How To Submit URL to Google Index Quickly

A recent update from Google. Now user can submit URLs directly to Google’s Index through Google SERP.

It’s now easier for Directly Indexing your Links. All you need to do is go to   and type “submit URL to Google” Google will display a customized knowledge graph Square box at the top of Google’s SERP. You can then submit your URL to Google’s index.

submit URL to Google

What Google did was that they simply emulated the functionality and form of the original public submit URL form tool. Google has done a great twist instead of opening public submit URL form tool website now you can directly submit to Google’ Index. Google is making it easier for webmasters and SEO specialists to index their websites.

Google actually screens all of the websites that people submit for indexing. So it would be prudent to make sure that your website is at its best when you submit it for indexing.

Just make sure that your content is interesting as well as interact with your audience. When it comes to counting many people forget little things that matter most and there are a lot of factors to ranking on Google.


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