions of popular stuff and likewise the latest update with new ideas and stories to produce much trending content. It allows features such as add comments, a user-friendly interface, easily share favorite posts on any social platform, and far more.

 You must visit the site once if you have a desire to know about viral content.

Official Website

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Is Uberhumor down?

Uberhumor server is overloaded now because of billions of content so down and unreachable to users. It may be because of a network issue or because of website maintenance.

You may also refresh the site for a better user experience by pressing CTRL+F5, sometimes uberhumour down because of this issue. You may use your favorite browser like Google chrome to avoid site down issues.

Uberhumor features

Because of amazing content in various genres, the site has millions of regular users. They like this site because the features of this site are wonderful. This feature attracts another user to this site. 

The site offers a conversation platform for those who want to discuss trending topics or want to share their feelings with their friends, family and others. Uberhumour is one of the most popular and renowned sites famous for the categories like entertainment, viral, trending, adult, and funny and horror.

Another major attraction of this site is regular updates of the content from the site to draw more users. They offer billions of entertaining stuff with new items and amazing most trending content which are viral online. They offer a user-friendly, well-designed interface to navigate anything on the site. You may share your favorite content on any social media platform along with any comments.

The platform has billions of users around the globe who can explore, submit, and share millions of content.

Best 7 funny videos websites like uberhumor of 2021

There are various other alternatives funny video websites like uberhumor which are given below.  

1. BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed is a USA Internet-based Media Online platform operating out of the big apple.

BuzzFeed is the best Uberhumor Alternatives, and most popular in terms of online quizzes, Listicles, and pop culture articles. You may access this wonderful site from any corner of the globe. It offers a wide variety of topics, for instance, celebrities, animals, and businesses, horrors, video and funny images.

The site is the most advanced digital platform that offers entertainment and news to massive viewers all over the world. The site has a great attachment with its regular users and strives hard to offer the best content. The quality of the content is good so you can share it with friends, family, plus those who matter with their lives.

Official Website

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

2. Diply

Diply is another funniest site like Uberhumor made and designed for those who want to view the funniest, craftiest and enjoyable inspiration content. This online latest trending content gives lots of enjoyment to the viewers. Diply offers much content like the newest trend in entertainment, news, sports, celebrities, and Technology, etc.

The site is a social news web-based platform. It is maybe one of the most famous entertainment junctions that connect many people with the content they love to watch. Diply has over 70 million users all over the world who are going to explore amazing stuff to enjoy current and viral stuff.

Official Website

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

3. Upworthy

Popular as a most significant Uberhumor Alternatives and offers various kinds of stuff with many additional features that make the site more exciting for the users. The content of the site involves multiple categories like videos, Being Well, Culture, Real-world, and the conversation, etc.

Each category comprises various stories and also regularly updates with new content. Being a web-based platform dedicated to storytelling. They launched the site in 2012, which occupies many viral contents. The principal mission of this platform is to change what your world is attentive to. They regularly update daily stories and videos that are distributed to social media and other platforms.

Official Website

Rating:  ⭐⭐⭐

4. FailBlog

This is the funniest and comedic blog site like Uberhumor and came into the limelight in the year 2008. They hold amazing features like disastrous mishaps and stupidity in videos and photos. These videos and images show unique captions like fail, X fail, or X you are doing it wrong.

In their database, there are millions of amazing content, post and updated content. Another major advantage of the site is that they allow users to submit and share their posts anytime, anywhere.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy it in the best way to visit the site and follow the endless feed of funny images, videos, GIFs, and remix them with your images. The sites work like a community site that allows users to mention comments and vote for your funny images and GIFs.

5. WittyFeed

WittyFeed is the most popular central viral platform in our country. Despite this, the platform is the world’s second-largest after BuzzFeed the other funniest website like uberhumor. The site offers everything viral and even you can find any funniest, trending and latest content.

The site is so popular that one can find features beyond what you think is directly into the realities of one’s viral world. Because this is the web-based entertainment site that publishes content in various categories, for example, sports, fashion, relationship, news, travel, and fitness, etc. The company says that they are just like an advanced blogging site for sharing photo stories.

The site also offers features for the readers. Readers can create their feed by selecting five of their favorite categories and can also start a debate on the story with a feature called live commenting.

Another essential thing about this site is that the guest does not need to log in to leave a comment.

For publishers, they say the startup is building tools that can tell them what to post and when to post so that their pages grow as fast as they should.

Official Website

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

6. SomethingAwful

SomethingAwful is the best web-based online platform that offers a variety of stuff.

You will find the following categories at this site: blog entries, articles, forums, humorous media reviews, gaming news, and other things. This company is available online for the last 20 years.

This is the best available online uberhumor Alternatives which offers all kinds of comedy and funny stuff for the users. This is the junction of users who love trending and funny viral content, and everything is available in their database.

The site demands registration with a valid email ID just like other platforms. If you want to post and share your content on this platform SomethingAwful, submit all important information about you to the site. They do not demand any subscription fee, so it is completely free for the users.

The site speed is good and you can access it anytime, anywhere around the globe. More important, this is a web-based platform to watch all kinds of stuff from multiple categories. 

These categories are forums, WTF, Feature, Video Games, and Comedy Goldmine, etc. They also offer some extra premium features like regular updates with millions of outstanding pictures, video and writer articles comment option, push notification, vote option, and much more.

Official Website

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

7. eBaumsWorld

eBaumsWorld is a part of the “Literally media” family and popular similar sites like Uberhumor alternatives. In their library, you can find a collection of funny images, viral videos, memes, articles, and games, etc. You may submit your favorite content at their website and it paid the user through the monetary point system known as eBaums.

 It is an easy, user-friendly, and entertaining online place where anyone can access anywhere in the world. Celebrity feature is other soundboards at this platform, where the users can click buttons to hear quotes or phrases spoken by celebrities.

It permits users to upload their own funny, latest, or viral stuff to get real feedback. They have multiple categories where you may choose your favorite content, offers better navigation because of the user-friendly interface. 

Regular update of the content draws users to this site, including other option like voting and conversation option make this site more attractive. These are the advanced features that are amazing and deserve to visit the site once. They also have a vast collection of Flash movies and games.

There are some disadvantages of the domain of the site is that it is not even available to many countries. This website included various kinds of content, but now it is not reachable. Another issue with the site is that the website should increase and improve the speed and interface, respectively, for the greater user experience.

Official Website

Rating: ⭐⭐


These are the best 7 Websites like Uberhumor, popular worldwide for their amazing and mind-blowing content. These sites have the power to entertain you in your leisure time, at least once visit these sites for your favourite pieces of stuff.

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