SE Ranking Review: How to Create Marketing Strategy Using All-in-One SEO Software

No matter how good of an SEO specialist you are, without the right tools to help you along, you will soon find yourself at a loss. The right software tools are like an arsenal for any field and equipping yourself with one that can be a game changer for your SEO is something you definitely need to work on. When it comes to the best ranking tools,  SE Ranking SEO Software has made quite a name for itself in the market lately.

The software that features more than 35 tools and currently caters to over 200,000 users, is swiftly making its way to the top of the list and rightfully so. The fact that businesses and marketers are ready to increase their budgets to work on SEO has been a reason enough to substantiate the growth of the SEO tools industry. SE Ranking is not just a tool that helps with checking the ranks but it is also a backlink checker & monitoring tool along with a number of b2b tools which work on all the major search engines around.

To better analyze the worthiness of this software, it would be better if we begin with a thorough review of its different aspects.

Some of the salient features

SE ranking is a whole package that provides quick access to multiple tools of their own. Some of the most prominent and popular ones have been mentioned below. You will learn more about some of them and what they do in details as you proceed with the review.

  • Keyword suggestion tool
  • Keyword grouping
  • Marketing plan
  • Keyword rank tracking
  • Backlinks checker and monitoring
  • Competitor SEO&PPC research tool
  • Website audit
  • On-page SEO Audit and much more.

So, let’s get started with some of the best features of SE Ranking and how they can help you develop the most successful marketing strategies.

Keyword rank tracking

Keywords are extremely important for the SEO ranking. The right words and phrases can help you rank way up in the list and this is a sheer reward in itself. SE Ranking not only offers keywords suggestions for your business but also tracks the position of your website based on the key phrases. The keywords are not only ranked based on the location of the user but across all the five major search engines. Moreover, SE Ranking helps you keep track of your competitors as well so that you learn from the mistakes they are making and incorporate rightful changes in your approach. There is a package here for all sorts of businesses to help them further their marketing goals.

With keyword rank tracking tool, it would be much easier for you to understand what exactly the target audience is looking for. You would now not only be targeting the right customers but specifically the ones who would bring you more business. With the right keywords in your arsenal, you would be able to target your content towards the audience and finally improve the overall SEO of your business: something that you wanted to achieve in the first place. Moreover, if your marketing campaigns make use of PPC campaigns then with the use of this tool, you would actually be saving on your budget and driving more effective results.

Keywords tracking


Marketing Plan

Search engine optimization is a vast field with many things one has to explore and get affiliated with before he can call himself an SEO expert. However, there are many amongst us, who don’t really have all the needed knowledge about SEO and could use some extra help. This is where SE Ranking’s Marketing plan can help. The tool comes with its own set of 49 tasks that act like a unique things-to-do list for the businesses that are joining the platform. Not only this, the users can now customize this list as per their own requirements for every website which is being analysed using this software. This is something which can help the professionals and the newbies alike to set definite goals and analyse their progress accordingly. It also is a great way to stay focused and organised by following a more strategic approach. These tactics are there to help you today and in the long haul as well.

marketing plan

Social media tool

Be it a small business or a large organization, one thing which everyone is learning pretty quickly is the importance of social media. It is not just a simple communication portal anymore but rather a place where businesses can now try to win over and market their services to a whole new league of target audiences. The trick is to keep your business active, known and alive on all such relevant forums. Social media schedules that help you save time and schedule your posts on multiple platforms without having to switch to a different interface of use some other platform. SE ranking allows you to post messages on social media accounts, Facebook and Twitter in particular. It renders other social media schedulers useless on the grounds that it can post messages way in advance for you as well in a total hassle free manner.

Competitor SEO&PPC research tool

Depending on the final goals that one wants to achieve , each business that enters the market tends to have its own approach to creating a more holistic SEO strategy. One can either generate organic traffic for the websites he has or work on paid campaigns, PPC being the most common and successful one, to generate a greater influx of traffic on regular basis.

The results however, don’t depend on your individual efforts only. When you are a part of the market, which is constantly making way for newer competitors, you need to have a more powerful marketing strategy. This comes by analysing what others are doing and then using it as an opportunity to learn and grow. SEO campaigns being the highlight of digital marketing campaigns, the main focus, thus, lies in this domain.

This particular tool by SE ranking helps you research on organic and paid traffic on the basis of keywords, ranking changes, competitors, pages and subdomains. It also helps you perform individual keyword research. It compiles results for organic and paid traffic based on the selected keyword while suggesting you similar keywords as well for your website that would generate better results.The tool allows you to keep track of your competitors’ progress and even locate them on a search engine.

More so, the final report allows you to improve by giving you a clearer and more detailed picture of how well your SEO efforts have been faring so far in comparison to your competitors. If you feel that the strategy that you have adopted is not bringing you the audience that you aimed to target then you will have the opportunity to make rightful amends in time to change the results in your favor.

Competitor tool

Backlink checker

Backlinks are the backbone of the whole SEO ranking structure. To achieve success and better SERP, you need to have a quality backlink profile. This can be further achieved by keeping track of your backlinks and the backlinks that your competitors are using and getting better ones. You can learn the method that your competitor used to acquire those backlinks and then use those websites in your backlink strategy.

Backlink Checker

On-page SEO audit

So, what if you want to audit your page against a single keyword? This is possible through SE Ranking too. It allows you to audit a single webpage for a single keyword and compiles a user-friendly report instantly for you to gauge your efforts against. If you are lacking in some areas, the report will give useful suggestions in this regard for you to improve your results. This is one of the most rewarding features of this software which can help you improve your marketing efforts to a great extent.

And if you want to get a complete website audit, do not hesitate to use Website Audit by SE Ranking.

On page SEO audit

Reports creation

All these features that we have been appreciating above will be of no use at all if you would not be able to compile the results of the tool in a single meaningful report. When it comes to making decisions and making changes, we need something that we can look at in real-time. An SEO reporting tool allows you to do that. This tool allows you to keep track of your own progress, that of your competitors and run a successful pay per click campaign as a result of it. Since the results are fast and calculated against various search engines as per the generalized location provided, they hold more power and strength. Businesses all over are using this software not only to strengthen their own marketing campaigns but also to run effective PPC campaigns: something which comes to benefit small businesses a lot. They get to have a deep analysis of the traffic that their competitors are generating, either organic or paid, to improve what they are doing on their own. Based against a user-friendly interface, you have a lot to explore with its backlink checker tool and position tracking tool.

SEO report creation


The team at SE Ranking realizes that not everyone who uses the software might be well-equipped in the English language. A tool is of no use if it comes with a language barrier. To help them reach out to a wider set of audiences, SE Ranking comes in a lot of languages. Besides English there are German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian version of the website as well as localized functionality, and they are adding new languages with a cosmic speed.

Easy integration

SE Ranking not only comes with its own set of tools but can be easily integrated with many others as well that you might have been using for your businesses as of lately. This would include

  • Bitrix24
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Google Analytics

These tools allow you to manage and oversee your marketing efforts with a lot more details. This cross-platform compatibility is highly useful when you are trying to move your business to wider horizons.

Customer support

The tool is of no use if you do not have someone there to help you out when you get stuck or listen to the problems that you are facing and resolve them for you. Best customer support – is truly what the company can be proud of, and even such services reviews giants like G2Crowd represents so. With help team which can be accessed through chat, phone, and ticket generation, you can get hold of a customer care representative fairly quickly with SE Ranking. More so, you can find helpful videos to learn more about their functional.

Plans & Pricing

This is one feature which has SE Ranking win over people all over the world. Contrary to the other tools, it is very reasonably priced and offers packages that are actually economical. If you are a new business which is just preparing itself for the flight ahead or an accomplished one, the software tends to cater to you both equally well.

From plans that start with as low as $4.20 per month, small businesses have a lot to gain from this software. If you are still not sure on which package you should actually invest in, then the software allows you to find the one most favorable to you based on simple criteria. Fill out the relevant details on the package calculator and find the one best suited for you.

If you think, this wasn’t enough, then SE Ranking gives you a free trial period to learn and acquaint yourself with this software in a thorough manner. It even comes with videos that you can use to further familiarize yourself with the supporting tools.

Plans and Pricing

The final verdict

So, based on all the discussion that we have had above, it would be safe to say that SE Ranking is one of the best SEO software out there. Perfect for the beginners, it surely has a lot that even the most accomplished businesses can make use of. With its highly advanced tools, it allows you to rank better on the five major search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, and YouTube using your personalized location and country you would specifically want to target in mobile and desktop results.

SE Ranking lets you keep a check on the PPC campaigns that your competitors are holding along with an SEO audit on the major keywords that you have been using for your business. With price being one of its most rewarding features, SE Ranking is like the best software out there.

To know more about how it works, you can always make use of the trial period that is free of cost. It will help you get familiar with its dashboard and learn of other ways through which you can integrate it into your business model better.

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