Trucking Authority: Here’s What You Should Know

Trucking Authority: Here’s What You Should Know

Having Trucking Authority under your name means that you can get direct contracts from your clients without needing any middleman. It’s a more significant responsibility but indeed results in bigger profits. Both the seasoned drivers and the rookies can benefit from having trucking authority. The availability of trucking authority packages makes it easier for you to get on the road with confidence. Are you ready to learn more about how one can get trucking authority? Keep reading this blog to find more details. 

Registering Your Business

The registration requirements depend on the region you are willing to serve. Before you register your business, you have to declare your trucking business’s business model. The two options you have are:

  1. Sole-proprietorship
  2. Limited liability 

Now, the requirements of registration are not the same for all the states. If you are going to register a sole-proprietorship, you have to determine whether your state demands a DBA from you or not. Choosing to establish a sole-proprietorship is a risky option for many people. You can go on with an LLC to limit your risk and get more reliable people with you in the business. Forming your LLC requires you to fill and submit the relevant forms at the State Secretary’s office. Some states make it easier to establish an LLC by allowing them to submit the documents online. However, recognizing all the difficulties you may face while getting registered, the best practice is to contact the trucking authority registration professionals. 

You and USDOT

The United States Department of Transportation has made it mandatory for all trucking companies to get registered. Your registration with USDOT plays the same role as a Company ID. Your USDOT number is vital as it allows the authorities to access your company’s credentials. While registering with USDOT, you have to gather all these points about your company:

  • Who will operate your company?
  • What will be your freight status?
  • What vehicles will you use? 

Now, the questions given here present a brief overview of the USDOT requirements. 

Getting An Insurance Plan

Buying an insurance plan for your trucking company is compulsory as per the FMCSA guidelines. Obtaining a $1,000,000 liability policy is recommended for your trucking company. Getting an insurance plan and showing it to the FMCSA is necessary to get your trucking authority. Your insurance provider is responsible for sending your insurance details once you buy an insurance plan from them. However, remember that maintaining transparency is essential for the credibility of your trucking authority permit. You are responsible for informing the concerned authorities about any changes you make to your vehicles or your insurance plan. 

Importance of Apportioned plates

The International Registration Plan makes you responsible for registering your vehicles in two or more jurisdictions. You have to report your annual mileage driven in the member jurisdictions for paying the taxes and continue working as a trucking company. Remember that getting registered with IRP requires you to know all the details about your business and your vehicles’ details. IRP also makes it mandatory for trucking companies to declare what states the company will continue its activities. IRP determines its fees based on the states you will haul in and your driven mileage in the states. Getting your apportioned tags after paying the required payments will allow you to operate your company correctly. 


UCR stands for Unified Carrier Registration. You have to renew the registration by paying your fees by December 31 every year. UCR fees enable the states to maintain their safety services and pays for the USDOT officer training program. Therefore, paying the UCR registration is helpful both for you and the citizens. You have to get registered with the UCR program if you are willing to engage in interstate or international commerce. Fees depend on the size of your company and the vehicles you operate. So, don’t forget about UCR while registering your trucking company. 


Establishing your trucking company is a profitable business that comes with a great responsibility as well. Getting registered with relevant institutions not only secures your operations but also makes you credible for your clients. Consider buying a trucking authority package for both saving your time and getting quick service. Happy trucking!

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