Make Money By Flipping Blog/Website

make money by flipping websites

Blog Flipping is an interesting concept from which you can earn millions from this technique.

If you have good knowledge of Web Marketing, Content Writing and SEO than you will easily get success in blog flipping.

This is a process of buying and selling of website/blogs/domains where you have to buy any blog at low price and then sell it to higher price.

There are two simple ways by which you can start with blog flipping.

1- Create a new blog, build authority, traffic, and money than you can sell it.

2- Buy existing blog develop it well to the next level and then sell it to higher price.

By following a few tips for website flipping, you can take advantage of this money making technique.

1) Design:

Remember to use an attractive and neutral design that is geared towards your target market. The aesthetic strength of your website will determine how other buyers might value it.

2) Location:

You should make the domain name as attractive as possible to your target market. Remind your target market about keywords in domains, or explain how the extension benefits the name.

3) Presentation:

If your website is full of outdated code, cluttered with ads, or looks disappointing in any way, then your potential buyers won’t take it from you. Make sure to clean up your site, validate all of your code.

4) Features, Benefits, and Extras:

When you are preparing your site for sell, promote any extras benefits on website. The idea is to make the site look not just of high quality, but unique. Make sure when you stimulate the benefits, so that your target market would appreciate most.

5) Resale Value:

People want to know that which site they are buying, will they get any return on investment. Let them know that website you are selling to them it can be sold for more the money the invested. Give the people what they want and let them know that it is a good investment.

6) Bargain:

Set your base price higher than what you want really for your site. In this way, when you begin to sell sites, you can just decrease the rate to the price you expect, and seem open to negotiations as well.

7) Right Market:

You need to find the right market to sell your website to right people who are willing to pay a great price !


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