Top 6 Best Aweber Alternatives For Email Marketing [Updated]

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Selecting the perfect Email marketing software is a decisive step for email marketing success. We can say that Aweber is the leader for Blogger and Email marketers. Bloggers & Entrepreneurs are tremendously making use of Email Marketing to promote their affiliate product and services using Aweber.


Aweber is especially used for Email marketing and to provide email newsletter. The best part of Aweber, it is easy to understand the dashboard and work with it. The process of sign up for Aweber is very simple. You sign up for Aweber, create a signup form, place Email sign up form on your blog and start building your Email list. Now you have the complete control over your Email list, and you can decide when to send out new updates to your Email subscriber.

Features of Aweber:

  • 400+ Ready newspaper template
  • Responsive Email Template
  • RSS to Email
  • Traffic and Click monitoring
  • Advance HTML auto responder’s facility
  • Integration on almost any script

The base price of Aweber is $19 a month. This gives you an unlimited number of emails up to 500 members. You can pay $49 quarterly or $194 yearly, saving you $32 and $34 respectively. The monthly price increases as your number of subscribers grow.

Aweber offers a one-month trial for $1. I recommend ordering that if you are unsure whether to use them. Be warned: you will automatically be charged $19 a month afterward if you don’t cancel your account.

You can take Aweber first month trial which will let you send unlimited emails and create 500 subscribers. Once you have made 500 subscribers, the updated plans for subscribers will be as follow:

Subscribers Plan Price
0-500 $1
501-2500 $10
2501-5000 $30
5001-10000 $50


The Best Alternatives for Aweber:

1) MailChimp:


MailChimp is one of the better options after Aweber. The free trial offers 2000 subscribers and 12000 emails. But in a free plan if you are having a list of 2000 email subscribers then you will be sending out only 6 emails per month. MailChimp is having a modern dashboard and intuitive interface.

Features of MailChimp:

  • Social media sharing
  • Use friendly member area
  • Easy to use auto response system
  • Impressive sign up for wizard

MailChimp Price:

Subscribers Plan Price
0-500 $10
501-1000 $15
1001-1500 $20
1501-2000 $25


2) Get Response:

Get Response

Get Response is a popular solution for Email marketing and quite popular. It offers a feature-rich, cost-effective email marketing service that’s priced to fit your budget. They offer many cutting edge features which you need to succeed in email marketing. They offer Webinar supports, integrate with many online popular services, mobile optimized templates & they also have mobile apps. It serves around 350,000+ of customers worldwide with its Email marketing services.

They also offer 30 days free without requiring any credit card which can make a great starting for beginners.

Features of Get Response:

  • An email to speech feature that allows users to listen to newsletters ‘hands-free’
  • Social media integration
  • iPhone application
  • Video email marketing
  • Surveys
  • Over 300 email templates
  • Good tracking and reporting options

Get Response Price:

Subscribers Plan Price
0-1000 $15
1001-2500 $25
2501-5000 $45
5001-10000 $65
10001-25000 $145
25001-50000 $250
50001-100000 $450


3.) EngageBay


Engage Bay is one type of block which is established in the new segment. engage bay is mostly helped those people who are established their new business which we called the startup.   if you also make a new startup then this site is helping you. The main purpose of Engage bay is providing an email marketing facility and this facility will help you to boost your new startup. 

Engage bay also provide various email marketing templates. do not worry about arrangement this site providing drag and drop facility of making your favorite content. 

The technique to personalize your emails, rich formatting opportunities and an accessible alternative to follow your campaign performance perform EngageBay a fabulous Aweber alternative and also its pricing list is also very good anyone can afford this.

Pricing per contact

Up to 1,000: $0/mo

Up to 10,000: $7.79/mo

Up to 25,000: $14.99/mo

Up to 50,000: $29.99/mo 

Everything We Fancy Of EngageBay:

when we talk about pricing than the rate of this site is lower than its competitor sites. the various plans provided by Engage buy is very flexible, customization of plan is also too good. 

when we talk about the user interface is very simple and easy to use. this sites provided a flexible environment.

It is a convenient platform for small businesses that cannot be given higher-priced solutions.

what they need or we can say that terms and conditions: if you want to send an email without the EngageBay brand then you need to spend extra money.

Who is here for those who are searching for a compelling yet suitable price tool to reach customers through different channels (emails, SMS, push notifications, etc). Furthermore, in case you are watching for a free tool, Engagebay allows to user freeware send.


4) Constant Contact:

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is famous for email marketing as well as for offering online surveys and Event marketing. Various beautiful signup forms and have a good migrating service provided to those who want to use Constant Contact service in the future. It has around 50 ready-made email letters for their customers.

Features of Constant Contact:

  • Around 50 professional looking email templates
  • Impressive reporting options
  • Several stylish signs up boxes to choose from
  • Good import features for those migrating to the service

Constant Contact Price:

Contacts Price
0-500 $20/mon
501-2500 $35/mon
2501-5000 $55/mon
5001-1000 $85/mon
Contacts Price
0-500 $45/mon
501-2500 $60/mon
2501-5000 $80/mon
5001-1000 $110/mon
Contacts Price
0-500 $195/mon
501-2500 $245/mon
2501-5000 $295/mon
5001-1000 $395/mon


5) Campaigner:


Campaigner is a good option for those who don’t need a lot of bells and whistles. The service has over 450 email templates to choose from however it lacks a lot of advanced features which other services have.

This is reflected in the price as Campaigner is quite a bit cheaper than most of its competitors. Their top package is around 20% cheaper than Awebers equivalent. There is also a 30-day trial available.

Campaigner Price:

Subscriber Price
0 – 500 $10
501 – 2,500 $25
2,501 – 5,000 $40
5,001 – 10,000 $55


6) Drip:


Drip is another email service which is very popular in 2017. It is not as big as Aweber and MailChimp. Though, the power of drop is in it’s easy to use automation. If you are a first-time email marketer or a pro at email-marketing, drop powerful marketing automation can help you to capture more leads, on board more users, and close more sales.

Drip offers 21 days full featured trial & then the plan starts from $49. Their pricing is pretty outstanding in comparison to all other competition.

Drip Price:

Subscriber Price
0-2500 $49
2501-5000 $99
5001-12500 $149


7) Vertical Response:

Vertical Response

Vertical Response is an online service which lets you manage your email marketing campaign, create online surveys and send postcards directly to visitors. It offers a 30 day no obligation trial and good discounts for paying in advance.

Features of Vertical Response:

  • Beautiful drag and drop email wizard
  • Sign up form integration widgets
  • Detailed reports

Vertical Response Price:

Subscribers Monthly Price
0 – 500 $10
501 – 2,000 $28
2,001 – 4,000 $46
4,001 – 8,000 $72
8,001 – 16,000 $120
16,001 – 25,000 $150
25,001 – 40,000 $240

8) Omnisend

Omnisend is a particularly great MailChimp alternative or Aweber alternative. You can use this ecommerce marketing automation platform no matter what level you are (in fact, you can send up to 15,000 emails per month for free). However, the best features in this platform would have to be related to automation and segmentation. Besides all that power and flexibility, the app is very easy to use, so you can probably start setting up your automation workflows and sending out campaigns the moment you sign up.

Features of Omnisend:

  • SMS automation
  • Prepared ecommerce marketing automation workflows
  • 24/7 support

Integrations with different ecommerce platforms

Omnisend Pricing :

9) SendPulse

In comparison to Aweber, SendPulse platform is much more advanced in SMTP as well. There are many features introduced in SendPulse which can easily surpass any of the other email marketing software.

These are a few to make things interesting.

  • SendPulse offers a drag and drop email feature as well as  130 free predesigned templates so that you can create a perfect email  in no time.
  • A/B testing is one of the best features which helps you create a perfect email with series of tests to know which email gets more responses.
  • Integration means flexibility – use SendPulse with 500+ online services
  • Automation 360 – triggered messages at your fingertips.  
  • Web push service helps you reach your customers via popular browsers, tablets or smartphones.

Very affordable prices.

2,500 free
2,501 – 3,000 $ 23
3,001 – 4,000 $ 29
4,001 – 5,000 $ 32
5,001 – 6,000 $ 35


There are many more options for Email marketing software and one which could be listed down as Aweber alternatives. According to my research, these are the top alternatives which you can go for if Aweber doesn’t suffice your need.

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