Is Refurbished Game Console Worth to Buy?

Some people find that playing game is one way to decompress from all the pressures in their life. Playing game gives the excitement and in one way another it makes them relax and refresh.

Computer games today are more and more exciting with exceptional experiences. Thanks to advanced technology on the latest game consoles.

For those who really have huge passion in gaming and have quite thick wallet, it won’t be a problem to upgrade to the latest game console model. But for some other, they will think twice and more to spend a lot of money for new game console unit.

The latest models of game console can be very expensive and not to mention new generation of game console models will require you to buy new games. That would be a very huge investment to make.

If you are just a weekend gamer who plays game for fun or you want to buy game console for kids, with risk they’ll break it in not very long, spending hundreds of pounds to buy new game console unit and games are hard to reason.

Getting old console model can be a very good option since old model will significantly get price drop when a new model launched. Another option to consider is getting a refurbished game console.

What Is Refurbished Game Console?

Refurbished game consoles are offered at cheaper price than brand new unit but many are wondering whether it is worth to buy. Refurbished game consoles are pre-owned gaming consoles returned to the retailer and have undergone refurbishment prior to remarketing.

There’s a number of gaming consoles returned under 14-days return policy allowing customers to return the products they bought when they find the products have faulty parts or functions, or simply feel they bought the wrong product. Other sources are game consoles previously used as display units at the retail stores or demo products on exhibition events.

Those returned game consoles then undergo refurbishment process conducted by either the manufacturers or retailers. The steps or the process are including getting checked, cleaned, and inspected for all functions and parts.

In most cases, game consoles only have minor issues such as packaging defects, scratches outer cell, or ex display units. In case of faulty defects or problems with the functions, there will be parts replacement as needed. The console units will be inspected to make sure all functions well like new console units coming out of the production line.

But there’re several things you need to bear in mind. Unlike Apple refurbished products that certified and warranted by the manufacturers, refurbished in game consoles is quite lose term.

The game consoles offered as refurbished units can vary in condition. It can be an ex display unit or units with defective packages, which are actually new units although not in mint condition, pre-owned units that have underwent refurbished units to back like new condition, to the worst case, nothing but secondhand game consoles sold as refurbished units.

Things to Consider Before Buying Refurbished Console

When lower price is priority and you are going to take refurbished game consoles, there are several things you need to do to make sure you won’t waste money:

Certified Products. Although it is quite rare, there’s a number of gaming consolesrefurbished by the manufacturers and repackaged as factory certified product. This is the highest grade of all refurbished game console and you need to put it on top of the list. Third party retailers can also handle the refurbishment process and sell the console units as certified refurbished game console. Third party certified unit is the next best option after factory certified unit.

Grading System. Refurbished game consoles have different grades based on the faulty or damage repaired. Refurbished game consoles previously have only cosmetic damages would be preferable as the main parts and the function won’t be too much affected.

Warranty. Be sure the retailer provides warranty for the refurbished game consoles. 90-days warranty is the most common warranty offered for refurbished products. It is better if you can find full one-year warranty coverage.

Return Policy. Be sure the refurbished game console comes with proper return policy. It guarantees you can return the unit once you find some issue with the console or simply change your mind and won’t keep the game console.

Accessories and Other Details. Check everything including charger, cables, cords, and other and makes sure all are fully functioned. Be sure that the bundle also has driver, software, and manual. In most cases, refurbished game console unit may not come with the original packaging box. The retailers may provide generic box proper enough to keep the console and all bundled accessories and details safe.

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