On page v/s off page SEO

On page v/s off page SEO can have a great debate, as both have its own importance and different liability towards growing traffic for your website. As we know that on growing traffic, opening the sites, having click on them by the users leads to better SEO. And eventually leads to the growth in the business.

Every business whether big or small are concerned with digital marketing as the search engine capabilities has advanced and the web presence is in demand. Organic traffic will accumulate if more SEO can be implemented to your website. An efficient SEO strategy employees methods which occurs both on and off the website.

On page v/s off page SEO

On page SEO and off page SEO both are the major factors that can improve your website’s ranking. As for the On page SEO, the page should have clear and concise data that makes the page more likely to be opened and clicked by users. More traffic means better SEO.s

In on page SEO, to facilitate higher ranking, you make manipulations directly on the web page. It optimizes content quality, HTML code and content structure.

In Off page SEO, all the SEO practices are included that takes place outside the website like blacklinks, link relevancy, social signal etc.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO effects the online visibility of a webpage or a website in the web search engine. It means a website appears earlier or more frequently in the web page, it will receive more visitors in the search engine’s user.

Search engines like Google indexes your website and serves people with the information it contains. SEO are of two types which can improve website’s ranking on page SEO and off page SEO.

On page SEO

On Page SEO includes all the things that makes up a page whether it is page content – text or images or its style of display. Quality of the content is also important.

Search engine considers many characteristics for ranking which impacts the search engine’s experience of crawling your page also the visitor’s experience of viewing it.

1.Page Quality

The quality of the content is crucial for ranking of your page, as the search engine ranking accounts for how the user behaves with the page

  • Keywords

Keywords are the words people type into the search engine to find website and the information. Long before web traffic would be taken by repeating important keywords multiple times. Now search engine penalizes it for keyword stuffing as the user quickly exits a page since it did not meet their needs.

So you should ensure quality content containing keywords you want to rank for and it should be relevant to people searching those keywords. With this your page will have more people clicking on it and staying.

  • Relevancy

Your content has to be fresh and relevant not just to the keywords you are targeting but should also be relevant to current time. You need to update your page regularly.

2.Page structure

The HTML tags are mostly skipped in practices, but search engine detects it. Your ranking can be favored if it is easier for them to crawl your website and obtain information about them.

Listed below are few items where the keywords and other information re to be included.

  • Alt Text – search engine should understand what the picture is about by text provided with the picture. Its proper use can help ranking you on Google images.
  • Title Tag – This is <h1> tag or the title of your page which should include keywords.
  • Meta Description – the description that appears below the URL on the search engine is the meta data.
  • Header Tag – your content should be organized into sections and sub sections and also label these sections by using <h2> , <h3>, <h4>.

The content creators automatically develops the HTML structure, by highlighting Paragraph titles, and having large heading or sub heading.

Your title tag and meta data should be visible to the users as title and snippet appears on search engine.

3.URL structure

URL should be in organized structure so that it is becomes easier for search engine to crawl from one page to another without any blocks. URL should contain keywords and reflect the page.

4.Internal Linking

Internally linking also makes search engine crawl your website and lets user engaged for longer.

5.Page Performance

Your page loading should not take a long time and should render properly on your mobile devices.  You can optimize your image and have a responsive website top maximize page loading………..


Off Page SEO is another type of SEO, on which you may have or you may not have any control. Off page SEO can equally provide you traffic, it depends on few listed topics and the search, made by the user.


This is most important off page ranking that has the biggest impact. Backlinks from trusted sites can imposition your content. For this you can do some efforts like.

  • Facebook page can be connected to your website.
  • Submit the guest blogs to industry website.
  • Join directory sites and reviews.
  • Reaching bloggers and influencers.

2.Domain authority

Domain authority is not in your control. It helps search engine make out how much they can trust.

How long your domain name is from.

The history of the domain name.

Number of referring domains.

Final Verdict

On page v/s off page SEO discussed above gives the conclusion that both palys an important role in maximizing the website traffic. Organic traffic and search engine plays a major role in your business growth as the majority of the audience targeted uses search engine to find you. Thus implementing both on page as well as off page SEO will help you find more customers.

We hope that with the help of this article you have got sufficient knowledge about how SEO works and how both the SEO whether on page or off page will help you grow more on traffic and have exponential growth in your business by digital marketing. We would love to hear your experience which you can mention in the comments section below.

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