How Technology Changed Our Life

Technology is bringing together the tools that make tasks easier to execute as well as solves mankind problems. It even makes the creation and use and exchange of information simple. Today, we can’t deny the role of technology in our life. In this dynamic world life without technology is meaningless. As technological advancement is taking place it is directly bringing more easiness in our lives. It has a great impact on various fields of life. All these fields are it health or any business are incorporating technology into their operations for making it better. It is helpline them to reach to the new heights.


The health industry is one of the areas where technology has been of great use. The survival chances of people are increasing by usage of improved quality of treatment through modern electronic equipment. Along with that, it has also enabled doctors to discover various health problems in their developing stages. So, that they are treated when they are still in the developing stage. Currently, various researches are undertaken so that cancer could be detected and cured at an early stage itself.

Besides finding the cure of death challenging diseases there are many other uses of technology in healthcare. One such use is that by usage of electronic health records, it is possible to deliver benefits to several patients. Such all the details of the patients are easily accessible. This also enables various local doctors to have benefits of a paperless record system. Thus, all doctors are able to share laboratory and this helps in synchronizing care and reduces testing again and again.


Communication has also become very fast due to various technical developments in this field. The invention of the internet has reduced the entire globe in a small place. People from different corners of the globe can communicate using emails, video calls, and other social media platforms. Owners of businesses have also realized the power of the internet for attracting more customers easily. So, they tend to create a business website where people have to just click on the items they want to buy from the comfort of their homes.

Technology has almost removed the hassle of the bulkiness of paperwork from our lives. Information could be stored in various virtual storage devices like microchips and compact disks. Storage is not only easy but it is even more secure. Security is provided by password and codes which are known only to the owners of the information. This makes the storage of confidential information more secure and easy.

Scientists have realized the need for people to communicate anywhere. Thus, the telephone was replaced by portable cellular phones. Technology had a great benefit to the agricultural sector also. Due to new technology, it is now possible to determine the climatic changes that aid in the production of various crops.


World trade is growing rapidly and companies are also opting for implementing changes brought in through technology. The changes in the technology are enabling them to achieve their goal easily. It is expected that companies keep in mind the quality requirements of the customer and accordingly bring new products into the market. In order to achieve success in the international market, companies removed all the unnecessary products and made proper management. This helped them to reduce both times and cost in the measures of development of the product. Companies tend to use technology to implement necessary changes so that they can comply with the new requirements. This is required because of growth in global quality standard and processes.

Business Operations

With the technological changes in various fields, there is even need in managing the operations of any business. Companies reduce costs by revising the business processes and removing unnecessary actions. Therefore, technology challenge is the biggest issue for a company. But it is one of the vital facts for developing innovative products which will aid in generating more revenue. So, both businesses and consumers have benefitted from the improvements made by technology. For instance, ordering online, traveling with physical tickets and many more.

Multitasking in operations

Business has to perform multiple tasks at a time. Introduction of computer technology had helped businesses to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. Computers enable them to perform tough equations and time calculations very easily.

Support in business processes

Various departments of company use results of internal support services for identifying functions that multiple departments can share. Technology has even impact on the way employees are awarded in an organization. Nowadays, lapel pins are used for awarding employees. Vivipins designs such pins with the help of customization guidelines of companies. Science pins are preferred by teachers, students, and professionals for displaying the love of science and their accomplishments to the world. Technological advancements have even helped the companies to put the decision making authority at an optimal level. So, companies can use technology for integrating the systems with the customers and suppliers.

Impact of Science and technology

In this generation, imagining a world without cell phones is quite difficult. Nowadays losing battery of cell phones can panic a person easily. Not only in the communication process, in all our activities throughout a day technology has an important role to play. Importance of technology is felt always as it surrounds us everywhere. In a society at this point in time thinking of our lives without technology is near about impossible. If there is no trace of technology, our lives will be affected by it and every single day will become difficult. We should be thankful for technology that we can easily eliminate the darkness of the room using power, we can go wherever we want using vehicles and so on.

Thus, it could be said that there is a wide number of fields which are always waiting for diverse extensions of science. Study of science and technology break down the events and increase the learning through experimenting. With the collective consciousness and curiosity, a society is able to adapt technologies easily. It could be concluded that without technology our lives would become stagnant and we will never be able to reach out to new heights.

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