How does Social Media Impact SEO?

SEO search engine optimization is the only way which will help you rank your site in the top result of web search. SEO is something which nobody likes to avoid. Although the term is not new on the block its importance has incredibly increased in past few years.

Emerging techniques and ways are making SEO even better for everyone in the digital marketing world. With the emergence of social media platform, the impact of social media is clearly seen in SEO as well.

Social Media on SEO is a limelight of an hour

Impact of social media on SEO is vast and there is a number of ways in which it helps your website to stay on top of the game.  So let see how does it exactly helps SEO

1.Sharing Increase Websites Traffic

If you have observed, no matter what you see, what you read, and whatever page you visit on Internet all of them would have sharing option. This is the most easy and cost-effective way to increase the traffic on any website.

Sharing links and information on social media motivates people to talk about it. It engages people, to share it further, comment on it and start a discussion. All this directly increases the traffic on your website. Sharing on social media builds up the authenticity of the brand.

It creates an opportunity for you to network with potential clients and thus improve your ranking on search engine.

Who can all help you share?

Except for your audience and loyal customers, SEO is also done with the help of influencer or PR person. Promoting your content on social media and making sure that it is reaching the right kind of audience needs work.

You can share your content with the help of

  • Celebrity with huger fan following
  • Famous journalists or writer
  • Popular vlogger on YouTube
  • Other YouTubers
  • Academic Researchers
  • Creative Bloggers
  • Content producers who’re content are really popular

While choosing the right person for the sharing purpose, only be sure about what the product, influencer, and audience should match.

2.Accounts On Social Media Ranks Better On Web

Social media accounts are a most easily accessible page and search engine ranks them due to their originality. For example of your search any business or organization’s by name there social media account like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc are likely to pop up in top results.

Even if your main page is not ranking it is possible that your social media account will rank better and will be more visible to your clients. Therefore, it is important to create social media page to engage your audience. Target appropriate platform according to g to your product or service you want to promote.

In case you have products and services related to fashion and style, you are more likely to get following on platforms like Instagram or Pinterest. If you have product and services related to technology you are more likely to get the audience on accounts like LinkedIn or on the more intellectual platform.

3.External Links Are Easier To Get On Social Media

Using social media platform to promote your page will help you get more backlinks and website references. It easier to connect with people on social media, since professional who are doing this work stay online. It is easier to get hold of them there.

Getting external links and the credibility of the websites providing liking plays as one the major factor to rank higher in the Google.  Make sure to keep your social media account updated creative, classic and post content of high quality.

4.Creates Brand Awareness

An account on social media is considered utterly important these days. This generation which stays glued to their phone 24*7 love scrolling and posting on their social accounts.

According to the recent stats, Facebook has 1.71 billion active users on monthly basis and Twitter has 317 million active users monthly. This number is only increasing day by day.  Such figures are enough to show you the power of social media.

Social media is changing the world and it is going to make your brand and service popular. With the help of social media, you create brand awareness through marketing, starting a discussion with your audience, answering their question and posting updated trend and info about the product or service.

5.Local Searches Are Done On Social Media

Most of the time people with smartphone use mobile search to find a facility or whatever they need, near them. Location is one of the major factors for the user and this point is being noted by search engines. Web sites are making it easier for business to take advantage of such search.

As a brand, you need to get involved with people to talk about business in the most local setting. As your number of user increase, the online search engine will automatically add you in local SERPs.

6.Not All Search Engines Have the Same Pattern for SEO

Google is one of the key players in the markets hold the share of up to three-quarters. Social media accounts of goggle-like Google plus will be ranked better than other. Thus Search engine is partial to their own social accounts.

Bing or yahoo looks at the social authority of user before considering them for ranking. It is important to target all the search engine and knowing which social account will get better rank on each of them.


Use of Social media in every business and organization is increasing rapidly. It is used as the preferred way to, promote all the activities and marketing campaign.  Using it for SEO maximized the advantage you will get on the search engine.

The number of social accounts is being increased profusely each day. This add-on to the number of users will only create a better opportunity for your page.

Impact of social media on SEO is going to get better in the future. To excel in your game you need to be updated and vigilant about all the upcoming trends in social media.

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