10 Tips to Make Your Website User Friendly

We have 10 tips to make your website user friendly. Now you ask why it is important? So here is the answer.

Every day you can see a number of organizations going online. Organization prefers to put their service online to attract more audience and thus increasing their sales number. It is the key to making your business success. You can hire web designer experts like web design in Sydney to get your website designed properly and SEO friendly.

In today’s time if your business if not available online it is not likely that your business will see success. Talking about this it is also important to make your website page user-friendly. You will only be able to engage user if your website is user friendly.

10 tips to make your website user friendly – Creating a website to excel

Before implementing 10 tips to make your website user friendly do some research visit and study site of your competitors thoroughly and then start working on your web page. Always remember that the landing page of the main page of your website should be engaging enough to hold on to your visitor.

We have top 10 tips here which can help you make your website user-friendly. Go through them to increase the web traffic and credibility of the website.

1.Simple Navigation

  • Make your webpage simple and crisp.
  • Name each and every section neatly and make the navigation easy.
  • Don’t mix up too many ideas or tabs on each page.
  • Navigation should be easy and informative and should follow a flow of things.
  • Each navigation should fall into
  • If your website page is really large then create a separate navigation bar on the top of the page.
  • This separate navigation will save the user from getting confused and getting stuck on the main

2.Responsive Site

  • Make your site responsive.
  • Try and create a different version for desktop, Tabs, mobile phones and likewise. Responsive sites engage the user.
  • Most of the time user access your site from the phone itself thus it is important to make their experience flawless.
  • Keep it simple. Try and provide information in short and don’t clutter the screen.
  • Since Mobile screen is smaller than PC or tablets design your site accordingly.
  • Less navigation, more responsive and short content is the key.

3.Placing of Brand  Logo

  • Correct placement of the logo of your brand plays the key role.
  • Your logo is something which becomes the trademark of your brand.
  • It should be placed in the way it is visible all the time to the user.
  • Most of the experts advise that logo should be placed in the top left corner.
  • The user identifies with it more and it easy to see.
  • When reading anything we go left to right.
  • Your logo should be the first thing to be seen on the website.
  • Make your logo clickable and link it to the homepage, this will get you more response your audience will remember your logo.

4.Including Important Buttons- Subscribe, Share and Follow

  • Increasing impact of social media is providing the organization with the opportunity to grow in style.
  • Whatever information you have if your audience can’t share it with a click of a button then it is of no use.
  • Add follow and subscribe button to send notifications or newsletter to your user.
  • Place these button in a creative manner where no visitor could miss them.
  • Not having these button will make you miss lots of user traffic.
  • You can also add different icons of different social media platform to make it more attractive and clickable

5.Search Function

  • The search function helps you user locate the right thing they are looking for.
  • Don’t link it to google search.
  • Use it for internal search only.
  • Place it on the top and in the right
  • Make it easy to use and it should return relevant results.
  • Adding a search bar give assurance to your user to find what they are looking for without navigating too much.

6.Right Use Of Graphic Content

  • Everybody knows that adding visual aid on the webpage makes it more attractive and likable.
  • Use of right image or graphic is important.
  • Images should be relevant to the content posted.
  • Keep it free of any copyright issues.
  • Remove all irrelevant images and visuals.
  • Don’t clutter your site with too much of visual aids

7.Call -to -Action

  • Your visitor should always know what do to next.
  • Highlight the tab which is being used by the user.
  • Provide a separate link to every page.
  • Add a call -to -actions to your website.
  • Guide your user through the page so that he or she do not meet and important information

8.Simple Content

  • Your webpage is the first thing that explains your idea and concept behind your business.
  • Keep your content simple and jargons free.
  • Use the language accordingly depending on the kind of website you are making.
  • Add keywords to your content.
  • Explain your concept t well but don’t make it lengthy.
  • Make it readable and gripping.

9.Providing Information

  • If you use has to call your service to ask a question then your website needs restructuring.
  • Try and answer all the possible question about your product or service through your content.
  • Make your page informative, it should update it frequently.
  • How to use, where to get, price, how to order, pros and cons and likewise everything should be there.

10.Add Contact Details And Highlight Important Words And Links

  • Contact details should be easily located on the webpage.
  • Make sure you provide correct contact number and address.
  • Update it in case it changes.
  • Highlight and bold all important keywords.
  • Add navigation links to product names and other important services.
  • You can divert user’s attention to anything important or new that you want to share by highlighting it.

We hope that these top 10 tips to make your website user friendly. Once you have created a website, keep improving it constantly, check all the buttons tabs and links before launching it.

Make sure you link is not broken and each every tab or button is landing on the right page. Doing all this will surely make your website shine among your competitors. You can always hire a good designer to improve your website. Taking a professional help will enhance the look and style of your website for better result.

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