Master Digital Marketing And Social Media Growth with Artful Storytelling

If you’re a brand that’s trying to grow, sharing stories about your journey, and what you’re doing to work towards your goals – it makes a big difference. Effective storytelling helps you create a personal connection with your audience.

It grabs the attention of new visitors and keeps them interested. And before you know it, they want to learn more about you.

Remember those camping memories where you had a conversation by the campfire or a phone call with a dear friend after a long time? Those captivated you, and the reason behind them are the tales that followed.

Digital media is literally your creative palette. You have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube – a host of social media channels in your arsenal to tell your story.

If you’ve been scouring for ideas on how to convey your brand’s vision or message through the power of digital storytelling, you’ve landed on the right post. We’ll tell you eight creative ways on how to go about it (along with plenty of examples).

Give A Behind-The-Scenes Look

Your clients and visitors will want to know about you as a human. Giving a behind-the-scenes look into your business or a glimpse of how a day goes in your office will make them curious. It could be something as simple as making a blog post about how your day went in your brand or photos of dinner with your teammates on a Friday shared on your Facebook business page.

Make Great Resources

As a brand, you’ve set out on a mission. If you’re a restauranteur who is trying to change the culinary landscape by making it healthier, you could talk share advice on how to eat healthily or on a budget.

Whatever your niche is for your brand, try to write great content and share useful resources with your audience. Instead of pushing sales, push value into what you’re doing, and share it with your clients and followers. This could be in the form of tips and tricks, a guide to the basics of your niche, what to look out for in the industry, etc. Anything really, as long as it’s relevant to your brand.

Try to be helpful to your audience and add personality to your posts. Toast Inc,  does this by creating resources related to restaurant operation software and how to run promotions for brands.

Go Live With Your Viewers

Livestreaming is a huge phenomenon in the social media world. Brands that stay true to their image use live streaming as a way of connecting directly with their audience. If it’s your first live stream, you can introduce your brand, talk about what you’re doing and about your niche. You want to show that you have authority in your domain and demonstrate your expertise. Besides this, live streaming is also a medium for sharing your stories. YouTube, IGTV, and Twitch are popular live-streaming platforms being used by brands these days.

Record your live streams and don’t delete them so that your returning subscribers can watch them later in case they’ve missed.

Create Storytelling Community Around Your Brand

Shinola uses the hashtag #MyShinola on Instagram that encourages its followers to tell their story with the brand. Sometimes you don’t have to be the one telling stories. You can let your clients tell their side of the experience.

User-generated content has been proven to be powerful for growth, and here’s a list of statistics to back that up. Numbers don’t lie!

When you invite your customers to tag your brand and be a part of your movement, it speaks volumes about your engagement online.

Create A Narrative With Your Tweets

You can build a narrative with your stories. You don’t need to have it complete. You can start with a beginning, work your way through, and then conclude. Repeat for the next one.

Take a look at tweets by @DanJenkins 

His consecutive tweets add a playful touch to the narrative but notice how it leads into the next stage.

Make Vlogs And Tell Video Stories

Human beings love to watch instead of reading. Animated text and visuals look more appealing than static images. It’s the truth, and the data proves it. 89% of video marketers have stated that vlogs have given them a good ROI.  And what’s the point of making videos? To tell a story.

How do you tell stories with vlogs? It’s simple, really. Talk about what you want.

Cody Warner said that he vlogged seven days of the week when he first started. He talked about entrepreneurship, life, motivation, struggles, and so much more and grew into the place he is at today. The act of vlogging itself takes effort, and there is no such thing as being a small creator.

Be sure to create Instagram stories and share them with your followers.

Ever noticed that little ring that glows around your profile picture when you share your stories? It tells your followers that you’re pretty active.

Use a video editing program like outro maker to make your vlogs and video content. If you’re looking for a good free slide show maker with music editing tools, we’d suggest something like InVideo.

Be Authentic

We’ve said this before, and we will say this again: There is no linear growth when it comes to building a business. Whether you’re a brand or an indie content creator, share genuine experiences. This doesn’t mean sharing the good alone but be willing to share the bad or downsides too.

You’ll build a good subscriber base that way, and the followers you attract will be genuine too.


In short, get ready to hustle and sign up for a wild ride with your storytelling. Get creative, set no limits, and do it with passion. Your brand and social media pages will grow that way organically. Good luck!

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