Mistakes Newbie Bloggers Makes when Starting a Blog

This actually doesn’t matter what many of your friends or acquaintances may have said to you or what you may perceive, blogging or blog writing is an art, it is far-off from being a cakewalk.

At a first glance, most of the people may think of blogging as a simple task and anybody with a computer and an internet connection can write a blog but the reality is altogether different. People quickly assume that blogging as a no-brainer job, let me tell you, it takes sufficient amount of your brain utilization. I am not saying it is a very difficult task and you cannot do this, what I am saying is blogging is a skill which you need to develop over time and be perfect in it. A lot of unforeseen hurdles and agony have to be conquered; I am not adding here the mistakes that you will certainly make along the blog writing journey.

Nowadays, many organizations are increasingly taking the content writing and marketing plunge and opting to start off a blog. It’s growing at such a fast pace that about 78% of the enterprises have increased their content creation work in 2015 according to a survey.

There are countless blogs present in the blog world, however; hardly a few of them are successful who are embracing some of the other strategies for publicizing of their blog. Daily hundreds of fresh blogs emerge with the hope to generate money on the internet but most of the novice blog writers have no hint about how they can win the heart of the people through their writing. For that reason, I’ve taken the decision to share some of the key blogging tips with you which I’ve learned from my experience.

As soon as you start to write a blog, you likely to make several beginner mistakes and therefore, I greatly advise all new blog writers to comprehend the tips on blog writing. It is not wise to learn from your own mistakes, you don’t have time that much time. Rather try to gain insights from the mistakes already made by others.

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When you plan to make a livelihood out of blog writing, you must consider these points:

  • Writing
  • SEO
  • Social Indicators
  • Promotion
  • Marketing
  • Monetization

Mistake#1: Start writing without ascertaining your target viewers and a well-defined plan.

Watch out, you should have a fair idea about relevant and precise details of the target viewers of your blog. Those details then can be used to work out a winning blog writing approach that attracts your viewers and get a decent search engine ranking. Do not try to deceive yourself into assuming that your viewers will discover your blog posts.

Mistake#2: Not building an Email listing.

Do you know John Chow and Gregory Ciotti? They are amongst the most thriving blog writers in the make-money-on internet and the internet marketing niches, respectively. Do you have any idea what the major mistake is in blog writing that both of them acknowledged? It’s not building an email listing from the 1st day. Electronic mail is the most helpful advertising means for businesses – It is estimated that it is 50 times more efficient than social media networking. It carries repeat internet traffic to your site and, and the best thing is, email newsletters are simple to construct.

Mistake#3: Not Abiding by an Editorial Schedule.

Novice blog writers habitually make the regular mistake of publishing their blog at irregular intervals rather than sticking to a fixed blog calendar. In case major portion of your internet traffic is derived from social media networking, you have to be even more cautious. You have to develop a practice of writing regularly, posting articles on your blog site, and scheduling precisely from your dashboard. It is a well-known practice to write every day so that after a certain defined time period, you have a pretty chunk of data to publish.

Mistake#4: Write for the Readers, Not for You.

You have to keep your readers before yourself; you should fairly know what they want to read, what their inclinations are and how you can fulfil their reading wishes. This is a must-follow step. In case you failed to invoke your viewer’s interest in the first few moments, you lost the game buddy. Take your own time and think hard about the opening lines of your blog. This would be your best-aimed arrow towards the target.

Your blog writing goals should consider educating your viewers, focusing on their pain areas, and motivating them to take some sort of action. This will be the main motive behind their repeated visits to your blog. Always remember that if an article doesn’t attract your viewers, then it’s harming your blog and your business goals.

Mistake#5: Your Blogs are not fulfilling your Goals.

When you start writing blogs, you may tend to get random ideas now and then, when you are running, eating, taking shower, talking to a friend or simply taking rest. Just because you think it is a nice idea doesn’t mean it is a good idea for your pre-determined blogging goals.

If your goal behind writing blogs is to increase your income from internet world, all of your ideas of blog writing should be in sync with those goals. They ought to have natural links to the problems in the world and should focus on particular questions and interests of your viewers.

Mistake#6: Your Writing is too rigid.

Blog writing is unlike answering an examination paper. Novice bloggers don’t understand this distinction when they begin with; they typically merely have experience with the later. The writing style of an examination paper is not the style of blog writing which folks take pleasure in reading. Your blog writing should be flexible enough to accommodate feelings and expressions in it, loosen up your writing style; people like to read those articles which can be read effortlessly.

Every person has a different persona and way of talking, the perfect solution to this dilemma is to write like you speak, the similar tone, the similar emotions, and expressions and voila! Your job is done.

Mistake#7: You have an illusion that people care about you as a writer.

Yes, this is a harsh reality; people are not interested in your life, your interests, and your stories. When people begin blog writing, they assume that their viewers will be naturally interested in them but unfortunately that’s not the fact. Viewers only tend to care about what you have for them. If you serve them your life story, they may turn around if they don’t like it or they don’t find it interesting.

The best solution to this issue is to show your personality through your writing; don’t tell it directly to your viewers. This way viewers will feel comfortable with who you are and how will you achieve this is totally up to you; this is a subtle art you need to master.

Mistake#8: Your writing is just brain dumps.

Many times when I catch an impressive idea I am thrilled about, it’s really alluring to just take a seat and let the whole article flow out of me. But in the end, what I get is usually a lousy blog article.

The solution to this is to utilize a specific post type, mark an outline, and use headers, etc, i.e., proper formatting.


Hope this article was helpful. If you are looking to start your blogging career, just make sure to keep patience. Only and only hard work will help you move forward in your journey.

Happy Blogging.


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