How to Submit Website or Blog RSS Feeds to Bing?


How to Submit Website or Blog RSS Feeds to Bing?

Improve Traffic by Submitting Feeds to Bing Search Engine.

The advantage of submitting RSS feed:

1) Faster circulation of your website content, blog post, news post.

2) It increases the back links to your site.

3) It Increase traffics to your website.

4) It increases the chance of faster indexing of your website content by webmasters like Google Webmaster, Bing Webmaster and much more.


5) Submitting Good sitemaps also increases faster indexing by robots.

How to submit your blog to Bing search Engine?

1) Open Bing Submit page “”

2) Type the Characters from the Picture shown below.

3) There are other options to enter the website URL. “To submit your Website or Blog Feeds: Type in your RSS feed URL.”

4) Click Submit Button.

5) Once you submit your website or blog, it will go to Bing Queue. Therefore, after sometime Bing will visit to crawl your website or Blog.

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