The Benefits of LED Lighting and Signage

The Benefits of LED Lighting and Signage

As a business owner, you appreciate the importance of curb appeal in attracting customers. Illuminating signs can help you encourage passersby to explore your store and retain the customers you already have. Traditionally, marketers and business people relied on glowing neon or fluorescent lights to promote their stores. 

If you’re in the market for business signs, you will be glad to know that there are improved lighting options for the modern business owner. LED signs have been growing in popularity as they’re easier to install, transport, and maintain than neon signage. 

It’s important to strategize on how to project your brand and image, and LED signs are perfect for creating compelling signage to stand out from the competition. Some of the benefits of LED signs are:

       1. Enhanced Energy Efficiency

The energy-efficiency of LED signs is among the most significant selling points of investing in LED signage instead of neon lights. LED lights typically use 70 to 80% less energy than traditional neon or fluorescent lights. The reduced energy consumption will save on utility costs, and you’ll count improved profit margins. 

  1. Increased Lifespan

Traditional neon lighting has an average lifespan of 30,000 hours, and it loses considerable strength during this period. On the other hand, LED lights boast an average lifespan of over 100,000 hours, during which they remain brightly lit. Therefore, you can depend on LED signage to light up your business premises for at least ten years. 

  1. Improved Safety

LEDs operate at significantly lower temperatures than neon or fluorescent lights, and they’re less likely to spark a fire in your business premises. Your staff will also be safe from burns because LED lights don’t get too hot to touch. Traditional neon signs feature fragile glass tubing, which can be hazardous in case of breakage. LED bulbs are durable, and they’re safer to use in your business. 

  1. Smaller Size

Traditional neon signs are bulky as the glass tubes need extra space to contain the neon gas. LED lights are much slimmer because they don’t need tubes. Therefore, you will find it easier to install and remove LED signs to suit the brand image of your business premises.

  1. Quality Color Rendering Index (CRI)

LEDs impressively outperform fluorescent and neon light when it comes to CRI. If you want to design a vibrant environment in your business, your best bet is using signs with high CRI. LED signage will deliver vibrant and realistic shades, whether you use them on window displays or to illuminate art installations. 

  1. Versatile Design Flexibility

Traditionally, marketers and business owners spent much money to have neon signs designed and printed. It was also time-consuming to make changes to traditional signs. LED signs excel in versatility, and you can quickly update them using digital signage software and schedule brand messages based on the time of day or day of the week. Marketers can also incorporate LED lights into a wide variety of designs and styles to suit their brands.

  1. Environmentally Safe

LED signs provide numerous environmental advantages that can help your business become environmentally-conscious. Unlike traditional signs, which contain toxic elements like mercury, LED signs don’t have any hazardous materials. You can, therefore, use LED signage to design a safer work environment for staff. Using LED lighting will also spare you from the costs of complying with the disposal requirements for traditional lights. 

  1. Low Operation Voltages

LED signs need less power to light up than neon or fluorescent lights, making them perfect for low-power applications. There is an energy drain in traditional light-emitting solutions, where gases or metals are first heated for light to be emitted. You can look forward to energy savings after implementing LED signs in your store.

  1. Improved Temperature Operation

Unlike fluorescent lamps, which need higher voltage to work in cold environments, LED lights work perfectly in low temperatures. LED performance increases as operating temperatures drop, which means that you can use LED signs for outdoor signage applications. You can also incorporate LED signage in cold spaces like freezers and refrigerated display cases.

  1. No Glass

LEDs are breakage resistant as they don’t feature glass enclosures or filaments. Strong vibrations can knock fluorescent signs out of place and add to repair costs. LEDs are typically installed on a circuit board and connected via soldered leads that keep the signs in place. LED signage is, therefore, a more durable solution for a business owner keen on avoiding repair costs. 

  1. Zero UV Emissions

Most of the power that incandescent and fluorescent lights emit is converted into infrared heat or ultraviolet radiation. Regular exposure to UV light poses health hazards to people, and it’s better to use LED signs as they don’t emit any ultraviolet radiation. UV light can also damage textiles, paintings, and other business assets.

  1. Dimming Capabilities

LED signs are more compatible with controls when compared to traditional solutions. You can dim up to 10% of power output in some LEDs, while you can only reach 30% on most fluorescent signs. LED lights will give you more control over the lighting in your store’s signage. 

  1. Directional Light Emissions

LEDs are described as directional light sources as they emit light in a particular direction. On the other hand, traditional lights emit light in all directions, and you’ll have to use accessory devices like mirrors to reflect the light. Much energy is lost when you use traditional signs, which is why you should invest in more efficient LEDs.

  1. Instantaneous Illumination

LED signs light up instantaneously as they don’t require the long heat-up times used by fluorescent lights. Therefore, you can quickly switch on your LED signs in the morning or after a power outage to let passersby know that you’re open for business. 

Wrapping Up

Modern marketers and business owners have welcomed LED technology with open arms, thanks to the associated benefits. You can save on energy costs, go green with digital signage, and create a safer working environment. Marketers can also follow our blog for more tips to enliven business stores with digital signage. 

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