25 Sites Like Bookzz Alternative to Reading & Download EBooks in 2021

sites like Bookzz alternative

All of you know that Bookzz is a well-known site but due to privacy reasons bookz.org site has been stopped. if you want to search sites like Bookzz alternative so here in this article you found more than 25 sites.

You must watch the old man who goes to the library and read the books or many old men are purchased many books and make a small library at home. 

Nowadays the trend has been changed most of the new generation of young people who like the read Bookzz in their gadgets in digital ways.

There are lots of applications and websites available through this website you can easily download books online.

Among all of the website, one of the popular websites is Bookzz , this website provides a different kind of books based on your requirement.

Before going to any site you need to know the pros and cons of the site which you used to download books.

No doubt Bookzz is one of the popular sites in the group of books reader which offers to you many functionalities like you can read the books and download the book for your device just like a computer, kindle e-books reader, mobile phones, tablets etc. Now we need to know what is Bookzz.org site.

What is Bookzz.org ?

Books .org  is one of the best websites which can help you to read books and download books without giving any money.  This website provides you with a million books free of cost. But one bad news for you this site has been shut down due to privacy issues.

Because of this website did not follow the privacy policy guidelines given by DMCA. But there are various alternative sites like bookzz.

The list of the site is given follow without wasting time we will go to the list of sites which are alternative sites like bookzz.

25 Bookzz alternatives to reading & download ebooks in 2021

1. Library Genesis

Library Genesis is one of the best books for a person who likes to read books. 

Library Genesis is one of the great websites that has a rich collection of books. This website search pattern is very interesting which is suggests the books according to their interest.

This pattern will help you to save time. There are lots of books available free of cost. This site also provides the easy option to read the books without vesting a time.

2. B-ok.org

B-ok.org is one of the best sites for Chinese people because of various reasons. 

B-Ok.org has one of the great functionalities which removes boring and bad books that are terminated automatically from this website.

B-ok is a highly effective site they mostly focus on the customer navigation system.

3. Free-ebooks.net

In the list of Bookzz alternative sites, our first choice for you is free-ebooks.net which is the finest site. The main reason we put this site in the first one on the list because these sites are user friendly and easy to use.

Free-ebooks.net is also available in multiple languages which gives you room to navigates from one room to another. For those reasons, we mention this site is one of the sites like bookzz alternative.

4. Getfreeebooks.com

Getfreebooks.com is one of the best websites who like to read books. This website is simple and sober anyone can use it easily. 

This website has a user-friendly navigation system just like Bookzz. This website offers you to read and download books free of cost.

This website has one super functionality getfreebooks.com never compress the books. Due to this functionality users like to use this website because of the quality of books.

5. Manybooks.net

The site Manybooks.net is one of the best sites because this site has a large database of books you can easily use it. you can read a large number of books easily without effective time.

This website has a large number of books with easy to search for books and do not affect your valuable time and easily got the books. So this is also like Bookzz. This site is to save you time and money.

6. Open Library

Open Library is a site cost-effective, here on this site you can download and read thousands of books this place.

It is obvious that every user would prefer to compare authors with honour to writing style, content and other features to follow his or her for a great span of time.

This Open Library is one of the popular sites they always make download books according to Buy and download books effectively. This website offers you to download books free and paid both ways.

7. Free e-Books

Before many years ago people are like the read physical books but now a day’s those days has been gone.

Now a day’s people like to use e-books because of the many gadgets available to read books easily.

Free eBooks site provides many books people like to read and download books. Because this is totally free of cost.  You can search the books according to the authors and subject.

8. Text Book Nova

Textbook Nova is also a Site like Bookzz alternative in these times because of obvious reasons.

If you are a new user of the computer then also you can easily use these sites because its interface is user-friendly. 

This website is for both the user who are aged and young users. This site has a good interface and a large database.

9. Books SC

Books SC has a large number of customers in Europe and America, also it has exclusive books collections. 

You know that every country has a different culture to read books. And most people Americans or and Europeans have the same mind and mentality according to their reading style is also the same.

Books SC have a lot of books available you can easily get books its search pattern is also good. If you have a passion to read books then you must visit this site.

10. E-BOOK3000.com

This website is the most preferable site because of this site like Bookzz alternative.

This site has the same pattern which you show in bookzz.org. so you feel friendly like this.

Also, have a huge amount of books available like Bookzz. Its interface is very good, this interface will provide you with suggestions of books according to your passion.

11. Freecomputerbooks.com

Freecomputerbooks.com has a huge database of books and also has a user-friendly database. You can easily search and download books. Its interface is easy to understand. 

These website readers are available all over the world. This website has many options available that’s why people can easily get books without effective time.

12. Freetechbooks.com

Freetechbooks.com is the most favourite book site of the current generation because of plenty of reasons.

This site will completely satisfy you because its interface is absolutely fine. You can check the books are right or not and also its provide to purchase the books in the same manner.

The young people like to surf this site because of their satisfaction.

13. Free book spot

If you regularly read books then Free book spot is the best site who regularly read books. 

This website will provide a free download option due to it attracts more and more people to download books. This is one of the best sites who like to read books regularly.

14. Bookboon.com

Bookboon.com is also a great site for reading and downloads books online. This site will also provide a large number of books and also provide the latest collection of books.

You can like these sites also because of the interface and the collection of books is very large.

15. snipfiles.com

If you use torrent then snipfiles.com website is for you because this website is directly correlated to torrents in terms of finding books and easily downloaded. 

With the help of this website, you can download free books as well as premium books at a low cost. Snap files have a large database and easy to download books using torrent.

If you want to purchase premium books at a low cost then this site is best for you.

16. onlineprogrammingbooks.com

Onlineprogrammingbooks.com is one of the best sites for those users who want to improve their knowledge in a technical field.

If you are a programmer or learn computer science then this site is the best option for you.

This website interface is also good which same your time and money both.

Nowadays you are going to buy physical books rather than this option is good for you.

17. Digital.library.upenn.edu

First look at the name of the site which quite different than other sites.  For the name of this site for the education purpose so this is the greatest source of download e-books for the student.

This site for students so large numbers of young people surfs this site.  If you find any books regarding learning the must follow these sites.

18. Bookyards.com

Bookyards.com is a very much popular site for both the user who are aged and young because of their feature.

The valuable books easily search on this site you can read and download books.

Bookyards.com is one of the popular sites in the market with the help of this site you can read many books and download these books so this site is the best option for bookzz.

19. Internet Archive

Internet Archive has another name is web Archive.

The site’s Internet Archive has a large number of books so you must satisfy with the books collection.

You can easily download the books which you want. Using this site you can download old junk files easily which is the most valuable book in nowadays.

20. Gutenberg

Gutenberg is also a popular site for the last many years because of its quality. This site offers you many books with both the manner like free and premium manners.

So must visit these sites you must be satisfied with this site because of their books collection and interface.

21. Ebooklobby.com

Ebooklobby.com is a great site before going to other books site you must visit this site. This site has a number of books for reading and download purposes.

This website is for all the people rather you are old aged or young aged. You are a regular reader of different kinds of books so must visit these sites.

22. Scribd.com

Scribd.com is a great site for a fan of books. You can download books which you like. It has a large number of books and easy to use pattern. 

Scribed.com is surfed by a large number of books reader who is any aged. This site offers you to read and download the books. Many people are using this site this site is really user friendly.

Our responsibility is to tell you, if you download an e-book then this website is not legal because they are not the owners of these books. It totally depends on you that you want to download books.

23. GoodReads

GoodReads provides a lot of books available in the market, it is necessary to keep track of books for a read.

Goodreads.com is the best site which is user friendly and anyone can use it. This website offers you to download many books but give the revenue income. 

You can download books and read them in a proper manner.  

24. Amazon kindle

Now a day’s Amazon Kindle is famous in the world because of various factors. These are the best gadgets which help you to read books.

People are mostly like to use the Amazon Kindle notebook while travelling and at home because it provides an easy way for people to read books based on the requirement and mood sets on a regular basis.

25. Google play

Google play provides the number of data that are available in the market.

You can online download books which will provide you to download books free as well as paid.

Some books you can find free of course and some which are premium for it you need to spend money.


Here in this article, you will find the Site like  bookzz alternative. I hope you will like my article. if you want to download free books or paid books you can surf among all the sites. Thanks a lot to read this article.

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