PS5 Announcement: What’s New in PS5 after PS4

Different Variants of PS4.

My mom always asks “where are you” busy nowadays, with a smile I replied playing games mom. You will be feeling exotic to know that yesterday my dad gives playstation4 pro as 22nd birthday gift. There are mainly three variants of PS4 available in the market that are Play Station4, Play Station pro, Play Station slim. PS4 was one of the latest video game console developed by Sony Interactive Entrainment and announced on February 20, 2013, as the successor of Play Station 3.

Hardware Design of PS4

The hardware designed for this console was known as the Sony’s most attractively designed. It was also developer friendly with pc-like architecture. But I will say one of best thing Sony have discovered with this console is its controller known as DUALSHOCK 4. In the previous models, the sticks in the controller were very sticky and those who have bigger hands are not comfortable while using it. Now in DUALSHOCK 4, the sticks were farther apart, with semi-concave pits in the middle designed to hold the tips of your thumbs in place. It was also little heavier and bigger so that it was more comfortable while holding over a long period of time.

PS4 cheats codes

There were buttons cheats available on all the platform and by the use of the controller we can execute many cheats. Here is the Guide to get free PSN codes from where you can get PS games for free. What I observed is while executing cheats you should be fairly quick with controller’s sticks. As there are many cheats were available on google and you will be able to know all the cheats codes. But here I want to share my experience some of my most favorable cheats codes were RIGHT, X, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, R1,  RIGHT, LEFT, X, TRIANGLE for invincibility. To Give Weapons I use the TRIANGLE, R2, LEFT, L1, X, RIGHT, TRIANGLE, DOWN, SQUARE  ,L1,L1,L1 and for the Spawn Buzzard Attack Helicopter I use  CIRCLE,CIRCLE,L1,CIRCLE,CIRCLE, CIRCLE,L1,L2,R1,TRIANGLE, CIRCLE,TRIANGLE.

PS5 Announcement Dates

As there are no specific dates were available when will be PS5 going to announced by Sony, But It was said that in the second half of 2018, the PS5 will come. Many tech giants were also started to visualizing how the ps5 will going to be, what are the new specifications will yet to come. There is a huge speculation about how much PS5 power will be and what are the new games were introduced into it. Some of the market analysts were saying that as the selling of ps4 is decreasing there is a huge possibility that PS5 will come soon with the price range of starting at $450.But some of the market strategies also says that as PS4 is going well since four years there will be no hurry to release PS5. As from the sources, it was also said that Sony has given the basic design of PS5 to their core developers. But all I will say these were speculations and rumors, no official dates were have come if it will come we will inform you here.

Rumour of PS5’s Backwards Compatibility Are Swirling

A new US patent that was updated by Sony Interactive Entertainment America is igniting rumors that the PS5 will play PS4 games. The patent was refreshed on February 13, expressing the accompanying: “In reverse similarity testing of programming in a mode that disturbs timing.”

Recent PS4.5 release date rumors are complicating everything when it comes to how these two upcoming consoles will handle their increased hardware.

Some are saying that the PS4 Pro represents Sony’s altered plans for the PS5, but a recent interview between PlayStation president Andrew House and the BBC confirmed that the PS4.5 is not a next-gen console for Sony. Instead, it is going to exist alongside and within the same console as the PS4.

Sony needs to conciliate PC gamers who will as a rule escape when reassure equipment turns out to be excessively old. To battle this, PS4 Pro is intended to amp up the graphical abilities of the framework. He portrayed it as a “top of the line PS4”.

With the PS5 release date expected to be sometime in the next couple of years, there’s rumors that Sony may be planning to reveal its next-generation console at E3 2018.

Until the point that the huge uncover, we’ll simply need to hold up to see whether our sparkly new PS5 can play PS4 recreations! In a current PS5 review, an organization taking a shot at social occasion showcase information for Sony, approached buyers what they’re seeks were after the particulars and in general look of the PS5.

While this isn’t conclusive evidence of backwards compatibility for the next generation PlayStation, it could be a sign that Sony is testing out the feature.

The patent was initially recorded in 2015, only a couple of years after the PS4 dispatch. While the PS4 doesn’t permit in reverse similarity, particular PS2 models were capable to play PSX recreations.


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