Ten Tips For Being a Successful Blogger

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Blogging is a hard work which requires everyday efforts. Once you learn all the rules and tricks, you will gain a dream job and desired freedom.

Easy Daily Habits To Become A Successful Freelance Blogger

Being a blogger today is a tough task. There is plenty of platforms who eager to take the lead in this market by generating interesting, thoughtful and unique content for readers. They always hire writers. Before becoming a freelancer, it is necessary to take into account all the pros and cons which expect a blogger on his or her independent life. Online writing jobs require patience and hard work. The good news is that together with the efforts and thoughtful planning everything is possible.

tips for successful blogger
tips for successful blogger

Tip number one. Find your employer

You can get a full- or part-time writing job from a single firm and forget about job search for a while. Or you can create an account on a platform for freelancers and bid for different orders. A paid job is a good start for a writer. Having an experienced mentor is a good way to learn all the specifics of blogging. With this knowledge, you can create your personal blog and promote it successfully in future. Professional and creative writers are always wanted.

Tip number two. Make an office

Work from home doesn’t mean that you can write posts with a cup of cocoa in your pajama after waking up. Creating a working space is necessary. The best option is a separate cabinet or a working place. It should be silent, convenient, inspiring, and equipped. Think about a working atmosphere in details. You need at least a comfortable chair, a laptop and a table placed on a lightened area. Keep your working place free from disruptive factors. Think about renting a studio or a working place in co-working space.

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Tip number three. Schedule working hours

Working from home doesn’t mean you don’t need a schedule. Find your most productive time of the day and keep it free from anything else but blogging. Success consists of consistent and well organized hard work. Put a veto on working at night. Develop daily habits that will help you be on track and improve productivity. Two hours per day may be more efficient than six hours at night. Find your perfect formula and follow it.

tips for successful blogger 02
tips for successful blogger

Tip number four. Omnifarious knowledge

Online blogging jobs demand a breadth of knowledge. No matter how many information, ideas and experience of writing for top essay writing service you have, writing blog posts is all about lateral thinking. It is important not only to share thoughts, ideas or information but also keep reader keen. For this reason, a blogger has to choose the correct topic. People always appreciate pieces of advice from experts in the field. On the other hand the more topics you can cover the more orders you get. Employers prefer writers who can research, think and copywrite.

Tip number five. Always consider a platform

Blog readers read blogs for two basic reasons:

  • To find information
  • To find inspiration

Always consider the source platform. In the case you need to write information and tips, for traveling, then reveal reader from unnecessary information about your emotions and impressions. The most useful format is infographics. If you need to share helpful information, prices, schedules, then make it short and simple. If the platform you are writing for specializing in stories, then freely express all your feelings, experiences, conclusions, stories, meetings and other. It would be an inspirational part. While blogging always give the reader what he or she wants.

Tip number six. Make sections

For a beginner, it is sometimes hard to classify the material. For example, if your order is about cooking or DIY, then you can use DIY videos as a source of information. The most winning combination is logically structured text represented in bullet points such as food ingredients or tools needed and detailed instructions. Divide information logically and represent it in sections:

  • Informative
  • Emotional
  • Visual
tips for successful blogger 03
tips for successful blogger

Tip number seven. Use correct images

Freelance writers more often don’t have their own blogs. They start writing for various employers as copywriters, researchers, bloggers, SMM, and other. For that reason understanding of visual effects in every blog post is crucial. Every order has to contain a picture. Each picture can be protected by copyright or not. There are platforms where you can download the best quality of image for free which is not protected by copyright and can be used for commercial purposes. These platforms are flickr.com ( for commercial use only), Unsplash, Pablo, where you can design a unique image.

Tip number eight. Consider SMM

Social networks are an inevitable part of most people’s lives today. This instrument is the most popular among promotion methods. Ignoring them is crucial for your freelance career. Find a job where you have to be responsible for LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, and other. Learn the basics of SMM, choose the managing tools you like and start working. Management tools will save your time and reveal from a headache. You must develop a habit of an abscessed Instagrammer to post every day or at least a week depending on the needs of your employer.

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Tip number nine. SEO

As a writer, you might have heard about SEO optimized texts. Each article has to be working. Learn general tips and tricks for SEO optimization and use them efficiently in your daily routine. Some of these tricks are as follows:

  • Divide your text into short paragraphs with subheadings
  • Use bullet point lists
  • Make a keywords research and use them efficiently in text
  • Add links to trusted sources
  • Use plagiarism checker even if you have written it from scratch

Tip number ten. Web analytics service

Every online business holder must acknowledge what is going on on this page. For this reason, web analysts are on demand. Learn how to track the number of clicks, readers, active and passive visitors, create statistical reports, and this will help you to boost your career. Dedicate time to education. Knowing how analytics works is a professional grow for every freelance writer. Google Adwords is the most popular and free instrument in the world. On the other hand, there are plenty of alternatives which will help you to follow the activity in real time.

Bottom line

Freelance blogging is a dream job for many people. However this is not a passive additional income, but a hard work which needs lots of self-motivation, organization, and efforts. With a consistent writing, it is possible to become an attractive employee for many companies. Always boost your knowledge and think about how can you improve your professional grows. With the correct planning and approach, everything is possible.

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