Top 11 WordPress Plugins That Every Marketer Should Know

Top 11 Wordpress Plugins That Every Marketer Should Know

“WORDPRESS PLUGINS” the most beautiful word that every marketer and blogger fall in love with. You know why these plugins assist and help you. There are millions of WordPress users and many are used to the platform. Some are beginners and some are experienced users. In order to help both, I would like to talk about the best WordPress plugins in this post.

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Top 11 WordPress plugins:

#1 Yoast Plugin:

The most powerful plugin ever. The plugin is user-friendly and can help you even if you are a learner. Yes, if you think that you are new to SEO and its techniques and strategies. No Worries! Yoast SEO plugin can get you on track. Though you need some assistance on the plugin to efficient in using it. Otherwise, the plugin provides you a quality insight on your website that you need to have a look at for better results.

#2 Google XML Sitemaps:

If you are not aware of Google’s XML Sitemap then have a look at this topic. The first most reason for a sitemap is indexing of website on search engine. This works on your behalf in order to push your posts to the top ranking.

And the need for a plugin is to make usage a better experience. Moreover, you don’t need any assistance or technical knowledge in order to use this plugin and that is why you find it more useful.

#3 Broken Link Checker:

Did you know broken links and lost images could affect your website? At times you may not notice this occurrence on your website. In order to get you notified of such things Broken Link Checker plugin is used. whenever things go wrong or any link is broken you get notified immediately about it.

Added you have two more features with the plugin:

  1. Broken links appear different to get your attention
  2. Avoid search engines tracking on the broken links.

As I write about broken links, I just got remembered of one of the essential certificates. Yes, it is the SSL certificate. Most of the time people fail to focus on their security which automatically puts them under the trouble of losing their customers. And that is why it recommended focussing on the ultimate need for a website which is the HTTPS connection.

Why is it necessary to have HTTPS protocol?

Hypertext transfer protocol secure provides you benefits such as confidentiality, integrity, and identity. Your customers can boldly visit your site and make transactions without the fear of losing their essential data or money. Integrity helps you to protect your data from being modified without your knowledge. And that is why it is always recommended to have a secure socket layer.

#4 OptinMaster:

Planning for an email marketing? Then you should definitely try this plugin. This plugin is a beautiful form builder. It is really an easy way to build forms using this plugin. Added you could build any type of forms as listed below,

  • Sidebar forms.
  • Pop-ups.
  • Footer bars.
  • Scroll triggered boxes.
  • Floating headers.
  • After post forms.
  • Welcome gates.

Provided these forms are mobile-friendly either which is an added surprise to its users. You might have come across people claiming that email marketing is no more. But that isn’t true.

#5 PB SEO Friendly Images:

Content Quality and Readability is really important. Images for your post is really important than that. As I have mentioned in one of my earlier posts, images are the best attention grabbers. People get engaged with the pictorial content.

More important than this is the alt tags for images. With this plugin, you could make it possible. Many at times fail to enter the alt text to the images which are really important. With SEO Friendly images, you can do that automatically. The plugin automatically enters the adds title attributes to all images which bring traffic from search engines.

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#6 Click To Tweet:

Click to tweet is one of the most trendings that you could notice in most blog posts of the leading writers. It has turned out to be a very common thing in posts yet an effective one.

It depends on certain factors of the post which includes,

  • Preference
  • Content type
  • Length
  • And the main factor the way your audience responds.

If you are really interested to build an impact on the Twitter platform, give it a try.

#7 Editorial Calendar:

There are hundreds and hundreds of WordPress Plugins, some are not user-friendly. But Editorial Calendar stays ahead of the crowd. If you are solely looking out to schedule your posts for a particular day, then you could opt for Editorial Calendar.

Using this tool you could have an overview of the content that you generate for a particular day. You could get them scheduled to be published on a particular day.

This plugin can help you so much with efficiency and management in case if you are flying solo.

#8 Floating Social Media Icons:

I have mentioned in one of my earlier posts regarding the importance of social media platforms. To add more value to the point and to make social media platform a better reach for you to share your post with your audience, this plugin would be a better choice.

You could make use of this plugin floats on the post that makes it easy for your readers to instantly share your content on your behalf. At the same time, you are given options to optimize the plugin according to your need, which includes;

  • Automatic integration.
  • Shortcode support.
  • Less load time.

#9 Proofread Bot:

Have the problem of generating original content? Is your content facing plagiarism issues? Trash your worries and get the proofread bot plugin installed to your WordPress. This tool helps you with multiple options for the spell check, grammar mistakes, plagiarism and even style issues.

 #10 Akismet:

Are spammy comments annoying you? Get rid of them instantly using Akismet. This tool is helpful in eliminating such comments automatically. This indeed saves you from misleading links and spams. Further, you could avoid the fear of spammy links interrupting your growth.

#11 Google Analytics by Yoast:

How can I neglect this when it comes to WordPress plugins. Make tracking a better experience. You can track your website performance using Google Analytics by Yoast. You are provided with data for search result pages and error pages. An excellent tool that helps marketers to track and have a report on their performance.

Final Word:

In spite of hundreds of plugins, I choose to write about some of the essential WordPress plugins that might help you to scale up your business. You could never miss the chance of building your business with these plugins. Make a note on all these WordPress plugins to maintain a proper and an efficient website.

If I have missed writing on any other important plugins then let me know about them with your valuable comments. I appreciate it. Hope this plugin could help you a lot more to rank your websites on search engines.

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