7 Social Media Tools Every Small Business Should Have

Social media tools

Social media has since become an important part of the society, and thanks to technology, every social media platform has a couple of features to serve the analytical and tracking needs of businesses and their websites, among them, Facebook like counter for Facebook.

While a lot still remains unexplored by many business owners, social media tools are significantly important for the sustainability of a business on social media. This article highlights a couple of social media tools recommended for use by every small business:


This social media tool is well known as an automated content sharing and scheduling tool. To ensure you follow through with your social media plan, there is always a need to schedule posts for when you will not be online to post them yourself.

Buffer conveniently does this for your by automatically republishing posts for you, and better still, scheduling content for you to be published at the preferred times for the different platforms.

As a small business, you need a means to manage your multiple social media accounts from one place, and buffer is the tool you need to keep up with the overwhelming speed and pressure to post on the different platforms.

This renders you a bigger audience reach because your posts will go out when your audience is most likely to be online unique for the different platforms.

Sprout Social

This is the go-to tool for social media marketing and analytics. Just like buffer, this premium tool allows users to manage their content in one place, scheduling and publishing posts on the different platforms.

Additionally, Sprout Social lets you collaborate on content with your team through a shared content calendar, as well as access actionable social media insights through in-depth analytics. This could be the reason why this tool is used by Dropbox among others.


Social media, like all other good things, does not come devoid of its downfall. There is a high rise of internet hackers that could cause you a lot of reputation damage on social media, which makes it necessary to develop concrete and complex passwords different for all your social media accounts.

Since remembering all the passwords can be difficult, you do not have to anymore. This tool allows you to generate and save all passwords for your accounts so you can change them as often as possible and not have to remember them all the time.

LastPass works both for mobile and desktop devices.

Google Analytics

This is the most common tool for websites to handle website SEO but also remains an important tool for social media that businesses should have.

Google Analytics is a free tool that provides you’re an analytical report on the performance of your social media accounts. The reports cover the source of traffic for your site. Understanding whether your social media activity is driving any traffic towards your site informs your future interactions and activities.

Google Trends

This is yet another free tool provided by Google that can be used for social media. Google Trends is insightful as to matters trends tracking and market research. Understanding the new trends in your industry as a small business better places you at niching your business relevantly to the times you are in.

Branding your products and structuring your messages for social media should be informed by the latest happenings so that your social media audience finds your resourceful.

The reports collected from this tool will guide you not only o matters topic identification but also on keyword research, which is responsible for helping your audience find you in the overpopulated internet space.


Hootsuite is a freemium tool convenient for all business owners seeking to manage all their social media activities from one place.

This is achievable by discovering and scheduling social content, identifying influencers you can use, connecting with followers faster, among other services provided for within this tool.

Since a small business has a lot to take care of in a bid to stabilize and grow into a big reputable brand, a tool that could handle all your social media needs from one place is essential for increased effectiveness and productivity.

The best part other than the fact that you can access most of these services for free is that it integrates with more than 250 business applications.

Bundle Post

Bundle Post is a premium social media management tool with a 30-day trial, which tracks hashtags and curates content from numerous sources like RSS.

Hashtags are important to inform you not only about trending matters within your industry, but also on what content your target audience is interested in. this tools also allows you to schedule social media content in bulk so you can spend more time worrying over other business operations.

Tip: regarding curated content, be careful not to be ensnared into plagiarism that might taint your brand’s reputation.


Generally, social media can be overwhelming to more than just small businesses. These tools are recommended for you to relieve you of some of the social media baggage.

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